Chris Wu and Kimi Hsia pairs up for the upcoming TVBS Sunday Drama “Rock ‘n’ Road”

A pleasant surprise! I’m honestly not expecting Chris Wu (King Flower) to take up this role and I’m looking fondly at this unexpected pairing, they’ve never crossed my mind but they make a cute couple. The third idol drama by TVBS, the subsidiary channel of the famed Hongkong channel is slowly penetrating into the tw-drama market even though it’s been operating since 1994. Despite being a relatively old channel, there’s only a few self-produced dramas and they mostly air variety shows or HK-dramas so I’m happy that they’re heading towards a good direction.

Set to premiere on March 16th, Rock ‘n’ Road (A咖的路) is a drama with showbiz setting, with Kimi Hsia (Kiss Me Mom!) playing as Lin Wei-Zhen, a former famous child-star who loses her popularity as she grows up and Chris Wu playing as Zhou Shu-Yu, a producer with a golden touch as the albums he produced are always best-sellers and singers under his belt become famous. His unexpected encounter with Wei-Zhen will stir up a storm. His assistant and girlfriend will betray and leave him. Only Wei-Zhen is willing to stay with him at his lowest point, both will face many challenges and obstacles to overcome and become the true A-lister!

Chris Wu is quite a popular guy and I like his acting but he’s not my type so I never fawn over him but I find him hot with his new hairstyle! TVBS is really trying to push Kimi Xia as the leading lady of the channel. After leading in the heartwarming TVBS idol drama Kiss Me Mom! (媽親一下!), she’s now back leading the Rock ‘n’ Road. It’s quite ironic because Kimi Xia has been hosting the SETTV variety show Stylish Man-The Chef (型男大主廚) since 2008 but SETTV never try to make her their leading lady even though there’s a raw gem dangling in front of them but it’s a good thing TVBS see the potential in her and make her their leading lady.

I still remember her drama Magic Ring (愛情魔戒) with Joe Chen and while it’s not of the highest quality, I adore the storyline. Her acting may not be perfect but she overcomes it with her natural sweet charms and I think she showed improvement in Kiss Me Mom! Kimi actually worked before with Chris in What Is Love (花是愛) as she’s the supporting role in that drama. She have really worked her way up slowly to become a leading lady, It was a pity that she kept on playing supporting roles over the recent years but I’m glad that she’s now leading two dramas continuously.

It seems that the showbiz drama setting might be the trend in Tw-dramaland this year as Joe Chen and Janine Zhang’s You Light Up My Star (你照亮我星球) will have similar setting even though that drama seems a lot more serious and high-budgeted than Rock ‘n’ Road.  Rock ‘n’ Road will be focusing on the singing industry while You Light Up My Star focuses on the acting industry so I guess there won’t be too much overlapping, plus they’re both airing in two different channels anyway.

I really like the color palettes in the opening theme, LOVE the styling of the leads (I LOVE their jackets!!) and how the uplifting song fits perfectly with the atmosphere. It look like a great musical-themed youthful drama but with older actors and actresses with more substance. I’ll definitely be keeping this on my watch-list, hopefully, it will be a pleasant watch.

Opening Theme (Mayday – You’re the only one)

Ending Theme (Jia Jia – Soon, happiness)


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