Update on SETTV’s Upcoming Friday drama, Love Meets Cupid with Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo

Just less than a week ago I posted the casting rumors about Jasper Liu (IUUI, Amour et Pâtisserie) and Puff Kuo (Just You) and now, it’s quite a done deal. When the media reports about casting rumors, it’s gonna be 99% truth and this latest update just further solidify that theory. It’s been confirmed that Love Meets Cupid (愛情遇見丘比)(Temporary Title) will take SETTV’s Friday drama time-slot, following after In A Good Way (我的自由年代) and is estimated to premiere in May. Even though it’s a pity that Puff Kuo and Aaron Yan (Just You)  won’t be able to reunite for Fall in Love With Me (愛上兩個我), I’m totally welcoming  the pairing of Jasper and Puff with open arms because they really match visually. The associates of SETTV didn’t give a direct response when they were asked whether the casting is confirmed but instead they reply with their usual, “we’re in contact” answer, that pretty much means they’ve confirmed the leads.

Puff will be playing as a strong-willed restaurant manager who don’t get along with her neighbor that lives across her, the chef (Jasper Liu) who just returned from France. They found out that they’re co-workers in the same restaurant and even though at first, they always bicker with each other, slowly, their feelings for each other grew stronger.

There’s nothing to write home about the plot as it seems like the usual SETTV bickering couple troupe, but I hope the coupling is cute enough to compensate the plot. I’m kinda excited to see Jasper headlining an SETTV drama because SETTV dramas tend to be popular and are probably the best stepping stone for rookie actors and actresses to shoot to mainstream fame. I find it amusing that Puff headlines the drama that airs before (Just You) and after (Love Meets Cupid) In A Good Way. She’s definitely the “IT” girl of Taiwan, busily participating in the dating reality-show We Got Married Global Edition, starring in numerous CFs that makes her dubbed as the new generation CF Queen and now, a new drama.

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