Rock ‘n’ Road A咖的路 Ep9 Video Preview Translations

Seems like this will be the start of the battle between Wei-Zhen and Jia-Xin for the “queen of diva” title and maybe for Shu-Yu’s heart… But it’s apparent that Shu-Yu’s heart had gone further from Jia-Xin, he’s a lot more sober after her proposal rejection as he gets to clearly understand what he really feels inside and how big is the difference between him and Jia-Xin. The future road will be intense, I’ll cheer for the underdogs, Wei-Zhen and Shu-Yu. I feel good after watching the second preview because Jia-Xin needs someone to slap her on the face, not as in literally slap her, but as in slap her ego because all the fuss she’s making now is just because she doesn’t want anyone else to snatch Shu-Yu from her, she’s just jealous. But when it comes to important times, she’ll still choose her career over Shu-Yu, that’s how selfish she is. I’ll pray for the demise of Jia-Xin and Li-Da they are so annoying that they match each other.

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Ep9 Video 1 Preview:

Ep9 Video Preview 1 Translations

What do you want to do to Lin Wei-Zhen?

There’s a little bit of change in the rules.

The production staffs have really gone overboard!
Let’s go!

Don’t tell me that because of me,
you want to give up on the opportunity to sing this song?

1 2

Who will be the next queen of diva?

What the hell are they doing?!

Wei-Zhen’s Mom:
This is too much!
This…this…this is really too much right?

3 4

Challenge failed!

Hello, Li-Da!
Did you guys do it on purpose?

Who are you angry for?
Who are you nervous for?
Is it for Jia-Xin or is it for Wei-Zhen?

I don’t want to give up.
Even if I’ll lose, I still don’t want to give up!

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Ep9 Video 2 Preview:

Ep9 Video Preview 2 Translations

Shu-Yu, can you give up on Lin Wei-Zhen for me?

This is my promise to her.

5 6

Who will you choose between Lin Wei-Zhen and I?

Actually on that night when I proposed to you,
your answer was very clear already.
But now, can you don’t use our relationship to tie me up
just for the sake of your own career?

7 8

Zhou Shu-Yu, I’ll never look back!
Li-Da, stay by my side and help me bid farewell to the past.
Help me forget Zhou Shu-Yu!
I beg you…

9 10

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