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This will be my 30th post after a year of hiatus and a little bit more than 1 month of active-blogging. Actually, this blog is still considered pretty new and there’s room for further improvements. From blog views of less than 1000 a month ago till almost hitting the 50k mark now, this blog certainly have grown a lot and that made me wonder about the direction of where my blog is going for. After much considerations, I’ve decided to focus more on Taiwanese dramas, underrated variety shows and a little bit of everything. It really depends on what am I obsessing about at that moment.

Obviously, I’m not the most hardworking blogger you’ll find in the drama-blogging sphere. Constant drama reviews kills a lot of my brain-cells as I’m not the most gifted writer so I tend to spend a lot of time gathering my thoughts and I’ll feel responsible towards the drama which will minus the fun of watching. So… I decided to translate more news, previews and write brief or compilation drama reviews occasionally. I may only consider writing detailed reviews if I’m unhealthily invested into something (eg: IAGW).

For a period of time, my blog almost became a drama blog for In A Good Way since I was addicted to it in an unhealthy manner and now, I’m slowly recovering from the initial unhealthy addiction phase but this drama still owns my heart and soul. During that phase, everything else besides In A Good Way seems bland. Currently, I’m more in the mood for Taiwanese dramas which all have a certain laid-back and breezy vibe to them so they’re pretty harmless to watch.

In A Good Way Compilation Review (Ep8~10)

I know I’m really behind IAGW review and as I said before, constant drama reviews kill my braincells so I won’t be reviewing IAGW for every single episode, I will just write brief compilation reviews in the future. I just have so much respect for Miss Koala and the people at dramabeans who recap every single episode, that’s a lot of dedication and work!

Liu-Chuan & Jia-En & Bai-Xue

01 02

So many things are happening in these 3 episodes that I almost don’t where to start from. First, Liu-Chuan has confessed to Jia-En directly that he’s 3631 through  a phone call to his dad, revealing that his dad is a congressman.  Liu-chuan’s dad is his weakness and what Jia-En tells him are just the words he needed to hear the most, “3631 is just 3631”,  who is his father doesn’t make him any different. I LOVE that scene and also think that was the start of him opening up to Jia-En, he used to always keep things to himself and even his close friends, Ri-Qi and A-Qing may not have seen that side of him before.

03 04

After the whole lost-in-the-mountain fiasco, he’s becoming more obvious in expressing his adoration towards Jia-En. I’m still amused that he asked for a black tea in return for saving Jia-En when he actually did nothing much except for finding Jia-En as she got back herself, hahaha! His expression is just too priceless when he asked for the black tea and Jia-En’s dad is HILARIOUS.

05 06

I think Bai-Xue’s confession only confirmed his feelings about Jia-En as the examples she used to describe how gentle is he towards a girl is all the interactions of him and Jia-En,  how he took her in when she have no place to stay in a rainy day, how he offers to practice dance with her when she almost fails her dance test and how he wipes off the dust of his motorbike backseat for her to sit on.

07 08

That was really a sad confession and Bai-Xue is really shining in episode 9-10, she proves that she’s an understanding and mature girl. Even though she had an emotional breakdown momentarily and asked Jia-En whether she will still help her if the person she likes turn out to like her, I can understand her position as she didn’t mean any harm from it and It was really her venting out the frustrations that she built-up. It’s not easy for her to gives up on the crush she harbors for years and I think things will stay awkward for her and Liu-Chuan for a little bit longer but at least for now, she made up with Jia-En and their sisterhood just grows stronger.

09 10

But that momentary spur of words actually made Jia-En figure out that Liu-Chuan likes her and I think that’s the start for her to also start realizing her feelings for him. If Bai-Xue didn’t make up with Jia-En, I think she will probably continue to avoid Liu-Chuan as she feels guilty to Bai-Xue and also since she knows that Liu-Chuan likes her, she feels uneasy around him. I hope that Jia-En understands that love is always unfair, there’s no right and wrong and two people who loves each other is not letting down others. In the small world of love, it can only fit in two people who loves each other. Liu-Chuan is very pro-active in showing his affections towards her in Ep10 but the super dense Jia-En always seem to miss his hints, haha! I love their interactions, I can watch them for hours.


11 12

Episode 10 made me feel a bit nervous as Ren-We is starting to move on from Bai-Xue after her rejection and he starts seeing Jia-En in a different way. He’ve always been a good friend to Jia-En and Bai-Xue and him being interested in Jia-En romantically just sounds wrong. Because he used to be so passionate about Bai-Xue and if he easily falls for Jia-En, it means that he really only likes Bai-Xue for the shallow reasons and like what Jia-En says, he only enjoys the rush of excitement in pursuing a girl who’s hard-to-get.

