In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep4 Review

YES, I know that I’m a lazy person and this blog is pretty much dead most of the time. I was obsessed with a few dramas (Eg: K-drama Secret) previously but didn’t have the motivation to write about them on this blog because there are many other people who have stronger motivation to write about those dramas.

Then, I came across this wonderful Taiwanese drama that set my passion on fire, “In A Good Way 我的自由年代”. I’m not going to talk ep1-3 in detail as Miss Koala has done a great job recapping them. I just watched Ep4 live a few hours ago and now, insanely addicted in an unhealthy manner.

As the HD version of ep4 is not out yet [will be out on tuesday and I will upload it for you guys :)], I will just post some official stills. This will not be a full recap for ep4 as Miss Koala will be doing it regularly, this is only a brief review and will include some spoilers/translations.

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Chuan En OTP for the win!!! (Liu Chuan+ Jia En)


When Love Starts to Blossom

Jia En:


Year 1996, It’s been a year since Jia En came to Taipei, she starts to grow accustomed to her surroundings. No longer the inexperienced girl, as she is now able to guide her new classmate Xiao Wei (which in fact resembles the old Jia En who lacked of confidence and experience.)

In this episode, we can clearly see how Jia En grows to become a better person. We can’t deny that part of her change is due to Liu Chuan’s influence on her but her perseverance and willingness to change for the better shaped her into a much more mature girl than she was a year ago.


She showed her perseverance and bravery through the treasure hunting event. Despite being left alone, she was determined to win the BB.Call prize for Xiao Wei even if she has to walk up the dark mountains alone. She even tried watching a movie alone for the very first time. She’s not easily influenced by what other think of Bai Xue, she still thinks Bai Xue is a nice upper-class even though other people talked bad about Bai Xue.

Liu Chuan:


The main surprise of this episode has got to be from Liu Chuan where he showed other emotions other than being a nice guy when it comes to Jia En. He actually still kept the note he got from Jia En on their first night and even put it on his desk and stare at it while listening to the song ” 然而” by 陳昇!!!! It was totally an unexpected revelation as his actions in the past never showed that he like Jia En this much. Yes, he was attracted to Jia En and he seems to worry for her everytime but I didn’t know that he actually like her this much and probably aware of it deep in his mind.


When he encounters Jia En in the campus, his expression shows that he’s ecstatic about it. It feels like Jia En has been on his mind during their separation and the feelings of missing her turned into joy. When he knows that Jia En ran up to the dark mountain alone, that worried expression and anger towards her partner who left her to face a dangerous situation just shows that he cares about Jia En more than just a friend. When he can’t help but stare at Jia En and want to wipe off the sweats off her forehead, that look reveals that Jia En is different in his heart.


He was taken aback when Jia En refused to let him call the BBCall she won as it was meant for Xiao Wei, the surprise and disappointment  on his face made me squeee so bad. Jia En’s way of thinking is so rigid that she always seem to give Liu Chuan unexpected answers. LOL! When Jia En was reflected in the “magical mirror” (a playful joke made by A-Qing, wanting to know who will be the true love for Liu Chuan), he looked geniunely surprised as if his secret crush have been exposed. He can’t even pay full attention to his work in the clubroom as Jia En enters the room.

(True love reflected on the magical mirror??)

Chuan En OTP:


They both are attracted to each other but Liu Chuan seems to be more aware of it currently as he is more mature and understands what are the strange feelings in his heart. In my opinion, the way he played basketball vigorously was to sort out these strange emotions he is feeling from being around Jia En.

Other cute scenes of Chuan En OTP: Liu Chuan talking a peek on what Jia En wrote on the book, only to find it’s incomplete and frustrated to know what’s next. He was so happy when Jia En asked him to call her BB-Call. When he was talking to her on the phone, he can’t stop smiling and asking her questions that have been on his mind such as what was the incomplete writing and why he wasn’t the first person to know that she got into Chen Dong University even though he was her tutor.. LOL

Bai Xue:


She’s independent, confident and knows clearly what she wants in her life. She likes Liu Chuan and it’s so obvious that the three musketeers member, A Qing and Ri Qi noticed it. Only Liu Chuan is oblivious to it and only regard her as a normal friend. Maybe, it’s because they’ve known each other since high school so being too close makes Liu Chuan oblivious. Or maybe Liu Chuan has always been dense about relationship unless it’s about Jia En (LOL!!!).

She’s not pushy when it comes to Liu Chuan and a nice person even though misunderstood by other girls as a proud person as it seems like she only have male friends. I feel bad for her as the other female schoolmates are turning their “jealousy” towards Bai Xue as dislike. She’s very mature and knows that Ren Wei only likes her for her looks. She told Jia En that many people are blinded by outer looks of a person and like what they imagined of them.

Ren Wei:


He is totally inexperienced when it comes to handling a woman. He comes across as shallow, self-absorbed and pushy when it comes to relationship. He doesn’t seem to understand that starting from friendship, understanding Bai Xue is also a way of liking a person. But all in his mind is “Date, Date, Date”. He’s a nice person but totally slow in growth as a character as he doesn’t seem to mature at all over the year.

Last Commentary:

Yay for natural development. I feel like the time jump definitely made a push for all characters (maybe only Ren Wei had the least development and need a lot of growing up to do). So far this episode shows the fun lives of a college student and  It’s a wonderful experience with new romance, friendship blossoming in every corner of the campus.

The characters in this drama feels real and connect well to me as no one is a bad person or perfect, nothing is in black and white as a student is filled with inexperience, lack of maturity and uncertainties toward the future. In the end, everyone is hopeful for what’s to come.

Like what Jia En wrote on the BBS, youth is unpredictable but when we look back, we’ll have fond memories of it and will miss those days!

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