Ruby Lin’s Drama The Way We Were (16個夏天) Held Its Press Conference

Ruby Lin’s freshly produced drama in collaboration with TVBS, The Way We Were (16個夏天) held its press conference yesterday, they revealed a lot of details on the characters and the plots. The casts are looking great and it seems like they’ll focus more on the 2014 scenes when the cast grow up instead of staying in 1990s throughout the whole show like In A Good Way (我的自由年代).

Ruby Lin (Drama Go Go Go) tells the MC that the theme of the drama will be about goodbyes, regrets and loss. So, they want everyone to cherish every moments, even if you’ll lose it in the end, don’t let it become a regret. She hope the drama will bring back some fond memories of that era and the story will have a time lapse between 1998 to 2014 when they grow up.

Ruby Lin will be playing as Tang Jia-Ni, a girl who is impulsive and always do things before she thinks. But as time goes by and after experiencing many events, her thorns slowly wears down. Even until the end, she’ll do everything for love.

Leroy Young (Teacher Gangstar, Two Fathers will be playing as Fang Wei-De, a boy who seems carefree and seems to be alike with Jia-Ni’s impulsive nature on the outside actually seals his emotions deep inside and need some time to be alone. Because of his personality, he loses many things and that results in regrets.

Tiffany Hsu (Love Me Or Leave Me ) will be playing as Zheng Rui-Rui, Jia-Ni’s best friend and a girl who always have her emotions and feelings hidden inside and she seldom express herself. To her friends, she is the best emotional waste dump as they can freely consult her and tell their secrets to her as she will never tell anyone else. Everyone thinks she’s always happy and she has no extreme emotions.

Melvin Sia (Dragon Gate) will be playing as Wang Jun-Jie, he loves Jia-Ni and will do anything for her to be happy. He is quite a constraint person, different from Wei-De, he’s more well-behaved than him. He’ll be secretly taking care of Jia-Ni by her side and will have some happy moments with her.

Jason Tsou (Love For All The Moments, Black & Whitewill be playing as Ding Guo-Qing and not much is being said about his character aside that he’s roommate with Fang Wei-De and may complicate the leads’ relationships. Jason Tsou jokes that he’ll be having a lot of “bed scenes” with Leroy Young, on different beds, LOL!

The promotional posters look great and I love the bright pastel, summer color tones they’re using. When I first heard that this will be another 90s drama, I was a bit wary because I don’t know whether it will be like In A Good Way but so far, I think it has a different flavour and the cast are older than the young cast of In A Good Way so I’ll be anticipating the 2014 scenes when they grow up and supposedly reunited with each other. I’ll be keeping this on my tabs, TVBS is really on roll! With promising dramas like Rock ‘n’ Road (A咖的路) and Kiss Me, Mom!(媽親一下!) and now The Way We Were, this is a channel with a lot of potential to rival the leading drama-producing channel, SETTV.

Press Conference & Stills:

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