NEWS: Movie Version of In A Good Way On The Way??!

The general manager of SETTV, Zhang Rong-Hua made a surprise announcement that they have plans to make their current popular friday drama, In A Good Way into a movie with the original cast. I don’t know whether this is a good news or not. Because if that’s any indication that we won’t be getting a good ending in the drama version just to make “way” for a movie version, I’m gonna blacklist SETTV for good, and I’m dead serious.

See that evil grin of the upper-management guy? I’m not really happy with your announcement!

To summarize, SETTV is one of the most prominent TV channel in Taiwan and well-known for its hit dramas like Fated to Love You, Autumn’s Concerto, Office Girls and many more. They’re also the Taiwanese TV channel with the highest number of drama productions, producing approximately 1500 hours of dramas just for this year alone. SETTV have plans extend into the movie industry by 2014 and my beloved popular friday drama In A Good Way will be the first sacrificial lamb SETTV’s original drama production that will be brought onto the big screen. The original cast, Lego Lee and Lorene Ren will return for the movie version.

Zhang Rong-Hua’s latest plan to shoot a movie version of In A Good Way will focus on investing more budget on the overall production instead of the cast salaries. He also believes that talents grooming is the most important task in the TV industry, “Don’t say that the Taiwanese TV industry don’t have stars. As long as we groom talents, there will always be opportunities. “.

This year, SETTV have groomed talents such as Deja Vu‘s Mandy Wei and Nylon Chen; In A Good Way‘s Lego Lee and Lorene Ren; Love Family‘s Jack Lee; Just You‘s Puff Guo and Two FathersLin Yo-Wei, Le Le (child actress) and Xiao Xiong (child actor). Zhang Rong-Hua thinks that from this year onwards, the hype for Japanese and Korean dramas have been declining and this will be the best time for Chinese dramas. Furthermore, the Taiwanese government are supporting the media industry fully, it is an indication of opportunities for Chinese dramas and he calls for the people in Taiwanese TV industry to be united.


The last time an SETTV drama was produced into a movie was the mega-hit drama The Fierce Wife (not sure whether they’re SETTV in-house production or made by external production companies) and I heard a lot of neutral/negative reviews about that movie. This is why I’m having such a mixed feeling when I heard this announcement.

GRRRR…. I really feel like they’re milking the hype and popularity of In A Good Way, plus the 90’s nostalgic topic is probably a good candidate to be remade into a movie version. I just pray to the drama gods that they won’t try and drag the drama’s storyline so they have room for the movie remake. Because that will not be a good decision and I believe that the Taiwanese netizens will be as angry as me about it.

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  • timeinthegray • 4 years ago

    Oh, noes.
    This is why overpopularity can be a double-edged sword.
    In a Good Way totally deserves all the buzz it’s getting in Taiwan, but if the upcoming movie throws the drama under the bus… /:

  • galen • 4 years ago

    The Fierce Wife movie was decided after the tv series ended (as far as I know), so at least the audience knew the ending, although unsatisfying, was not just a hook to make us watch the movie. Actually, I think the tv series ended well enough and the movie was unnecessary fanservice.

  • Soori • 4 years ago

    With this movie I feel like SETTV is stretching its own luck. I just hope the movie will be something like an ‘after-events’ of the actual drama or maybe they will put the drama into the movie rather than making it a continuation of the tv version.

  • drama-jar • 3 years ago

    lol he does look incredibly evil, like he’s ready to destruct IAGW with his own bare hands and smash it into pieces

    I personally almost never like dramas that are adapted into movies, especially when it’s obviously because of the high ratings and nothing else. The resulting product always ends up suffering from all sorts of problems that of course involve people who don’t give a rat’s ass about the story or the production’s value as a whole.

    And it’s bad enough that we have to wait so long for the story to develop and the drama to conclude, so this isn’t making matters any better for us, is it?

    (on a positive note…OTP will be working for a long time filming all kinds of interesting scenes together, surely that can’t hurt ;D)

  • lsgrlr • 3 years ago

    I don’t think they will, because if the viewers aren’t satisfied with the TV ending they won’t be compelled to see the movie version.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I think it’s pretty much 90% a done-deal if the general manager made this announcement. Plus, IAGW is enjoying tremendous popularity and high ratings in Taiwan, this further fuels SETTV’s decision to milk IAGW’s popularity. But I’m really hoping they won’t make the movie or at least, please don’t sacrifice the drama ending to make a movie.

      • lsgrlr • 3 years ago

        They will probably make the movie because unfortunately it’s a good business movie. However, people will be less prone to see it if the drama ends badly.Also because no one wants to see a movie about something they’ve already seen the movie will have to be different somehow. At least that’s what I am hoping.

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