13 14

I don’t know how the writers are going to write about him falling for Jia-En as I can only see Jia-En liking him as a good friend and brother. I also think it’s a bit of a sensitive topic to write as it can easily makes him an unlikable character as he just moved on from Bai-Xue. I’m loving him for being the person that Bai-Xue can rely on when she’s feeling down so I wish that he can stay as being that person.


15 16

Xiao-Wei is still feeling gloomy over the whole 3631 misunderstanding but really, there’s no time for her to deal with these stuffs as she’s probably facing the hardest time in her life as her dad loses his job. She needs to work part time to earn for her living fees and dealing with the bad professor, Chang-Fei also drains out her energy.

I can understand that she holds a different view from Jia-En, she thinks there’s no need to protest or further complicate things as she really have no time and money for that. But, I really wish that she can appreciate to what length Jia-En is going to in helping her instead of blaming her for being so impulsive. I think both Jia-En and Xiao-Wei have a point in their arguments, Jia-En is right about having to fight for their own rights as a student and if they don’t do it this time, then when will it be done?

Although Jia-En may be a little too hot-headed when she’s facing the professor but it’s really his fault at first. I’m just glad to see that Jia-En is initiating the whole protest herself instead of having someone to push her from the back, it really shows how much she’ve grown. I also think that someone needs to give courage to Xiao-Wei, that person can be Jia-En or Ri-Qi and I think being poor is not a good reason to being wronged but not fight back.

Xiao-Wei is a prideful person so when she faces this kind of situation,  she should at least fight for her own right as she really needs the marks. I’m not expecting her to protest like Jia-En but at least, she should be firm and speak for herself. I think that there are many people in real life who will react similarly like her when they’re faced to that kind of situation so I can understand her but It still doesn’t stop me from being so frustrated with her character. Anyways, I love how the drama is dealing with this topic, the different reactions reflect the difference in upbringing and personalities. I also believe that through clashes, it can only deepen the friendship of these people. Oh, youthful angst!

I also made some gifs for IAGW and posted them on my tumblr..

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Kdrama Updates

Reply 1994

The last Kdrama that won over my heart was Reply 1994 which I really loved at first. However, surprisingly, I slowly lose my interest after ep12 and It wasn’t because of the love triangle or the writing as I still think it’s a quality-drama. I just don’t know what went wrong, I wasn’t in the mood for it and I’m less invested into the characters. I stopped caring whether Na-Jung end up with either Trash oppa or Chilbong, I’m not interested what will happen to Haitai and the future life of Samcheompo and Yoon-Jin as a couple. Maybe because It became such a popular hit that it kinda loses the “underdog” feel to it and the drama kinda loses its low-key charm It had in the beginning. All in all, it was probably because of my sudden change in mood..

I stopped following Reply 1994 during live broadcast so I didn’t really join in the heated quarrels between Chilbong team or Trash team in the later part of the drama but I can understand why is there so much fuss over the two guys since they’re both charming in different ways. Even if I was following the live broadcast, I wouldn’t really care too much about which guy do Na-Jung ends up with because I’m really fine with both guys, I like them equally.

I think that it will be a lot better if I marathoned Reply 1994 instead of following it during live broadcast because the emotions I feel while watching the drama feels consistent and there will be no room and time for me to lose interest. It was the case for Reply 1997 which I watched at one go and the emotions I felt about the characters were still intact during the marathon. Furthermore, Reply 1997 was a lot shorter than Reply 1997 and that actually accelerate the pacing by a lot which is really what Reply 1994 needed the most in my opinion. Anyways, I will probably pick it back up since it has now ended.

Let’s Eat

17 18

I’ve been following Let’s Eat casually and It’s really easy to watch. The only complain I have about this drama is their food porn as the closeup on food and characters’ reactions always make feel super hungry and I always gotta grab a snack before I click the play button, heh! At first, I wasn’t too invested in the characters as the drama felt more like a sitcom than anything and I thought that the food scenes didn’t have much purpose aside from to fit in with the drama title but slowly, it all changes.

19 20

As I get to know the back story of these people, I realize that eating food not only is a de-stressing tool for the heroine, it also eases loneliness and brings people together. It’s a source of communication for these neighbors who live alone as it will be lonely for them to eat alone in a restaurant where most people comes in pair or a pack. Loneliness is really the main theme of this drama and food gathering is the solution to that. I love how they use this simple topic of eating food to convey the emotions and lives of people who live alone.The growing friendship between the 3 neighbors is just wonderful as they’re the unexpected friends that bonds through food and they help each other when they’re in need, especially since they all live alone.

23 24

Our heroine, Soo-Kyung can be quite a grumpy person at times and has a suspicious frame of mind that prevents from getting closer to people. Despite being quite a grumpy person at times, she’s always putting on a smile during work and is very hardworking. Nothing much is being revealed about her previous divorce and I feel that maybe her change in character may stem from her failed marriage. She used to be the Madonna of her campus and from the flashbacks, she doesn’t seem like a grumpy person or had a suspicious frame of mind so I think that her change comes after her divorce and I hope they will give us more of her backstory.

