In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Full Characters Description (English Translations)


I decided to translate the character descriptions posted on their official site as It contains some details on their background and what to expect in the future. There may be some spoilers in these descriptions. Please pardon me for any grammar/wording mistakes and I’ll be more than willing to make amendments to writing mistakes if you spot it and notify me.

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Lego Lee as Liu Shan Feng (Liu Chuan)

Taking a double major in Law and History in Cheng Dong University and also the president of Treasure Hunting Club, Liu Chuan is a genius with an IQ of 170 who is great in games and studies. He reads a lot of difficult books for his age. He is good at analyzing problems and fast in solving them. His friends often say that he’s being too rational but he doesn’t mind. 

In the second year of high school, he earned a very high score that’s able to get him into Taipei University. However, he neither wants to skip a grade nor want to follow his father’s wishes of him to get into Taipei University. Thus, he chose the school he wanted to go in the end.

Coming from a political background, his father is very proud that his son is a genius and put in his all to train Liu Chuan. His family are proud for his intellectual genius but nobody truly cares for him.

Liu Chuan hates the hypocrisy of the people in politics and has no interest in gaining wealth or fame. He is very committed to his beliefs. When his father stops giving him financial support, he had to work part time as a research assistant to earn for his living expenses.

He dreams to do works that are able to contribute to the people in this land and he thinks that giving is much more valuable than gaining something. He studies hard in order gain the ability to achieve his dreams in helping people.

He inherited these positive values from his grandfather and he is greatly influenced by him. His grandfather is a man that is passionate about culture and Liu Chuan often plays treasure hunting with his grandfather during his childhood days.

Through treasure hunting, he experienced the joy and love towards this land, which is the reason why he chose History and Law as his major.

Lorene Ren as Lin Jia En

A returning exam candidate who came from the countryside, Ping Dong and later, she majors in Foreign Language in Cheng Dong University. She grew up together with her childhood friend, Ren Wei and she likes to follow him around.

Through hardships, she became a strong-willed person who’s good at listening to others. She’s able to put herself in others’ shoes and likes helping people but she dislikes becoming a burden to others.

Easily satisfied and easily attracted to new things. She’s always more passionate than others when it comes to new things. She often surprise others with her own unique way of dealing new things and values. She can easily adapt to changes surrounding her and quick in keeping up with the pace of others. Through the influences of people around her whe she became a college student, she finally affirm her own values and decided to live with more courage.

Jia En is an expert in doing housework and saving money. She have the passion and talent for language. She is able to feel the emotions from the tone of words. In high school, English and Chinese were her best subjects. After arriving in Taipei, she starts to help her parents in her family’s tea house business, “Si Xiang Qi”.

Due to some unexpected circumstances, she encounters the popular student, Liu Chuan. Because of him, her world became bigger and the times spent with him became an unspeakable secret.

Jay Shih as Zheng Ren Wei

A son of a wealthy land-owner and majors in Business Management at Cheng Dong University. He gets a bit cocky at times and is very lively. He loves rock music and was the president of Guitar club during high school. He yearns to live the glamorous life in Taipei that was shown in TV. However, his family only wants him to finish high school and inherit his family business to collect rentals and live an easy life. But Ren Wei thinks that the ideal life should be the splendid life in Taipei and get a girlfriend in Taipei, then he will be satisfied.

He left Ping Dong and came to Taipei in search for his dreams. Together with Zai Zai and A-Di, they form the “Men of Steel” of Cheng Dong University.

He fell in love with his senior schoolmate, Bai Xue at first sight. He uses his unfashionable way to pro-actively chase after her but he keeps on failing no matter how hard he tries. He decided to challenge Liu Chuan, the leader of “The Three Musketeers” to catch Bai Xue’s attention.

As he sees the growth and change in Jia En, he slowly develops a different feeling for her.

Smile Weng as Bai Xue

Majoring in Foreign Language in Cheng Dong University and also the vice president of Treasure Hunting Club. She has a white porcelain skin and a beautiful pitch-black long hair. She is the dream girl of the campus and everyone gave her a nickname, “Snow White” (Bai Xue in chinese). She is very confident about her looks and pays a lot of attention in making herself look beautiful. She is a modern and independent woman.

As her parents are traditional people who values men over women, Bai Xue is determined prove them wrong in hoping to become an independent woman who is superior to men in ability in the future.

She is a bit proud and has a very feminine image to her that makes other easily misunderstand her as deliberately acting that way to gain attention. Because of that, most girls are allergic to her. However , when people gets to know her better, they’ll find out that she is a girl who takes good care of others and also a person with strong beliefs that doesn’t easily change herself to please others. But that makes her look cold and distant to others and people find it difficult to make friends with her.

She has been friends with Liu Chuan since high school and harbors a crush on him for a long time. Because of her strong pride, she never confess to him about her feelings and instead waits for Liu Chuan to fall in love with her someday.

Steven Sun as Xie Qing You (A-Qing)

Majoring in Law at Cheng Dong University and is a good friend and roommate of Liu Chuan. He seldom stays in dorm as he is always outside with his girlfriends. He is very charismatic and one of the campus most popular guys. He often plays basketball with Liu Chuan in the court, attracting many students to watch their game.

