NEWS: You Light Up My Star Held Its Press Conference + Updated Official Graphics

Just minutes after I posted about the news of upcoming Taiwanese dramas in 2014, I saw the pictures of the press conference for You Light Up My Star on news sites. They’re finally starting to promote the drama in full power and it’s quite expected coming from a team of high-profile casts and producers. Their facebook page also updated the official cover graphic for the drama and it looks great! As a person who worked as a graphic designer, I approve of the typography used, heh!

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The cast of You Light Up My Star, Joe Cheng, Janine Chang, Teresa Meng, Hongkong Actress Yuen Qiu, Taiwanese Singer Lin Yu-Chun and many more attended the drama’s press conference earlier this afternoon.

Produced by the award winning Director Winnie (It Started With A Kiss, In Time With You) and a team of screenwriters that penned They Kiss Again (惡作劇2吻), What is Love (花是愛), A Good Wife (親愛的,我愛上別人了), etc, You Light Up My Star is a story that centers around the entertainment industry as two rookies overcome obstacles and hardships to become A-list stars. It will start shooting soon and is planned for a broadcast in 2014.

Joe Cheng claimed to have rejected a few drama/movie offers and even lost 10kg to pick You Light Up My Star as his comeback drama after being discharged from the army. Director Winnie complimented Joe’s body as being fantastic as it have a nice mix of muscle. He also promised to include naked scenes of Joe to satisfy viewers’ eyes. I’ll definitely welcome this offer for eye-candy, Yumm!!

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This will be Lin Yu-Chun’s debut in acting. He admitted to not having prior acting lessons but he’ll do his best for this rare opportunity. His role have many similarities with his real life persona so I guess there won’t be any acting problems. Director Winnie also joked that being a fat guy himself, they have a lot in common.

Not too sure whether this is the first time Janine is working with Director Winnie but Joe is definitely very loyal to him as they’ve worked together for The Rose (薔薇之戀) and It Started With A Kiss (惡作劇之吻) series. By selecting You Light Up My Star as a comeback drama, I feel that Joe is showing his gratitude to Director Winnie. Teresa Meng is also an artist under Director Winnie’s production company so It’s no wonder that she’s casted in this.

This is also the second time Janine and Joe worked together after Honey and Clover (蜂蜜四葉草) but this time round, they’ll be the end couple right? I loved them in Honey and Clover and they make such a good looking couple. Also, they’ll be competing against their Honey and Clover co-star Lego Li in the same time-slot… fate is such a player.

I know that I shouldn’t be liking this drama as it is a potential strong competitor against my crack drama In A Good Way but the casts and producers easily win my heart. Joe looks more mature and masculine after his army duty, definitely looking great and I love his sleek suit, so matching with Janine’s dress! Now, maybe we can send a few more actors to the army to have them upgraded like Joe and Lego?? I don’t mind the time waiting for their discharge.

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