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Ep3 was fun even though Wei-Zhen really overdid her reactions, it’s aggravating at times when she’s being so cartoonish over everything and her shriek is super high-pitch. However, I still enjoy her interactions with Shu-Yu because only by her side that he become less rooted about his principles as he really can’t do anything about the super hyper-puppy, Wei-Zhen. He cracks me up every single time when he’s aggravated by Wei-Zhen, he always make the funniest expressions. I like Wei-Zhen’s determination and how she always stay so optimistic about everything but I just hope the director and Kimi Hsia will tone down all these over-dramatic comedy acting because Kimi Hsia did better in Kiss Me, Mom! (媽親一下), Wei-Zhen’s character is like a step back for her. It’s like looking at a child who can score A suddenly scoring C, it’s not a secret that I’m very fond of Kimi Hsia, in fact I’m more of her fan than Chris Wu‘s but I really can’t defend her acting in Ep3 aside from her quieter scenes.

02 01

Let’s talk about the characters, I think they’re all flawed in some way. Shu-Yu can be aggravating in how stubborn he is about his principles, while I find myself agreeing with his beliefs, I don’t like the way he treats his staff. He sacrifice the feelings of others for his own beliefs and principles, it’s selfish in some way. I would never want myself working under Shu-Yu, he’s definitely not the best boss you wish to have.

16 05

Wei-Zhen can be so frustratingly naive and kiddish at times that I wonder whether it’s because she used to work as a child-star and her mom protects her too much that she don’t know much about how the real entertainment business industry works. Despite these flaws, I still can find myself liking them as leads unlike Jia-Xin because their motivations and beliefs are right even though their actions may be aggravating at times. Wei-Zhen can be really annoying when she’s overreacting about every single thing but when she’s facing obstacle or hardship, I find myself rooting for her again. The heroine’s naive-yet-determined characterization is so cliche but I can’t help to always fall for this kind of overused characterization, sigh…

13 14

Jia-Xin is just UGH, she loves herself and her career more than anyone else, including Shu-Yu. It’s evident by the way she always prioritize her career over Shu-Yu and how she push all the responsibilities and blame to Wei-Zhen, she’s even more selfish than Shu-Yu. I could sympathize her plight when her composition was harshly criticized by Shu-Yu but she did not handle it in a professional manner and even steal the work of others so I stopped feeling any sympathy for her. At this rate, she’ll only be pushing Shu-Yu away from her and he’ll become closer to Wei-Zhen, I won’t feel sorry for her if Shu-Yu falls for Wei-Zhen instead.

09 10

Li-Da is probably the most normal character among these people but he’s totally blinded by his love towards Jia-Xin, he spoils her so much that she acts like a brat. However, I could sympathize him a lot more than Jia-Xin as afterall, he hides his feelings for Jia-Xin for his brotherhood with Shu-Yu and that’s admirable. It seems like the fallout between the buddies, Li-Da, Jia-Xin and Shu-Yu is going to happen soon. That will probably be the main conflict of the story and I’m actually looking forward to that as it may be a great lesson for Shu-Yu to understand how to respect and appreciate the hard work of others and also a lesson for Jia-Xin to clean up her diva attitude. Plus, that will only push Shu-Yu and Wei-Zhen closer while working up their way together.

06 11

In Ep3, I could already feel Shu-Yu’s attraction towards Wei-Zhen as he volunteers to help her wear the panda costume because he can’t bear the thought of her hurting because of her sprained legs and he even felt furious when he sees her getting insulted by others. The way he is concerned about her definitely goes beyond “sympathize” as he is a man who seldom consider the feelings of others for his own principles.

03 04

Even though they seem like 2 extremely different people on the outside, they actually match each other more than Shu-Yu and Jia-Xin. He’s such a stubborn guy about his principles and only Wei-Zhen’s infinite determination and optimism can counter his difficult personality, it’s like hitting a rock with a bigger rock and he feels alive whenever he’s beside Wei-Zhen. This alone is enough to make me root for this couple. Furthermore, Jia-Xin doesn’t know how to properly love a person as she love herself more than Shu-Yu so I hope they can break up soon, LOL! I feel bad for saying that but Shu-Yu and Jia-Xin are just too different even though they may share the same goal in the past. I couldn’t get a hand of HD quality videos for ep3 as the source hasn’t update ep3 yet so I just use the the normal quality videos for screencaps.

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Ep4 Video Preview 1:

Ep4 Video Preview 1 Translations

Let’s just talk about the number one record producer in Asia.

Shu-Yu, as long as you let me be the CEO,
you can have the best conditions and environment to produce good music.

01 02

Xu Li-Da is too greedy.
I have no other use for him.

You want me to abandon Li-Da and collaborate with you alone?

I’ve given you the opportunity and time, if there’s no Zhou Shu-Yu, our agreement is forfeited.

03 04

If you don’t want to support me, you don’t have to pretend as my brother!

Even though we lost this opportunity, we still have next time!

What have I been working so hard for the last 8 years?!

Ep4 Video Preview 2:

Ep4 Video Preview 2 Translations

Lin Wei-Zhen is unable to go home so she’s currently staying at my house.

How could you bring her back home?
Someone who values privacy so much bringing a stranger back home?

05 06

She’s not considered as a stranger.

Jia-Xin’s Friend:
Are you jealous?

Jealous towards Lin Wei-Zhen?
It’s impossible!

Jia-Xin’s Friend:
Your boyfriend even went to purchase undergarments for her.

Purchase undergarments?

I don’t know what is her size.

Around this size.

07 08

Jia-Xin’s Friend:
Don’t underestimate Lin Wei-Zhen’s charm.
Do you know how many guys out there like this type of naturally naive girls?

I believe Zhou Shu-Yu is not that kind of guy.

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  • Kali • 3 years ago

    Episode 4 definitely seems like it will become a favorite of mine. Can’t wait! :)

  • kat. • 3 years ago

    This drama would be so much better if they did get rid of all the overacting! You really don’t know which world Wei Zhen has been living in because she is completely unprepared for the real world. I blame her mum for this – in that scene when she was drunk and wasn’t overreacting for once you could really feel how much she’s doing this because of her mum’s expectations.

    As for Shu Yu, you’re right he would be such a difficult boss to work with! Maybe he doesn’t understand the concept of ‘teamwork’ LOL. I can’t wait to see him finally realising how self-centred he is.

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