First look at Puff Kuo & Jasper Liu’s Love Myself or You (喜歡. 一個人)


With SETTV’s current friday drama In A Good Way (我的自由年代) coming to its grand closure this Friday, the countdown towards the premiere of Love Myself or You (喜歡. 一個人) starts and it’s about time for SETTV to start rolling out promotional goodies for the drama.

They’ve finalized the official English title as Love Myself or You and I feel that it doesn’t really translate the meaning behind the Chinese title well enough. I like the Chinese title even more after I read the characters description and connected the dots between the title and the story, the direct translation for the Chinese title would be “Like Someone” or “Like Alone”, it could be read as a phrase “Like someone” or as two different words, “Like. Alone”, the word 一個人 can mean “alone” or “someone” depending on how people choose to read the title. Both fits the story as the leading lady played by Puff Kuo is described to be someone who loves living alone and she’ll be romancing Jasper Liu. I won’t say it’s a very creative title but definitely better than most of SETTV drama titles, they tend to have a fixation on the word “愛” (Love) in their Chinese titles, way to be creative with romantic dramas, heh!

I’m still not sure what to be expecting from the promotional teasers so far… I’ll be reserving my judgement until its premiere. The cast sounds good on paper and on photos but there’s not enough interactions between them in the video previews to get a glimpse of their chemistry. That aside, SETTV sure knows how to promote their dramas as Jasper Liu is recently spotted in In A Good Way’s wrap up fanmeeting, that’s a good way to promote their new drama as fangirls will all be wondering who’s that cute guy standing beside Ren-Wei (Jay Shih), LOL!

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I actually kinda like the first promotional poster they put out, it feels different from most of SETTV posters where they tend to go overboard with the cutesy or the graphic effects, it feels natural except for Jasper Liu’s outfit, it feels like he’s heading out for the beach anytime, LOLLLL! I’m getting used to his new hairstyle and the more I look at it, the cuter it gets, maybe because it’s Jasper Liu who is sporting the look, heh! But no matter how cute he is, I can’t stand his flower-print pants in the character stills, can someone fire his stylist please? Lee Shao Xiang and Lene Lai will be rounding up the main cast. Having seen Lee Shao Xiang’s performance in Teacher Gangstar (神仙。老師。狗) and Marry or Not (結婚好嗎), I think he’s quite a talented rookie actor but his character sounds SO annoying. Lene Lai’s character sounds a little bit different from her usual bitchy characters, I hope I can see improvement from her as I always cringe at the way she deliver her lines.

The first teaser preview is lovely, with Puff looking pretty at the beach, it feels more like a CF but SETTV teasers tend to be misleading because that’s not how the drama will be, still, the pretty doesn’t hurt.

The official summary of the story is not out yet so I’ll only be translating the character descriptions of the main cast.

Character Descriptions

Puff Kuo as Du Kai-Qi
28 years old, Second Cook at Figaro Cuisine


Kai-Qi likes the lifestyle of being alone because she believes that two people together won’t be better. She’s not like most girls who cries and laughs for love, most of the time, Kai-Qi is calm and cool headed.

There are only two things that can influence her emotions: culinary and manga. She likes manga because it can easily make her forget troubles, it’s an inexpensive way to get happiness. For Kai Qi who grew up in a poor family, it’s the best kind of enjoyment. Small happiness is better than spending a lot of money to buy happiness.

She works in a french restaurant for many years and worked up her way from a small assistant to an assistant cook. When she’s close to achieving her career aspirations and to be able to earn more money to take care of her own family, a Barbie doll suddenly appears in front of her way and the executive chef starts to create troubles for her as he’s angry about her rejection on his advancements.

Not only that, the most infuriating is the intern who appears out of nowhere and always bring her misfortunes. No matter how much she tries to give him a hard time, he always seems so indifferent and easygoing about it, how could she stay calm this way?

Jasper Liu as Fu Zi-Jie (Louis Fu)
28 years old, Intern at Figaro Cuisine (His real identity is the second son to the Shi Fu Food Holdings Group)


The genius cook, being warm and casual is his trademark. Zi-Jie is the second young master of Shi Fu Food Holdings Group. Despite coming from a prestigious family, he hides his true identity and keeps a low-profile about everything, he doesn’t act like a rich guy at all.

“Let it be” is Zi-Jie’s philosophy in life but the only thing he will never compromise on is his pursuit on culinary. Having graduated from the prestigious France culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, he have a solid cooking skill but he doesn’t follow the conservative ways of the school, he likes to cook freely.

For Zi-Jie, the essence of French cuisine lies with the cook’s interpretation of the beauty of life in their cooking and life is full of surprises. Zi-Jie is like a culinary magician!

Lee Shao Xiang as Ji Yong-Qian
34 years old, Executive chef at Figaro Cuisine
If Ji Yong-Qian lived in ancient times, he must be those bad officials in magistrate office. Having born in modern times, he can be described as a sly person who uses his authority to bully others and is always fishing for compliments from others. But actually, he’s not really evil, just a little bit scheming and bad.

People say that a rabbit doesn’t nibble the grass near its own hole but Yong-Qian doesn’t think so. As an executive chef, he has a great responsibility and have to spend a lot of time to research on cooking, there’s not enough time for dating. He’s 34 years old already, he’s at a man’s prime age and people have their own desires. It’s bad enough that Le-Xuan puts him off but how could Du Kai-Qi also reject him?!

“Hmph! Who am I? I’m the executive chef, Ji Yong-Qian, the one who controls the kitchen and decides everything in the kitchen. They want to be the chef? Let me see whether they will get the chef position. If the new guy Fu Zi-Jie tries to meddle in the business, I won’t be restraining myself to bring him down.”

Lene Lai as Cheng Le-Xuan
28 years old, Second Cook at Figaro Cuisine, rival of Du Kai-Qi at work.
Beautiful french cuisine, beautiful chanson style, beautiful Le-Xuan chef. She has a soft and gentle voice, polite and an innocent face, she seems tender and innocent. The best french word to describe the class of this woman will be “Bravo”.

But Le-Xuan is not an idiot, she spends a lot of time and effort to study on french cuisine. But that irritating Du Kai-Qi believes that she’s just a flower vase that comes from nowhere. So she definitely won’t give up, snatching the sous chef position is the battle of protecting her own reputation!

Moreover, she made a promise with her dearest and most admired brother, Hao-Wei that she’ll definitely make a name for herself. She wants to make her brother proud of her. Everytime Le-Xuan have a boyfriend, she always subconsciously compare them with her brother so her relationships often end shortly.

Video Previews

Teaser 1

  • Being alone, I can sleep whenever I want.
    Screen: When you’re sleeping late, you don’t have to worry of disturbing the person sleeping beside you.
  • Being alone, I can be myself.
    Screen: No rules to squeezing toothpaste.
  • Being alone, I can eat whenever I like.
    Screen: Nobody cares about your weight.
  • Being alone, I can go wherever I like.
    Screen: The best traveling companion is yourself.
  • I like being alone.

Preview 1: Alone

Puff Kuo:
It must be some kind of hint from god to be able to eat such delicious food today.

Lee Shao Xiang:
It’s very difficult for a woman that likes to live independently like you to get married.

Puff Kuo:
I can live well alone.


Preview 2: Intern

Jasper Liu:
Then, I’ll begin the judging.

Lee Shao Xiang:
This is our new intern, A-Jie from France.

Jasper Liu:

Puff Kuo:
What intern? How dare you judge my cooking? Who do you think you are?
Don’t let me see him on the road, if not, I’ll hit him everytime I see him.

Promotional Event of the cast

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