In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep13 Video Preview Translations (02/11 – NEW Preview Updated)

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Ep13 Video Preview 1 (Scroll down for new preview):
(Starting from the 10:35 mark)

Ep 13 Video Preview 2 Translations

Lin Jia-En!
It seems that you’ve begun to take the love credits.
Do you like Liu-Chuan?

I’ve something to tell you, can I have some of your time?

1 2

Lin Jia-En got so many people involved this time round.
This is a very serious matter and I think by asking her to leave the school is the most appropriate punishment.

Principal, it’s not like that!
I was the one who initiated this whole thing and it has nothing to do with Lin Jia-En.

Now is not the time for you to act as a hero.


Enough! I’ll leave the punishment for the two of you to be decided on the school’s conference.

3 4

Ep13 Video Preview 2:

Ep 13 Video Preview 2 Translations

Next monday, after class…
Can we have a meal together?
There are some words I want to say to you.


13 (1) 13 (4)

For your first date, you have to make sure to go prepared and don’t be careless.
What’s wrong with both of you today?
Not only you guys didn’t interrupt me, you guys even listened to me carefully.

13 (5) 13 (6)

There’s no harm in listening to you occasionally.

When Wu-Bai was singing the song “On My mind”,
I hugged you because I….

13 (8) 13 (9)

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    Waaah so cute, both guys are taking mental notes of A-Qing’s dating advice! :3

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