You Light Up My Star (你照亮我星球) Releases Fascinating 30min Trailer


Well, that’s how a real trailer should look like, it shows the exciting highlights of the story and enough to pull in viewers without being a big spoiler. If I wasn’t impressed by their previous teasers, I take back my words now because this super duper long trailer is pretty impressive, color me intrigued.

There have been so many sets of promotions for You light up my star (你照亮我的星球) lately as the premiere date is getting closer and now, they dropped the final promotion bomb for us before tonight’s premiere. The beginning of the trailer pokes fun on many different “cliches” and create metas of the drama/movie industry. The cliches include overused (trashy) plotline with the female lead dying of a fatal illness, the next mission for the spy couple is to eliminate each other, time-travel and many more, it’s pretty amusing, they’re not afraid to poke fun at the directors and scriptwriters of the same profession, HAHA! Even the names of the main leads are a mixture of the names of famous stars. They even re-create the Golden Horse Award and the red carpet scenes, so much details!

I also love it that they’re making real promotion posters/trailers for the dramas in the show, that’s super-meta and wicked!

Sweet Spring (甜蜜之春)
Liu Cheng-Wei (Joe Cheng) & Zhang Man-Ling (Janine Chang) First collaboration:

Trailer | Poster

There’s so many familiar faces making cameos, such as Ivy Chen (Black & White, Extravagant Challenge), Masaharu Fukuyama (Galileo) and more. I’m not sure whether Sunny Wang (In Time With You) is doing an extended cameo or he’s an important role in the story, either way, it’s a very star-studded cast. The detailed story outline is translated by dramapot HERE. I wasn’t interested in the drama when they first showed us various 30secs teasers because I still don’t know what is it all about when they only show parts and bits of the show, rather than making me feel excited, I was more confused about the story. But I like it a lot more once I read the story outline, it sounds like a complex story and it will portray a realistic view on the entertainment industry.

Rumors are that there’s some “coincidences” that appears in the show seems like a real life case. I saw one of the teasers putting a disclaimer: “The storyline is not meant to be directed or hint about anybody, if there’s similarities, that’s because we’ve all been through these.” I think that this disclaimer is only creating an adverse effect as people will pay more attention to the plot and may try to guess and put two and two together. I didn’t even notice any similarities (or maybe the poking fun part is too obvious that I don’t sense that they’re referring to anyone) until I saw the disclaimer.

Based on the story outline, it seems that Liu Cheng-Wei (Joe Cheng) will only be in love with his on-screen partner Zhang Man-Ling (Janine Chang) in the “drama in the drama” itself and instead, in the character’s real life, he may fall in love with the ordinary girl, Yuan Yi-Fang (Summer Meng). I thought I knew where the story was heading until I saw this twist and this was the main thing that intrigued me, that’s a surprising plot! Zhang Man-Ling and Liu Cheng-Wei’s past is also an interesting mix to add to the layers of complications, with only Man-Ling falling in love with Cheng-Wei both in real life and in the drama. Even though Joe Cheng and Janine Chang are much bigger stars than Summer Meng, I wouldn’t mind if Summer Meng’s character ends up with Joe Cheng’s character if the story is well-developed and make sense. I hope it won’t put Liu Cheng-Wei and Zhang Man-Ling together for the sake of popularity, a script has to make sense!

One particular scene that intrigues me is the one where Joe Cheng stands naked in front of the public (don’t think the wrong way!), walking around everywhere, it’s obviously an imagination sequence, maybe it’s been haunting in his dreams because as he keeps on feeling that he’s being watched by everyone around him but he can’t see anyone else. I guess that may be the common fears of celebrities, with cameras, flashlights shoved on them 24hours daily and live under heavy scrutinizations, these people may grow tired of it fast and have a mental break down like Joe Cheng’s character. I think Joe Cheng’s character is very complex and if it’s constantly well-written, it may be the one that makes him win an acting award this year or next year.

I don’t know whether I’ll watch this live but I’m keeping this on my to-watch-list for sure. You light up my star (你照亮我的星球) premieres at 1st of June in FTV and airs on every Sunday nights. The biggest competition for it will be Aaron Yan‘s current on-air hit Sunday drama, Fall in Love With Me (愛上兩個我) and to think Aaron collaborated before with Director Winnie in It started with a Kiss (惡作劇之吻), this is like a mini reunion party in television, except it’s on different channels. But I think the strangest one is Zhi-Shu may be falling in love with his little brother’s girlfriend who is played by Summer Meng in ISWAK. Their interactions seem interesting though, I might ship this couple, people of polar opposites getting together always gets me.


Check out the 30min trailer below: 

Some excerpt translations:

“The more famous you get, the less freedom you have right?
The one that is not free is your heart, your brain but not yourself.”

“We’re only the puppets of producers, directors and scriptwriters.
We’re just performing to satisfy their imaginations.”

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