In A Good Way 我的自由年代 OST (Youtube+DL) [04/05 – Updated 2 Songs From Chang Chen Yue]

I’m sharing a compilation of the songs played in In A Good Way. The full version of ending theme, Obviously Love You (明明愛你) by Freya Lin (林凡)  just came out yesterday. Full Version of Opening Theme, Good Morning Hard City by Adrian Fu is updated on 12/23. Most of In A Good Way’s BGM are old songs so I downloaded them and compiled them into one folder for your convenience^^.

Note: If there’s new songs included in the drama, I will try and find it and update it in this post.

FULL OST Youtube Playlist:

Download OST Compilation Folder (192/320Kbps@MP3):!qBxEEQRD!fPwuQicLnWQbfQPeDMMnrw

Opening Theme: Good Morning Hard City – Adrian Fu (符致逸)
Romanized Lyrics:

Ending Theme: Obviously Love You (明明愛你) – Freya Lin (林凡)

BGM: The reason for happiness (幸福的理由) – Genie Chuo (卓文萱)

BGM: What do you want me to love? (妳要我愛什麼) – Adrian Fu (符致逸) [Updated NEW Song on 02/21]

BGM: On my Mind (牽掛) – Wu Bai (伍佰&China Blue)

BGM: However (然而) – Bobby Chen (陳昇)

BGM: Crowded Playground (擁擠的樂園) – Bobby Chen (陳昇)

BGM: The Rainbow in You (彩虹的你) – Bobby Chen (陳昇)

BGM: Love Me, Don’t Go (愛我別走) – Chang Chen Yue (張震嶽)

BGM: Freedom (自由) – Chang Chen Yue (張震嶽)

BGM: For Now (先這樣吧) – Chang Chen Yue (張震嶽)

BGM: Free Night – Chang Chen Yue (張震嶽)

BGM: Crazy for Love (為愛癡狂) – Rene Liu (劉若英)
Romanized Lyrics:

BGM: Träumerei – Schumann

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