In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep15 Video Preview Translations (02/25 – NEW Preview Updated)

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Ep15 Video Preview 1: (Scroll for preview 2)
(Starting from 07:16 mark)

Ep 15 Video Preview 1 Translations

If that is really a treasure map and if it is related to you and your grandfather,
then it must be holding a very important secret inside.
I want to find out the secret together with you.

15-(1) 15-(2)

What’s wrong with you and Bai-Xue?

I’m no longer chasing after her.

You must have fallen in love with someone else and you didn’t tell me!
Who is the lucky girl this time round?


I’m sorry.
I think you sacrificed your own principles because of me.

Nobody forced me to!
It was me who was willing to do it for you.

15-(3) 15-(4)

Are you going out with Liu-Chuan?

15-(5) 15-(6)

Ep15 Video Preview 2:

Ep 15 Video Preview 2 Translations

Every part of you is cute to me.

Not all of me are good, I also have some flaws

I said it’s cute then it’s cute!

Jia-En’s dad:
I’m the cutest!

Okay, Dad! I’m almost done talking!

Your face is radiating with happiness.
Are you going out with Liu-Chuan?

So, what is our current relationship?

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  • Chewywon • 3 years ago

    I loved every about the hug at the end!!!! Next week is going to go places….JE is going to have to reevaluate her situation w/ the boys in her life ( oh my…what’s a girl to do?).

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      As much as I’m not liking Ren-Wei falling for Jia-En, I would love to see some jealousy brewing between Liu-Chuan and Ren-Wei, that would be epic! I just wanna see Liu-Chuan becoming irrational in a funny way because of his jealousy even though chances are very low.

    • joy (@akikisetsu) • 3 years ago

      Her words, JE mirroring LC’s past actions and then the hug….just epic!!!!! :) And same sentiments, if not for anything else, I hope to see a light-hearted and jealous Liu Chuan. And if we have to use Ren Wei, so be it (sorry!).

  • adorkableheo • 3 years ago

    I’m not a fan of Ren Wei falling for Jiaen either but I WOULD LOVE TO SEE LIU CHUAN jealous. This sounds quite sad but I don’t know I might predict that JiaEn and LiuChuan would probably be separated later and judging by how cold LiuChuan is he might be jealous to see how closed RenWei and Jiaen are later on if there’s a time jump.

    Also, are you going to update or post new OST? The recent episode had new songs and they’re lovely as usually.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      It’s already updated in the post, whatever they’ve released so far are in the OST post but Genie Chuo’s new song is not yet out.

    • shin • 3 years ago

      I couldn’t agree more with you! I’m not a fan of Ren Wei falling for Jia En either… WHY did they have to make it go that way! I was hoping it didn’t fall down that path, but I guess!!~

      BUT I would truly love to see Liu Chuan jealous over Ren Wei and Jai En bond!~ HAHA XD just the idea of Liu Chuan getting jealous got me all giggly… (HAHAH XD So that normal?)

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