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Ep5-6 deals with the aftermath of the fallout between the brothers. Li-Da had been concealing his frustrations, dissatisfaction and jealousy towards Shu-Yu for so long that they’re left growing, manifesting inside him without an opening for him to drain all those negative emotions. Finally, he can’t hold them in any longer and the burst out is very ugly to watch. The crack is irreversible, they can’t go back to the way they were since the dirty laundries are now all out in the air.

Note: My thoughts on Ep5-6 are not in orderly sequence, they’re all jumbled up and sorted out based on characters.


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Li-Da has some serious inferiority complex going on when he stands beside Shu-Yu and that’s totally understandable, given that most of the people often think of Shu-Yu first when it comes to producing Jia-Xin’s albums and Shu-Yu is extremely talented, his talent is recognized by all. Li-Da has been taking the back seat and working under Shu-Yu’s shadows for too long but he never share what he truly thinks with Shu-Yu. Or maybe, he did but Shu-Yu is just too stubborn to listen to him and he didn’t know the extent of Li-Da’s dissatisfaction. Of course, they weren’t incompatible from the very beginning, they shared the same values, the same goal, the same beliefs when they were bandmates but people change and Shu-Yu never notice how much his bandmates have changed over the years, he’s too cooped up in his stubborn principles about music to even notice what’s going on around him.

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There’s no clear right or wrong, both sides have good reasons but it’s just the way Li-Da approach it that makes it all wrong. He could have talk it out or at least, give Shu-Yu a fair share of notice when he’s about to vote him down from the producer position because what he’s doing is basically betraying Shu-Yu’s trust. It was enough of a blow to Shu-Yu when he sees the staff members vote for him to step down but Li-Da’s vote was the final and the biggest blow to him. He didn’t see it coming but I’ll say he had it coming when the staff members vote him out since Shu-Yu always act so bossy around them. He doesn’t know how to socialize with people and he always rub others in the wrong way because of his stubborn nature, Li-Da was always the one acting as the middleman between him and others so without Li-Da’s support, he’s unpopular among the staffs.

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Once Li-Da betrays Shu-Yu, it’s easier for him to betray the second time by telling the higher-ups that Shu-Yu’s presence is a hinder to him. After this chains of betrayals, it’ll be even easier for him to forget about his friendship with Shu-Yu and pursue after Jia-Xin who he had been secretly loving for many years. He’s been holding back his crush on Jia-Xin for so long but now, since his chains are unleashed, he’s not restricted by friendship or morals anymore, he’ll fully embrace his true desire for love and career ambitions. Say goodbye to the once good-natured Li-Da. I’ll say that he had this side in him ever since he sided with Jia-Xin when she stole Wei-Zhen’s song.

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Li-Da doesn’t necessarily want Shu-Yu to resign completely, he just want others to notice his presence and that he’s capable of doing things without Shu-Yu. I’m sure that if Shu-Yu shares the same beliefs as him, they will still stay as good friends but they can no longer work together anymore as they don’t share the same beliefs. It was a bittersweet moment when Shu-Yu left BS entertainment company and Li-Da says, “I never meant for you to leave” and he truly means it. When Li-Da watches Shu-Yu’s street performance clip, he then realizes that Shu-Yu never changes but he’s the one who’ve changed. Shu-Yu will never change his idealistic ways and Li-Da will never go back to the way he was. Ambitions, money and growing difference ruins their friendship, it’s such a pity to see them like this.


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Jia-Xin had just stoop down to a new low by setting up Wei-Zhen to purposely embarrass her, I really don’t see the need for her to do that since Wei-Zhen is nothing compare to her, she’s the big star while Wei-Zhen is just a nobody. I understand her insecurity over Shu-Yu’s growing bond with Wei-Zhen but she was the one that keeps on pushing him to her. If anyone to blame, it’s gotta be herself.

11 13
Even at Shu-Yu’s lowest, she’s still so selfish, she asks for a ride home from Shu-Yu as she doesn’t want Shu-Yu hanging out with Wei-Zhen on the streets performing but she doesn’t understand his intention of doing that. When he sincerely asks her whether she remember their past while watching his street performance clips, she totally don’t understand his question as she’s too busy being jealous. She’s definitely not the best girlfriend as she always put herself in front of Shu-Yu and she’s just jealous because Shu-Yu is concerned about someone else other than her. If she could be a little bit more understanding and support Shu-Yu’s beliefs all the way, they’ll stick through the end but now, it’s impossible. Their relationship is bound to be doomed with so many differences among them.

Shu-Yu & Wei-Zhen:

14 15
Shu-Yu remembers about his love towards music that he had long forgotten while he performs and sings as much as he wants on the street. The happiness, accomplished and proud feelings he felt while singing is what made him love music so much but the longer he works in BS company, the more he’s numb to those feelings. Music has became a cold, calculating business to him and he no longer enjoys music while working in his current company. That was when he finally decided to just leave BS company since they no longer want him producing Jia-Xin’s albums.

16 17
The scene where he leaves BS company and ask who else is coming with him to his new studio but nobody follows him is very hard to watch. I know he’s been a bad boss but his motives are good and he just want to produce high-quality works. When he bows down to the staffs and express his gratitude for their hard work for the very first time, nobody cares about his gratitude besides Guan Guan and Wei-Zhen. It’s just so sad because he used to be so high and almighty but in the end, only a few that understands his intention and most only remember his tyranny. I hope that he’ll take that as a painful lesson and he’ll learn how to treat his staffs better in the future.

18 19
I’ll say there’s not much emphasize or growth on Wei-Zhen’s character aside from her being the busybody and keeps on chasing after Shu-Yu to cheer him up when he’s down. However, I really enjoy their interaction as it’s more of the lighthearted parts to balance out the angst and conflicts between the ex-bandmates. You could say that Wei-Zhen is useless most of the time but she’s always useful in bringing out the best side of Shu-Yu and that’s enough for me to like her as the heroine. After 6 episodes I’ve given up on praying and wishing for her character to tone down her naivety or hyper-acts since I guess that’s what the director wants Wei-Zhen to be like so I’ll try to embrace her for who she is. She’s totally better when she’s being normal and she’s less annoying in Ep6, heh!

20 21
So far, I love Wei-Zhen and Shu-Yu’s camaraderie more than their romance chemistry, they’ll become great partners who fight against the bad guys as they share the same kind of passion and love towards music. Their interactions always AMUSE me, Shu-Yu is always reluctant in joining Wei-Zhen’s crazy antics but always end up doing it, heh! Despite him always saying that she is annoying (and she is!), he actually seems to enjoy her company and when she decided to follow him when he left BS company, he puts on this biggest grin on his face. Boy, he’s totally liking her company!

22 23
He even thanks her for not giving up on her dreams so that they can meet again now when he realizes that she’s the same girl from the 2005 year-end countdown. In the end of ep6, when he says that he’ll write a song for her, that was the mark of him officially accepting her into his life. They’re already cute together when they’re just friends so the level of adorable will surely escalates when the romance starts and I can’t wait for that!

Now that Shu-Yu has left the evil corporation behind, he can fully concentrate in making his ideal music and prepare to fight against the greedy businessmen. I’m rooting all the way for him and Wei-Zhen! Go kick those people’s asses with your music!

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