Aaron Yan to lead drama following Deja Vu with Tia Lee rumored as the leading lady


Well, well, well… What an unexpected pairing! SETTV latest sunday drama Fall in love with me (愛上兩個我) is set to follow after the currently airing drama, Deja Vu (回到愛以前) and will hold their first shooting 2 weeks later. SETTV initially wanted Aaron Yan (Just You) to reunite with his co-star in Just You, Puff Kuo (Just You) for this drama but Puff is too busy to take this project as she’s currently red hot in Taiwan and also participating in the show Global We Got Married with Kpop star Kim Hee Chul.

To save the day,  it was rumored that her Dream Girls groupmate, Tia Lee (Office Girls) is considering this drama to replace Puff. SETTV said nothing is confirmed yet and they’re only in the process of contacting her but I think it’s almost 100% confirmed because news outlet have been talking about this casting. If she takes on this project, this will be her first time being the leading lady, she played mostly the bitchy second female lead type so I guess this is a fresh change. I still can’t imagine Tia playing the female lead since I always find her acting so stiff but I hope she proves me wrong through this drama.

Not much details on the plot and characters but from the sound of it, it should be a rom-com. Aaron is gonna play a boss again this time round, his character is described as a cold and ruthless boss at day but a sweet guy at night. Hmm… double-faced? Heh!

I’ve no complains about both in terms of visual but somehow when they’re put together, it just seems a bit off? Tia Lee gives off that mature vibe and she’ll look like Aaron Yan’s older sister when paired together. Still, I don’t want to judge anything yet before I see any promotional stills. SETTV loves to recycle their pairing, some of the examples are Ming Dao and Joe Chen, George Hu and Annie Chen and the list goes on. Actually, I really love Puff and Aaron together as a pair but I think I will get bored if they keep on giving me the same couples over and over again so I welcome the change in pairing.

But still, I’ll miss Puff and Aaron together.


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  • timeinthegray • 3 years ago

    Frankly, I’m weirded out by this.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      For sure, it’s very unexpected. I can’t seem to imagine Tia pairing up with Aaron, he’s more of the boyish type while Tia is the mature type. It is just so weird.

  • misscupcakees • 3 years ago

    Hmmm, I thought her next drama would be with James Wen and Lin Yo Wei?

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I’m not sure about that but 愛上兩個我 is for sure to follow up next Deja Vu and so far only Aaron is confirmed as the male lead. Tia is rumored to be the female lead but nothing is sure for now..

      • misscupcakees • 3 years ago

        Ohhhh? Well, <a href"http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B7%98%E5%A5%B3%E9%83%8E"this wikipedia page has it that Tia Li, James Wen and Lin Yo Wei are going to do a drama together.

        • carolies541 • 3 years ago

          I think that may come later after this drama or I’m not sure how will everything plan out. Apple news are saying that Tia is considering this SETTV drama. Anyways, I’m more excited for the combination of Tia, James and Lin Yo-Wei, they seem like a better match than Aaron with Tia. But I see the wiki page, it seems that there’s no broadcasting channel or date confirmed yet…?

  • Kim Teayeon • 3 years ago

    Puff guo is better for Aaron yan , and it’s a little weird to saw him with another one of the group Dreamgirl Tia lee . I prefere Puff guo for sure♡♡♡

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Well, this show is pretty popular nowadays, more and more people are liking Tia too, I skimmed through a bit, it’s fine but not that interested in the plot. Aaron fans should be delighted for the double Aaron though, cute and hot at the same time. I find Aaron cute but I fangirl over Puff’s current drama partner, Jasper Liu, hahaha. Puff always get to collaborate with cute guys, I’m envious.

  • nimnim • 3 years ago

    m a newbie 2 taiwan Drama n m jus lovin it!!! hard 2 believe but Aaron can reli make a girl fall 4 him in 1st sight
    lov u xo xo much,i think i’ll lov evry drama of urs :*

  • nimnim • 3 years ago

    m a newbie 2 Taiwan drama n evrthing n m lovin it lyk anything because of Aaron yan i just love him n he’s way toooo…handsome i think i’ll lov evry drama of him n i think he’s bettr dan any actress he has played with so far indeed m waitin 4 dat 1 perfect gal who would be jus a wow couple wit him 😉

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Sorry, just realized that wordpress miscategorize your comment as spam, I approve it after looking at my spam box :p. Anyways, I think Aaron improved a lot over the years, his acting is much more natural than before and yeah, he’s cute.

  • Nokanchi • 3 years ago

    Aaron and Puff Kuo……i wanna see them together again!!!!

  • yeseuri32698 • 3 years ago

    I just saw the 1 min teaser of ‘Fall in Love with Me’ (yes, JUST lol don’t ask) and now I am 100% sure that I can’t watch it even if it was just to look at Aaron Yan and bask in his beauty. For me, Aaron and Tia together is like blueberries and aged cheese; it leaves a nasty after taste and I end up with an upset stomach. :( Idk, there’s just zero chemistry for me. I really hope he and Puff gets “recycled” in 2015. They did so well in keeping me at my toes for 21 episodes in ‘Just You’, considering the fact that it literally has no solid plot and I’m usually not the type to keep watching something if the plot ain’t good enough. Aaron and Puff were too cute together. I couldn’t NOT keep watching!:D

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I’m with you, I couldn’t get into Aaron and Tia as a couple but maybe that’s because the dual-identity plot of Fall in Love With Me doesn’t interest me that much and I heard that the second half went to the makjang route, too much angst.

      I like Puff and Aaron together but I hope they’ll pair up with different people for now as I think it’s still too fast for them to reunite, maybe in another 2 or 3 years, they can reunite.

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