In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep5 Video Preview Translations (12/9 – New Preview Updated)

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Ep5 Video Preview 1:
(Starting from 9:46 mark, SCROLL DOWN to watch the new Video Preview 2)

Ep 5 Video Preview Translations

Jia En:
I need to learn jitterbug (a type of swing dance) for PE class.

Jia En’s mom:
Jitterbug dance? That’s your dad expertise!

Liu Chuan:
I just don’t want others to know that I am the son of a parliament member,
because it sounds like I’m getting special treatment for it.

Jia En:
There must be something that is weighing on your mind.
Aren’t we friends?
What is it that you can’t talk to me about?
Why do you have to hide it?

Liu Chuan:
Mind your own business!
Don’t act like a fool and ask about what other people is hiding!

Jia En’s Dad:
Who did you quarrel with?
If there’s anything, you should talk it out with that person.
Don’t deepen the misunderstanding.

Jia En:
3631, Are you from Taipei?
Do you have any recommendation of a good breakfast shop in Taipei?



The following are detailed translations of their conversations in the chatroom.

pre5-2 pre5-1

3631(Liu Chuan): There are always times when people feel down, you have to find a way to make yourself feel better.
Sky(Jia En): Any tips for that? Can you teach me?
3631: Recently, the train tunnel in Mu Shan Line just opened to people for touring and there’s a free ride available.
3631: When you see the sunlight after coming out from the dark tunnel, you’ll feel better.
Sky: The train? I never try it before ever since I came to Taipei. I will definitely try the ride when I’m free.
Sky: 3631, Are you from Taipei?
3631: Yes.
Sky: Do you have any recommendation of a good breakfast shop in Taipei?
3631:  When you mentioned about the taste of Taipei, I remember that there’s a delicious breakfast shop near Chen Dong University.


Ep5 Video Preview 2: (NEW! ADDED ON 9/12/13)

Ep 5 New Video Preview Translations

Jia En:
Teacher, I’m not too familiar with the female dance routine.
I only know how to dance the guy’s routine.

Is there any guy that is willing to take the make-up test with Jia En?

Liu Chuan:
Teacher, I’ll do the make-up test with her

[Dance Segment]

Liu Chuan:
It’s thursday tomorrow.
Do you still remember what we have to practice?

Jia En:
I remember, we have to practice our dance.


The BGM used in the new preview is “為愛癡狂(Crazy for Love)” by 劉若英(Rene Liu)
It’s very old school and Rene looks so young and still got some babyfat, LOL..

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