21 22

Even our second lead, Lawyer Kim fall head over heels for her during her Madonna-days when he used to be the nerd in school, but she don’t remember him and it makes him feel bitter and he bullies her out of petty revenge as he’s now her boss in work. Oh the reversals of fate!

I just have to share these gifs I made… it’s the scene when Lawyer Kim pisses Soo Kyung off and she finally resigns in ep8, she goes to noraebang and sings to Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar and EXO’s Growl, so precious! Lee Soo-Kyung is just so winning in her comedic scenes and she always nails her emotional scenes, I LOVE HER.

1 2 3 4

What Soo-Kyung and Dae-Young, the male lead have in common is their obsession for food. If Soo-Kyung is the food-lover type who eats anything, then Dae-Young is the gourmet type who’s precise about the way to eat food and he gets agitated if people thinks otherwise about eating food. I actually feel that Soo-Kyung matches with Lawyer Kim better if he tone down the petty bullying and not feel to invested in the main couple yet as their interactions are more like a growing friendship than a growing romance. But I’m sure the drama will find some way to spur the romantic feels from this couple and I think Ep8 may just be the start of it.


Overall, this is a feel-good drama with zippy humor and endearing characters who are unique in their own way. Even though I think that Lawyer Kim’s petty revenge is over-the-top and his reasons are weak that makes him annoying at times, It doesn’t stop me from enjoying this drama. The heroine’s dog, Bara-ssi is one of the highlight of this show as it’s just TOO adorable, well-trained and sooooo expressive. It’s definitely the mascot of this drama and  who can’t resists that furball of cuteness. It actually is the same breed type of dog as In A Good Way‘s Momo, they’re both Pormeranian dogs but Bara-ssi is slightly more expressive than Momo, too cute!

I Need Romance 3

25 26

This season of I Need Romance felt different from the previous seasons, it still have their trademark sister-hoods, steamy make-out scenes, pretty cinematography and vibrant palette of colors but the focus is no more on long-time relationships as our heroine, Joo-Yeon is a troubled soul who had a looong history of numerous failed relationships. She’s jaded and a bit twisted as she’s so numb and cold about break-ups, that’s definitely not a normal kind of reaction we should be getting. She puts up a facade that she doesn’t care about getting hurt anymore but actually, she’s still hurting deep inside. It’s just that she got hurt too many times that she think getting emotional about break-ups are a waste of time and that makes my heart break for her.

27 28

If the heroines of the previous two seasons are the sweet and nice girls, Joo-Yeon is the type that can shoot daggers through words, she can be so sharp and mean at times with her words that easily hurt people. But I felt all of these characteristics of her are just her cover, it’s a way to mask her vulnerability.

31 32

Joo-Wan, the hero have a complicated yet interesting relationship with Joo-Yeon. He’s the person who knew about her past and what kind of person she used to be, she used to be kind, caring, gentle and a mature girl who can guide him, she’s literally the mother-figure that brings him up and he LOVES her romantically. But this time round,  Joo-Wan is the person who’s more mature who guides her instead and he’s reminding her of what kind of person she used to be. I love that even though she’s not the person she used to be in his memories, he still loves and care for her, he’ll make her change for the better and I’m just loving their dynamic. Sung Joon and Kim So-Yeon makes a good looking couple despite the age difference.

29 30

I think that I will be torn between Joo-Wan and Tae-Yoon, the second lead  of this drama. He’s the sunbae of Joo-Yeon, they’ve known each other for a long time and he’s a good friend and mentor to her, he’s just so warm towards her that I always melt whenever I see him on screen. Plus, it doesn’t help that Tae-Yoon is played by Nam Goong-Min, gahhhhhh!!! The shallow me loves Nam Goong-Min’s look more than Sung Joon and I’m always weak to the oppa-type of guys but Joo-Wan makes me swoon when he’s soooo in love with Joo-Yeon, I’m torn apart. Maybe we can clone the heroine to give both guys a piece of her? Or maybe… I can have Tae-Yoon instead?

I also made a lot of gifs for the first two episodes and posted them on my tumblr.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Anyways, I’m starting to feel very invested in this drama after 2 episodes. The pacing of this drama is so fast that it’s over before I knew it. After Reply 1994, this drama may have the most delicious love triangle relationship. Actually, I Need Romance series is really the winner for love triangles relationships as they always know how to make the second male lead SO awesome. I still can’t get over Choi Jin-Hyuk in the first installment and wished that the heroine ends up with him instead. I’m very hopeful for this season. Coincidentally, 3 Korean dramas that I reviewed are all from TVN cable channel, they’re just winning over me. I’m also looking forward to Emergency Man and Woman which stars Choi Jin-Hyuk and Song Ji-Hyo.

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