Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路 Ep6 Video Preview Translations

I am kind of busy this week so I won’t post my thoughts on Ep5 yet, I’ll probably do a compilation on thoughts of ep5-6 next week but no promise there. The video previews for ep6 were out a few days ago and the plot is moving in a very nice pace as we see Shu-Yu leaving behind his old company. The winner bandmates are now divided to two sides and Jia-Xin will have to pick a side. Wei-Zhen and Shu-Yu are bound to grow closer as they’re fighting against hardships and the villains together.

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Ep6 Video Preview 1:

Ep6 Video Preview 1 Translations


01 02

I stood on the street, happily singing for the whole day.
Suddenly, I remember what music truly means to me.

03 04

In the company, music is profit, calculation and the game of money.
But to me, music makes me happy, causes me pain, makes me put in my all, something that I wish for.
Music is my everything.

05 06


Ep6 Video Preview 2:

Ep6 Video Preview 2 Translations

I’m leaving this whole space to you.

07 08

Li-Da, can you stop giving him a hard time?

Is Zhou Shu-Yu’s presence a help or a hinder to you?

It’s a hinder.

09 10

Actually, change is not a bad thing.

I thought we…
I thought we will stick together till the end.

This is my job, I’ll do my job till today.

Zhou Shu-Yu!

Sit in a little bit.

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