Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo Rumored to Headline New SETTV Drama, Love Meets Cupid (愛情遇見丘比)


SQUEAL!!!! Okay, I have to contain my excitement but I’ll pray to drama gods, please let this be true, please, please, please!! It’s been rumored that Jasper Liu (IUUI, Amour et Pâtisserie) and Puff Kuo (Just You) may be pairing up for the next SETTV drama, Love Meets Cupid (愛情遇見丘比) (Temporary title). Taiwanese netizens have been speculating that this new drama may be replacing In A Good Way (我的自由年代), taking up the friday time slot. As much as I am not ready to part with In A Good Way, I’m screaming YES, YES, YES please to this pairing because the shallow part of me finds it hard to resist eye-candies, especially when you double it! In my opinion, they may not score distinction in the acting department, but they definitely score high distinction in the looks department.

I’m not really liking the pairing of Aaron Yan (Just You) and Tia Lee (Miss Rose, Office Girls) for SETTV’s upcoming sunday drama but the rumor about this pairing soothes my disappointment.  Some may recognize Jasper Liu as the supporting role in In Time With You (我可能不會愛你) but overall, he’s still an unfamiliar name to most people and it’s understandable as he’s pretty new and never worked with SETTV before. So, if this rumor is true, this will be the first collaboration between SETTV and Jasper Liu.


Jasper Liu is quite famous as a model and basically, he’s like the ulzzang of Taiwan, as in he’s famous online for his handsome face. His short curly hair resembles broccoli and that becomes his trademark. Because of that, his fans call him “Village Chief” of the Broccoli village, heh! I find him adorable, especially when he smiles and he does resemble Korean pretty boys which made him quite a famous online figure in Korea too. Whenever I visit his facebook page, I always see a lot of comments from Korean fans on his photos and that shows he got quite a number of Korean fangirls. I think Puff and Jasper are similar in terms of how they started out because they are famous online for their looks and started out as model before acting in mainstream dramas so they may find some common ground and hopefully, that will strengthen the chemistry between them. They also collaborated before in the Golden Bell Awards last year as dancing partners so maybe that’s why SETTV thought of this pairing. I thank Golden Bell Awards for pairing this two up.


Jasper is naturally adorable in Amour et Pâtisserie (沒有名字的甜點店) and is decent in IUUI (我愛你愛你愛我) even though his character aggravates me. He is quite green as an actor but I think he’s charming and has the male-lead-factor that commands attention from audiences. I think having the X-factor to be a lead is an important aspect for actors and actresses and Puff and Jasper have that X-factor in them, which makes them favorable as leads in my eyes.


Rumors are saying that SETTV initially offered Annie Chen (Love, Now, Inborn Pair) to headline this drama but she rejected it. Annie Chen’s contract with SETTV is expiring soon and she is unlikely to renew her contract as she wants to consider other options. I think that’s a good decision as SETTV dramas are quite restrictive in terms of roles as they produce similar types of dramas. Whenever I watch their dramas, I feel like they’re recycling the same elements and most of them have been done before, there’s nothing fresh about their dramas. Venturing outside SETTV is a great opportunity for Annie to polish her acting skills and try out different roles. On the down side, those dramas ratings may not do as great as SETTV dramas as the channel excels in the way they package and market their drama. Still, I think there’s no harm for her in trying out different options.

I’m not sure whether Love Meets Cupid will be replacing In A Good Way but this rumor is most likely to be true as casting rumors usually means 99% confirmed, read the rumor of Aaron and Tia a month ago and see how it turns out to be true now. Puff is still busy shooting the reality-dating-show Global We Got Married so initial shooting for Love Meets Cupid might take place around May or June, I’m predicting that In A Good Way will end in around a month later since 21 episode is the usual length for SETTV dramas. This is a busy year for both Puff and Jasper, true or not, I’m wishing the best of luck for them! Actually I am just using this casting rumor post as an excuse to post photos of my crush, Jasper Liu, LOL! Excuse me for the photo spam on my boy, Jasper Liu.

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Yes, he’s cute. I’m 100% sure I have a crush on him.

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