Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路 Ep8 Video Preview Translations

Even though I know that the “like” Shu-Yu means is different from what Wei-Zhen is starting to feel for him, I can’t help to feel excited for this new preview. After 7 episodes of camaraderie bonding between our leads, it’s about time for the start of romantic feelings stirring between our leads!  Wei-Zhen is starting to like Shu-Yu ever since he said he’ll write a song for her in ep7 and Shu-Yu broke up with Jia-Xin, so there’s bound to be sparks flying somewhere between the single man and woman soon… Plus, she even brought him back to her hometown to visit his “future mother-in-law”, LOL! Wei-Zhen’s mom is as lively (or crazy) as Wei-Zhen, you know who she inherits her personality from when you see her mom. I’m currently out of town until May 10th, so I will delay my thoughts posts until then or when I find the right time to start.

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Ep8 Video Preview:

Ep8 Video Preview Translations

Welcome to the hot springs village!

1 2

Wei-Zhen’s Mom:
Are you that handsome guy that wants to produce a recording for our little Zhen-Zhen?


Wei-Zhen’s Mom:
Today, I will treat this great benefactor well.
Do you see Zhou Shu-Yu as your man?

I idolize Zhou Shu-Yu, I like Zhou Shu-Yu!

5 6

Do you really like me?

Idolization is different from liking.
You like me right? You like me right?
You’re found out by me!

Yes, I like you.

7 8

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