In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep8 Video Preview Translations (12/31 – New Video Preview Updated)

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I couldn’t watch livestream tonight as I’m still out of town and the internet speed is quite unstable…
Because of that, I can only write a brief review for ep7 and it will come out later.
So for now, enjoy the preview translations first even though it’s a very short preview^^


Ep8 Video 1 Preview (Scroll down for New Video Preview!):
(Starting from 14:36 mark)

Ep 8 Video Preview 1 Translations

Liu Chuan:
I found this manuscript in grandfather’s bookshelf,
I want to find out what do the dutch writings on it means.

Jia En:
We can look for the answer together, unity is strength.

pre8-2 pre8-3

Liu Chuan:
Look together?

Jia En:
I weaved a lucky string for you.
Wish you all the best!

pre8-5 pre8-4 

Ep8 Video 2 Preview:

Ep 8 Video Preview 2 Translations

Liu Chuan:
We’re holding a special activity this time.
Everyone, please make sure to be extra careful.
The goal is to find me.

Jia En:
These are footprints.
I should be able to find Liu-Chuan soon.

The police have confirmed that the kidnapper Chen Jin-Xing have escaped into hiding in Mount Guan Yin.

Did Jia-En encounters Chen Jin-Xing?

Lin Jia En!!

Liu Chuan:
I’ll go and look for her

Bai Xue:
Jie-En, you have to be safe!

Liu Chuan:
Lin Jia-En!

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