A-Qing is a guy with a sunny personality that is good in talking and socializing with strangers.He is an expert in catching girls’ attention in group dates and also the most open and experienced in love among “The Three Musketeers”.

He has a way in sweet talking to make dorm’s manager, Mary very happy. He hides many prohibited items in his dorm such as refrigerator, TV and etc.. He got to know Mary’s niece, Tracy in Treasure Hunting Club and becomes very interested in her.

However, A-Qing found out that this junior, Tracy is not an easy target. This is the first time he meets a girl who is an expert like him in relationship and this fuels his determination to get her.

Yao Chun Yao as Liao Ri Qi

Majoring in History at Cheng Dong University, a good friend, roommate of Liu Chuan who have the same major as him. He usually keeps a very low-profile, has a cool image and collected disposition. He will not talk much unless someone asks him.

But when it comes to the topics that he is interested in, he becomes a different person and can talk about it for a long time. This is the only time that he shows the passionate side of him. There are many girls who are attracted to his contrasting personality and is very popular among “The Three Musketeers”.

His family runs a pawn shop and there’s an antique appraisal room in the shop. He often gets many exotic and strange antique items from his customers. He have a passion for history and his brain is filled with the knowledge of history. His rich knowledge became the bonding topic with Liu Chuan who also craves for knowledge.

He is a vegetarian and he advocates nature. He often disappears to unknown places with his motorbike. Camping in the mountains is a common occurrence to him and he only occasionally comes back to the school dorm. Everyone views him as a strange yet romantic guy.

Josh Lu as Wang Jian Guo (A-Di)

Majoring in Horticulture at Cheng Dong University and shares the same room with Zai Zai and Ren Wei, a member of Cheng Dong University’s “Men of Steel”. Originally a member of Hong Kong Movie Research Club but was drawn into Treasure Hunting Club. Have a passion towards Hong Kong celebrities and love Vivian Chow. He will speak some cantonese when he is bored. In comparison to Zai Zai, he is a bit conceited and thinks himself as a smart guy which makes him look foolish. He was nicknamed as “A-Di” (little brother) because he looks like a high school student.

He has a mild personality that lacks of assertiveness which makes him easily influenced by others. He used to listen to Zai Zai but Ren Wei defeated Zai Zai in a console-game which makes A-Di views Ren Wei as their leader. Due to his lack of presence, he got to know a lot of things and he will not talk about it if nobody asks. However, he always reveal breaking news by accident at a bad timing.

A-Wei Chang as Zhan Yu Xi (Zai Zai)

Majoring in Law at Cheng Dong University and he’s also an experienced video gamer. He is roommate with A-Di and Ren Wei, together they form Cheng Dong University’s “Men of Steel”.

His space is filled with games he brought from home and the popular gaming consoles like PlayStation, SS, N64 during those days. The first stage to gain his approval is to win him in the game of “The King of Fighters”. Ren Wei is the only junior who defeats him in the game and he starts to hangout wih him. His favorite character from “The King of Fighters” is Iori Yagami.

He has a good sense of smell and claims to be able to smell the odor of crimes but the lecher in him prefers the smell of girls. His wish is to get rid of his virgin status before he graduates from university and wishes to get a girlfriend as cute as Noriko Sakai.

After falling in love with Tracy, he found out that he has a strong rival, A-Qing from “The Three Musketeers”. Zai Zai does not have the confidence but because of Ren Wei’s encouragement, Zai Zai realizes that love is not all about appearance. He finally decided  to muster up courage and step into this battlefield of love.

Apple Lin as Cui Xin Qi (Tracy)

Majoring in Tourism in Cheng Dong University and also the niece of school’s dorm manager, Mary. She is the roommate of Xiao Wei and has a good relationship with Jia En and Xiao Wei.

She is very popular among guys and is an expert in relationship. She knows exactly how to shake a man’s heart and men are like clothings to her. She views the clubs in school as a convenient place and she joined many clubs before. If her radio breaks down then she joins the pop club and if there’s a test coming up for PE class, she will join the Tennis club for exercise.

One day, she lost her family ring that was given to her by her aunt so she joins the Treasure Hunting Club. She met A-Qing in the club and when A-Qing claims to make her his girlfriend in 30 days, she felt that her pride is challenged. As an expert in relationship, nobody knows who will be the winner in the end.

At first she only wants to win this game of love and made use of Zai Zai’s affections to control A-Qing but when she sees the two guys are hurting because of her, she felt sorry for the first time.

Jenny Huang as Ding Xiao Wei

Majoring in Foreign Language at Cheng Dong University, Jia En’s classmate and also Tracy’s roommate. She comes from a poor family and her parents wanted her to start working once she finish high school. Because of that, she have to take care of her own living and schooling expenses.

Amidst of college students who eats well, have fun and experience life, she is very serious about her studies as she needs to rank as number 1 in order to continue getting scholarship. She is always very quiet, keeps a very low-profile and only does things that she ought to do. As she does not have enough money to hang out and eat with friends, she often reject their invitations. After a few rejections, no one comes to invite her anymore.

Jia En encouraged her to work part time but she have no confidence in socializing. She would rather study hard to earn scholarship. She thinks hard for a solution to the problems of others but she always cannot find an answer so she will just smile at it.

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