In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep9 Video Preview Translations (01/06 – New Video Preview Updated)

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I was on a break for the previous month so I had more time to be a night owl but now I’m trying to turn my sleeping cycle back to normal. As I’m starting my studies again this month so I have to stop writing quick reviews for In A Good Way as it’s taking a toll on my sleeping cycle (I’m in the same timezone with Taiwan). In the future, I’ll continue uploading HD raw videos and translating the video previews, but I’ll only be writing compilation (probably a compilation of few episodes) or slower brief reviews of In A Good Way. In change, I’ll be translating more entertainment news and go back to make more graphics instead.


Ep9 Video 1 Preview (Scroll Down for NEW Video preview):
(Starting from 3:11 mark)

Ep 9 Video 1 Preview Translations


Could Jia-En have run into Chen Jin-Xing?


Lin Jia-En!

pre9_1 pre9_2

If I don’t complete this credit, I can’t take the credits for year 3.
Then I’ll have to postpone my graduation.

Ren-Wei’s dad:
Don’t study anymore!
Come back and take care of the fishes.

If I go back to take care of the fishes,
my life will be ruined and I will lose my freedom!



What’s the matter?

I have things to discuss with you.
Is it convenient for you now?

pre9_3 pre9_4

Ep9 Video 2 Preview:

Ep 9 Video 2 Preview Translations

In your eyes, what do you think of Bai Xue?

We’re alike to some extent
We complement each other in many aspects.

pre-9 (1) pre-9 (2)

Liking a person who does not like you back, isn’t it tiring?

You must let the person know about how you feel.

Thank you for giving me the courage to pursue love.
This cup of red tea is for you.

pre-9 (3) pre-9 (4)

The BGM song used in the new preview is Love Me, Don’t Go (愛我別走) by Chang Chen-Yue (張震嶽)

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