Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路 Ep5 Video Preview Translations + Thoughts on Ep4

The conflict escalates as Jia-Xin begins to question Shu-Yu’s growing concern over Wei-Zhen and the brothers fall apart due to growing differences. We get cohabitation hijinks in this episode as Wei-Zhen has no other choice but to stay in Shu-Yu’s place to hide from the paparazzi and the cause of all this is Jia-Xin, she’s really pushing Shu-Yu more and more to Wei-Zhen. I don’t necessarily want Shu-Yu to be with Wei-Zhen as I think romance is not Wei-Zhen’s priority at the moment but as my irritation with Jia-Xin grows, I just want Shu-Yu to fall for Wei-Zhen to make Jia-Xin learn her lesson.

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Ep4 was really the episode that made me finally understand why is Wei-Zhen always so hyper and happy about everything, that’s her facade, smiling is the only thing she’s left after getting her pride hurts over so many failures, it’s the last straw to protect herself because once she remove her bright facade, she will lose the strength and courage to continue. She’s not as naive or as determined as she appears to be, she knows her circumstance well but she stays optimistic to motivate herself and move forward. Her break-down in Shu-Yu’s bathroom was painfully heartbreaking, she was at her limit and when Shu-Yu gets angry to see her smiling under the circumstance and made sarcastic remarks about her new-found fame, she totally breaks down and questions what went wrong, venting out her frustrations.

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What can I do?
I only know how to smile to face everything. I don’t know what else can I do.

Do you really think that I won’t feel sad when someone else sings my dad’s song? Do you think that I won’t feel scared by getting chased by the paparazzi or I won’t feel hurt by getting smashed by eggs and splashed by paint? I just don’t know what wrong did I commit!

Okay then, now you tell me that even smiling is wrong, what should I do? What wrong did I commit? You tell me!

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Shu-Yu feels her pain and just sits quietly outside the bathroom door listening to her cries, it was very moving and the directing was spot-on as it create a feeling of isolation through its camera angle. When Shu-Yu looks intently at the door, it was as if he finally sees through her facade and he actually did as he mutters to himself about Wei-Zhen, “So you are not naive, you’re just pure.”  This breakdown scene was one of my favorite moments in this episode. Kimi Hsia really delivers her emotional scenes, this makes me hope that her hyper scenes can be as effective as her emotional scenes. One moment I’m annoyed when she’s being super hyper but then when she’s hurt, I find myself feeling her pain and can’t help to root for her. That pretty much sums up the pros and cons of naive-yet-determined type of heroines, I just hope the director will reduce the hyper scenes and add more tranquility to Wei-Zhen.

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Jia-Xin is peeved at the news of Wei-Zhen staying over at Shu-Yu’s place, especially since she knows about how much he values privacy. Shu-Yu’s growing concern over Wei-Zhen is really starting to send warning signals to Jia-Xin even though she keeps on insisting and convinces herself that Wei-Zhen is no match for her and Shu-Yu is not that kind of man. Even her friend and fellow bandmate of Winners, Qiao-Ru took notice of Shu-Yu’s overwhelming concern about Wei-Zhen. Plus, their temporary cohabitation only makes thing worse for Jia-Xin and she’s getting a taste of her own medicine. I’m clapping in joy at her circumstance as she really deserves it. She’s like the cupid for pairing Shu-Yu and Wei-Zhen up as her actions just keep on pushing them together.

Li-Da is such an interesting character, his affection towards Jia-Xin is apparent but he’s keeping to himself for the sake of his brother, Shu-Yu. He’s such a restraint character, always overshadowed by Shu-Yu and ruled under his aggressive dictatorship. No friendship is without dissatisfaction but Li-Da is always acting like the good guy and keeping all his dissatisfaction to himself to the point that he’s gonna explode any moment soon like a ticking time bomb. I believe that good friends should be frank with each other and not keep all the dissatisfaction to themselves as building up frustration is not healthy, Li-Da is the living prove of my theory, he’s unhealthily cooped up about everything that watching him makes me feel nervous.

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The fall-out of the brothers was seen coming from earlier episodes as they are so different in the way they think. Li-Da is ambitious and is willing to sacrifice quality for commercial purposes, to climb up to higher position and earn money to pay back his family debt. On the other hand, Shu-Yu is very principled and stubborn about his music, he hates it when someone treats his music as a business. So when the opportunity to go international came, Li-Da was excited but Shu-Yu think it won’t be as easy as it and true enough, the offeror only wants Shu-Yu and wants to kick Li-Da out of their collaboration. That is enough to make Shu-Yu fumes and rejects him, he is being a good brother to Li-Da but as he never have the habit to explains himself, the misunderstanding between the brothers just deepens.

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Even if Shu-Yu explains to Li-Da that he’s doing it for his sake, he may not fully accept his explanation as he’s blinded by his anger due to failed ambitions and hurt pride. As what Shu-Yu said, Li-Da has changed and in fact, Jia-Xin has changed too. The more famous they are, the more they have forgotten about their original intention to make good music. Furthermore, money and career opinions are sensitive issues, the brothers are bound to fall apart sooner or later. Both guys are prideful people so the conflict is not that easy to resolve, Shu-Yu is blaming Li-Da for choosing a stranger’s side and how much he have changed, while Li-Da is blaming Shu-Yu for being self-centered and arrogant about everything that he never discusses with anyone about his decision. Both actually have a point and time can either make things worse or resolve the conflict. Wei-Zhen’s appearance shakes the relationship between Shu-Yu, Li-Da and Jia-Xin not because of her interference but because she’s reminding Shu-Yu of how they used to look like. Wei-Zhen is like a reflection of their past and seeing her only makes their growing difference become more apparent.

