Ruby Lin & Leroy Young Pairs Up For Upcoming TVBS 90’s Drama The Way We Were (16個夏天)

TVBS and Ruby Lin (Drama Go Go Go) are on roll! Ruby Lin is back in the Taiwanese dramaland with her original drama production in collaboration with TVBS, The Way We Were (16個夏天). What’s up with the trend of 90’s drama these recent years? Before you say that it’s because of the Korean Reply 1990’s series, you have to know that Taiwan actually had done the vintage drama setting before the Reply series with The Story of Time (光陰的故事) so I guess it’s like a recurring trend? Not much is being said about the plot beside the setting of the story in 1998 and the story will revolve around the love lives of the characters and how they overcome obstacles. The broadcast date is not yet set but it’s rumored to take up the Sunday drama time slot.

I have to admire Ruby Lin’s determination as a drama producer as she’ve continuously produced several dramas over the years, some well-received, some had lukewarm responses. What surprised me the most was that she’s actually producing a drama in Taiwan! To be fair, she actually produced the critically acclaimed short drama-movie Forgotten (遺忘) but I don’t consider it as a full-length drama.  Over the years, she had been focusing her career in mainland China, just like most of the Taiwanese top stars who have long forgotten the Taiwanese dramaland. It’s totally understandable, given the working conditions and pay in Taiwan is nowhere as great as in China. However, according to Ruby Lin, the main setback of a Taiwanese actress in China is that they are not able to receive proper acting awards because they’re Taiwanese so producing a quality drama in Taiwan may increase her chance of getting a Golden Bell award. Hopefully, The Way We Were is able to grab a few awards for Ruby Lin.

Ruby Lin will be pairing up with Leroy Young (Teacher Gangstar, Two Fathers) and even though this is an unexpected pairing, I can totally picture these two together. Leroy Young’s performance in the fun comedy-drama Teacher Gangstar (神仙。老師。狗) totally won me over, he got a great comedic timing as seen from Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) and also a strong actor in his emotional scenes. The last time I saw Ruby Lin acting is in the horrible and almost vomit inducing Qiong-Yao’s drama Flowers in the Fog (花非花雾非雾) so I don’t really know whether her acting skills has improved over the years since her character in that drama is a vegetable and prior to that, she only had cheesy romantic lines with Joo Jin-Mo. I actually pity the actors having to read such goosebumps-inducing cheesy lines so it’s unfair for me to judge her based on that horrible drama. I can only remember her as Zi-Wei from Princess Pearl (還珠格格) as I hardly follow after her work but she really doesn’t age much, still as pretty as ever. I’ll be looking forward to their chemistry since Ruby Lin usually has great chemistry with her co-stars.

The participating supporting cast will be Tiffany Hsu (Love Me Or Leave Me ), Jason Tsou (Love For All The Moments, Black & White) and Melvin Sia (Dragon Gate). It’s quite a promising line-up of actors and actresses so I’m quite excited on what’s to come. TVBS are really producing dramas in the right way, having produced dramas such as Kiss Me, Mom! (媽親一下) and the currently airing Rock ‘n’ Road (A咖的路), both are entertaining dramas and they always cast promising actors and actresses as their leads. If they keep this up, they’ll win me over in no time. On a side note, Jason Tsou’s hairstyle cracks me up, he said it’s like he’s imitating Takuya Kimura or Takeshi Kaneshiro’s old-school hairstyle, he definitely looks better with short clean cut hairstyle, I almost can’t recognize him on first glance, LOL!


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  • Mimi • 3 years ago

    I’m not against the drama but I realized that after “In A Good Way” the 80’/90’s theme are starting to trend in Taiwanese drama.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Hmmm… not sure about whether it’s because of IAGW but I think vintage dramas have been a recurring topic in Taiwanese dramaland. I don’t think they’ll use similar concept with IAGW as the actors and actresses are older than the IAGW batch but I’m not sure, I’ll probably watch it to see how it goes when it airs.

  • heisui • 3 years ago

    Wow I never saw this pairing coming! I never thought of Leroy & Ruby starring together! *gasp* I liked Leroy in Who’s the One, (didn’t watch all of Two Fathers…YET..) so I’m looking forward to this!

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I grew fond of Leroy Young over the years, he got great timing for comedy. I’m also looking forward to this drama.

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