Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路 Ep7 Video Preview Translations

OMG! What’s happening to Shu-Yu, he’s getting Wei-Zhen’s crazy virus in the latest previews, LOL! I can’t take his afro head seriously and the way he audition ala Wei-Zhen style is just priceless. I’m actually questioning the credibility of this plot development because no matter what, Shu-Yu’s talents are still recognized by the industry people and so many people are lining up to collaborate with him or want him to produce their music so I can’t believe that Shu-Yu will be that desperate to actually even audition in BS company! That’s such an awkward sight for both BS staffs, Li-Da and even himself, I cringe at that scene. On the other hand, that preview where he proposed to Jia-Xin gives me bad vibes, I can already predict that he’ll get rejected and become heartbroken but I’m not too worried for him because busybody, Wei-Zhen will always be by his side. It seems that the next episode tells us the story of Shu-Yu when his life goes down the drain and when he’s at his lowest. I can’t wait for this part to be over so that he can fight back the bad guys with Wei-Zhen soon. From the previews, there will also be new characters joining them.

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Ep7 Video Preview 1:

Ep7 Video Preview 1 Translations

Leaving BS is good for me and Li-Da.
It makes me discover what I really want.
3 4
I’ll take this.

Lin Wei-Zhen, I will write a song for you.
Because I see potential in you, work hard!

Thank you, I will work hard!
I will work hard!

You returned?
I realized that I don’t really like the showbiz industry,
I want to live a simple life,
I want to hug you whenever I like while walking on the streets,
Tell me, what do you choose?
5 6

Ep7 Video Preview 2:

Ep7 Video Preview 2 Translations

Mu-Qun (Ex-member of Winner band):
This is the income statement of your assets,
you’re now in debts!

Qiao-Ru (Ex-member of Winner band):
Mr. Zhou Shu-Yu, what can you use to make music?
1 2

Hello everyone, I’m Zhou Shu-Yu
Before I turned 28 years old,
I produced 30 albums,
won 12 Golden Melody Awards,
I was voted as the god of music scene and
was elected by female students as the number 1 male artist they want to hug.

Isn’t the exclusive KTV for musicians fun?
9 10

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  • blacksesame88 • 3 years ago

    OMG I really hope that’s just a dream or some sort of imagination sequence because Shu Yu does not need to audition for anything, esp his old company that he just left! Frankly I’m not worried either when he’s heartbroken, Wei Zhen will be there for him always

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Most of the netizens are speculating that the audition is just Wei-Zhen’s daydreaming sequence and I hope so because if not, it wouldn’t make sense. I feel bad saying this but I can’t wait for him to be heartbroken and break up with Jia-Xin, I’ll be SO happy, LOL!

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