Bridal Mask Ep3 Preview Translations

Note: This is a different version from TV version. I translated from the chinese subbed version in tudou but i found the youtube video so I updated the post with youtube version.

Video credit: KBS drama youtube channel

Translations of Ep3 Preview

Someone: Kang To may be able to help us

Kangsan: Kang to may be in danger
if he knows that i’m bridal mask, he will be confused

Kangto: I want to kill that woman, who is your first love
If it’s you, what are you going to do?
Despite that, i will still kill her as long as I can catch Bridal mask
When i was in danger, someone sacrificed his life to save me

Someone: He’s not even a family member, who will save you?

Kangsan: Even if Kangto raises his gun on me again, I will continue

Kangto: Nice to see you, Bridal Mask.

Chinese to English Translations credits:
Chinese translations credit: Joo Won Chinese Fanclub

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