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Chris Wu and Mike Lee were fantastic in their fallout scene, I do think Mike Lee’s performance in the scene was a bit overly-forceful that it looks like he’s back to his roots, the 8pm Hokkien long-winded daily dramas but he definitely made me feel nervous at his extreme rage, he’s not the best person to mess with. I actually think that Mike Lee’s pronunciation and speech is clearer than Chris Wu’s in that scene. The accuracy of speech in Mandarin is just a small detail that I often take notice of Taiwanese actors and actresses. Older actors and actresses usually have a clearer speech than younger generations. There are many actors and actresses who may be emotive and have decent or strong acting but their speech is not clear (eg: my favorite guy Vic Chou, Janine Chang and many more), so having chinese subtitles always help.

From the preview, it looks like the company staffs will have to choose between Li-Da and Shu-Yu, this makes me feel worried for Shu-Yu as he’s not the best boss they would like to have. Shu-Yu is so stubborn about his principles that he dictate and intimidate others a lot, he lacks the flexibility to make his staffs feel good. A suitable amount of encouragement and appreciation towards his staff will make others like him more. Li-Da definitely have more advantage when it comes to the respect from staff members.

It’s not flawless but Rock ‘n’ Road is still very entertaining and I love its fast-pacing as it’s always over before I knew it. I know it’s a good sign when I always feel motivated to continue watching once I finished the episode. We have long bumpy road ahead!

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Ep5 Video Preview Translations

It’s been ten years, I’m always following Shu-Yu’s opinions.
I treat you as my brother so I force myself not to think of the things I want.

01 02

Lin Wei-Zhen, Lin Wei-Zhen, Lin Wei-Zhen
Do you have to be so concerned about her?

Manager, I think Jia-Xin cannot wait anymore.

I will continue to persist as I think my opinion is right.

Raise up your hand if you approve of changing producer.

Don’t you also want me to do that? I did it for you.

03 04

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  • galen • 3 years ago

    I’m so glad they showed a different side to Wei Zhen, because Kimi Hsia was really good there, plus it was essential to move the plot forward and bring dimension to the characters. Shu Yu has had lots of brooding scenes so it’s immediately apparent that he’s a complex character, but Wei Zhen’s hyper-ness hasn’t allowed her to show as much.

    I’m enjoying this series, although I’m finding Aaron’s new drama surprisingly tolerable as well.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      How I wish Kimi Hsia can bring some of Tian Tian Quan’s personality (character from kiss me mom) to Wei-Zhen, Tian Tian Quan is naturally sweet without being overly-dramatic about anything so I’m getting increasingly frustrated watching Wei-Zhen when I know she can do better. Emotional scenes are always her strongest point but I hope she can tone down her hyper scenes.

      I only caught about 20-30min of Aaron Yan’s new drama, it’s nothing new like what I expected but it’s enjoyable. I still think Tia looks awkward when she’s acting, there’s always something unnatural about her but I think she’s slightly more emotive than her other roles. I don’t think I’ll be regularly following that drama as I’m not feeling the pairing but I’ll probably marathon it once it’s done.

  • peg • 3 years ago

    Chris Wu is actually known for not speaking clearly. He works really hard to overcome his pronunciation.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Really? I’m surprised because I watched him in What is love, Autumn’s Concerto and his speech is clear (even better than Vanness Wu but that’s not a fair comparison considering Vanness is ABC). Even the Taiwanese netizens in PTT were discussing that his speech is quite clear, maybe his speech used to be bad, it seems that he improved tremendously. Anyways, thanks for the info, I edited my post.

  • heisui • 3 years ago

    HMMM maybe I will tune into ep4 just to see the break down scene! I am curious about Kimi’s acting when her character is NOT being all bubbly and cheerful.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Well, I think she did great in her ep2 press conference crying scene but when she’s being hyper again, I feel frustrated because I know she can do better. Sigh. Ep4 is worth watching for the conflicts alone as it moves the plot forward.

  • Emi • 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for posting your thoughts! I am so glad you are following this drama on your blog because it needs more recognition. What I really like about it is the way the conflicts develop organically – meaning you don’t need a manufactured villain to create friction and divisions, you just need real and imperfect people who are struggling with the meaning of success and the double-edged sword called fame. I also appreciate the way the drama tries to portray the friendships between the band members as something that had previously survived ups and downs and multiple compromises – rather than just an obligatory gf or bff with no real context – which gives the impending upheaval more dramatic weight.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I do wish they portray more of the ups and downs of the band members more in detail because I can’t really connect them with their past since they’re so famous now. Yeah, Jia-Xin and Li-Da aren’t villains but they are just taking action according to their own desire to earn more success.

  • kat. • 3 years ago

    Yes I totally get what you mean by the ‘8pm daily’ acting from Mike Lee!! But he was scary in that scene, and talking so clearly!!! I’ve had a lot of issues with his speech and suddenly just like that confrontation, everything exploded and it caught me by surprise. (Even though we’ve been expecting the fallout, but still, I was quick shocked.)

    About the comments above re Chris Wu’s pronounication – I never noticed it in the drama itself either…. but in the ep 4 BTS I get see why. IRL his speech is still rather mumbly….

    Really liked Wei Zhen’s development in this episode – although it begs the question if she knew something is wrong why hasn’t she tried to fix it? She might have failed many times but instead of just repeating the same performance over and over with a smile on her face, why hasn’t she thought about her strengths etc (like what Shu Yu said at the car wash).

  • noah • 1 year ago

    Do you know Mike Lee’s facebook or instagram or any of his social media that I can follow, have to admit I’ve been drawn to him from the series Night market life (no shame lol!)

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