In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep6 Video Preview Translations (12/16 – New Preview Updated with Translations)

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Ep6 Video Preview 1 (Scroll down to view the new video preview!!):
(Starting from 11:46 mark)

Ep 6 Video Preview 1 Translations

You ask him!

Faster, don’t dilly dally!

Jia En:
Stop it! Leave him alone if he doesn’t want to talk about it. He’ll get angry if you keep on pushing him.

Liu Chuan:
Do you have any experience of feeling awkward after a quarrel with a girl even though you patched up with her?

I never thought that you will have this kind of troubles, I thought you were invicible.

Jia En:
I would like you to help me search for an online friend.
His userid is 3631, it also seems that one of his family member is a member of parliament

3631: Actually, I am Liu Chuan.

pre6-2 pre6-1

Ep6 Video Preview 2:

Ep 6 Video Preview 2 Translations

Jia En:
Actually I really wanted to see how does a college ballroom party look like.

Liu Chuan:
Have you ever thought of the worst situation that could happen in a ballroom?

Jia En:
If nobody invites me to dance, that will be very embarrassing.

Liu Chuan:
I will definitely ask you to dance with me.

(Paper Note:)
I will wait for you at the wooden trestle – 3631

Bai Xue:
Have you seen Liu Chuan?

He just went out.

iagw2 iagw3
iagw4 iagw5

Detailed Translation of their conversation in BBS


Sky (Jia En’s user id):
Actually I really wanted to see how does a college ballroom party look like. I’m so envious of Taipei girls who are so good at dressing up themselves. Unlike me who realized that I look so ugly after I remove my high school uniform.

3631 (Liu Chuan’s user id):
You’re definitely not ugly.

You never even seen me before, how do you know whether I’m ugly or not?

It’s because I am certain that you have your own good traits. You should think about which part of yourself that you think is the most beautiful. Use your heart to make that part even more pleasing in your own way.

It’s so difficult to think about it.

You have to love yourself first to make others love you too, observe yourself carefully.

I don’t want to embarrass myself. If I don’t go, I will save myself from embarrassment.

Have you ever thought of the worst situation that could happen in a ballroom?

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