Fabulous 30 (女人30 情定水舞間) Releases Stylish Concept Teaser + Stills


SETTV certainly knows how to tease their audience, they have a great marketing team that are able to create eye-catching teasers and there’s no end to my increasing interest for this drama. I don’t know whether the drama is gonna be as fabulous as the concept teaser or its official English title but if this is the tone and styling we’re heading for the drama, I’m all in! I love how the teaser starts with describing women in their 30s as different type of drinks and the guys cheers with their drinks at the end. Plus, the bokeh effects and the background music create such an irresistible atmosphere and I’m weak towards sexy men.

Hans Chang didn’t get to attend the press conference but he looks like a confident and charismatic character in the video. Not much is being revealed in the teaser but I HEART the overall vibe I’m getting from the video. Somehow, the teaser remind me of the stylish vibe P.S. Man (偷心大聖P.S. 男) had for their opening theme video, they’re both stylish in different ways but just manage to hit all the right notes for me.

SETTV also released stills and BTS pictures of their filming in Macau as Vivi Lee’s character accidentally gets into the middle of the famous The House of Dancing Water show and Darren had to be the knight in shining armor to save her from embarrassment.

I’ve no intention to bombard you guys with updates on Fabulous 30 but as Love Family (有愛一家人) is wrapping up soon, we’ll be expecting more stills and teasers for Fabulous 30.
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f30-5 f30-4

Teaser 1 (Scroll down for teaser 2)

Screen Text:
Women in their 30s, what are they like?

Like water, colorless and odorless, but able to hydrate and quench thirst.

Hans Chang:
Like vodka, 40% of alcohol concentration, a liquid with strong and bitter taste.

Danson Tang:
Like soda drinks, makes me feel fizzy, but I love the sweet taste to her.

Screen Text:
Cheers to the women!

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Teaser 2 

Jennifer Hong:
30 is destined to be the hurdle in a woman’s life.
Getting married at 30 years old, giving birth at 30 years old

Vivi Lee:
Becoming a head of department at 30 years old, 30 times more savings in the bank account

Albee Huang:
Getting a 30-inch waistline, so scary!!

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