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With the addition of Danson Tang, my interest in SETTV’s new daily drama, Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) just spiked up! I was already interested in the premise since I’ve a soft spot for romantic dramas about mature ladies but this just seals the deal. Following after the currently airing popular daily drama Love Family (有愛一家人), Fabulous 30 has confirmed its cast and its official Chinese title which is more difficult to remember in my opinion. I’ve mentioned about this drama before in the upcoming 2014 tw-drama list post but this time, there’s more updates about the cast and the story direction we’re heading to as it held its filming press conference on the 2nd of January (I know I’m slow).

A direct translation of its new Chinese title 女人30情定水舞間 will be Fabulous 30, Love in The House of Dancing Water, this is SO strange. But it all made sense when I read that they’ll be heading to Macau for shooting in one of its famous locations, City of Dreams (新濠天地) and apparently, there’s this famous show called The House of Dancing Water in its theater, which explains the origins of the Chinese title. Still, I really don’t think the title have to be this literal, they could have keep it short and sweet as Fabulous 30. The last time I remember an SETTV drama that went overseas for shooting was Love, Now (真愛趁現在) so I guess SETTV must be investing quite a lot and have high expectations for this drama.

30-2 30-3 30-4

Fabulous 30 is a story that will follow the lives of the three modern women who are in their 30s. In the drama, Darren (A Good Wife) will be romancing Vivi Lee (Love, Now), Albee Huang (Love Me or Leave Me) will be pairing up with Danson Tang (A Hint of You) and the last pairing to round off the romantic drama will be Jennifer Hong (Inborn Pair) and Hans Chang (A Hint of You) who will be playing as a married couple who are parents to a child.

Vivi Lee will be Darren’s potential love interest and they will feel mutual attraction as they’re alike in personalities, with Vivi’s character described as a gentle, caring, soft and a passive person who always need to heed advice from her girl-friends, Albee and Jennifer. They described the friendship between the girls as like a family-relationship with Vivi’s character as the mother figure, Jennifer’s character as the father figure as she has a strong assertive personality who will guide the girls and Albee as their child as her character is always very wild, playful and love to do strange things that often bring misfortunes onto the girls.

Darren’s character, Wei-Zhong will be a stiff and lukewarm character who’s obsessed about Chinese literature and love to research about it. He’s also the best friend of Danson Tang’s character, Edward who is a playboy and is always very lively but in fact, there are many hidden sides of him. In their interview, Danson even joked that since the girls are like a family, Darren and him will be the main couple as he often uses Darren’s character to block off girls and always call him as his honey and sweetheart, LOL! I’m expecting a lot of adorable bromance from him and sisterhoods from the girls!

He will have a bed scene with his love interest, Albee’s character as they got involved in an unexpected one-night-stand during their first meeting. This scene sounds like a potential eye-candy, Yumm! Hans Chang didn’t attend the press conference so not much was being said about his character besides him being the husband of Jennifer’s character.


This is Darren’s first participation in SETTV drama production and the second for Danson Tang who also participated in A Hint of You (美味的想念) where he played a jerk with a huge ego and that was probably his first try in negative roles. I don’t think that both guys are strong actors but they exude charms and attractive in their own ways, plus they’re fresh additions to the SETTV productions.

Vivi Lee, Jennifer Hong and Albee Huang are familiar faces in SETTV drama production so I roughly know what to expect from them. It’s been a looooong time since I last saw Jennifer Hong and I was thrilled when I heard that she’s making a comeback through SETTV as a lead but was kind of disappointed that she’ll be playing a married character since there won’t be any romantic fall-in-love scenes for her, heh! She’s such a charismatic and talented actress that it’s such a waste that she plays more antagonist characters than adorable characters so I’ll be anticipating for her scenes in this drama. From the interview clip, the cast seems to be having a lot of fun so I hope that they’ll transfer their positive energy and chemistry onto the screen!

Press Conference Interview Clip

On a shallow note, I think that there’s a lot of eye-candies in the press conference as I’m drooling over Vivi’s dress and the outfit for the whole cast seems to be very matching. I have good feelings about this production but I really have to lower my expectations so I won’t be disappointed if this turns out to be an awful drama.

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    good summary and it turns out that this drama is my fav!! even better than the highly anticipated “In a good way”!

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