Information on Blue Lan & Amber An’s Latest Drama, Apple in Your Eye (妹妹)

I need this in my life! I want to title this drama as Mag Hsu‘s (In Time With You, An Innocent Mistake, Mars, Story of Time and the long list of awesome dramas can continue) Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) as the critically-acclaimed, popular screenwriter is really the main attraction of this drama. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me as my expectations for Mag Hsu‘s dramas is simply too high that I can’t even control myself.

Apple in Your Eye is set to follow after Prince William (威廉王子), premiering in TTV channel in 8th of August. The detailed plot outline is not out yet but it’s said that the story will revolve a pair of siblings (not sure whether they’re related by blood or not) but it’s reflected in the drama’s Chinese Title, “妹妹”, which means younger sister in Chinese. If In Time With You (我可能不會愛你) talks about a pair of best friends of different sexes, An Innocent Mistake (罪美麗) is about a girl longing for fatherly love that she blurs the line between love and longing for a father, then Apple in Your Eye will be about an older brother and a younger sister. The cast is an assembly of familiar faces, talented uprising rookies and fresh faces. Led by Blue Lan (Chocolat, I Love You So Much) and Amber An (Love SOS), the supporting cast includes the recent uprising rookie actor, Zhang Ting Hu (Boys Can Fly), Christina Mok (Love Around), the always lovely mother in many Taiwanese dramas, Lin Mei Xiu (In Time With You, An Innocent Mistake) and many more.

The tagline in their official website says:

Eternity surpasses time, but what about “forever”?
The ones you owned will forever accompany you.”

I’ve such good feelings after I stalked the drama’s facebook page and the production studio’s official youtube channel as I feel that this will be another critically acclaim drama of Mag Hsu (An Innocent Mistake was nominated several times in the Golden Bell Awards last year, In Time With You was the biggest winner in its year) and may push Blue Lan and Amber An to a new height in their career, to the road of being “real” actor and actress. I’m not sure how it will perform rating wise but I can see how much Blue Lan and the other cast members value this drama as they’re seen to take performing/acting lessons for a long period of time before they even start shooting. Amber An may be inexperienced but if Mag Hsu can work her magic on the new actress, Lin Chen Xi in An Innocent Mistake, I believe Amber An will at least be decent in this drama.

It’s reported that Mag Hsu also collaborated with an award-winning Taiwanese animation director, Cai Zhi Wei for this drama. This may be the first Taiwanese drama that incorporates intensive animations in it. Apparently, animation director Cai found Mag Hsu in her facebook page and requested for a collaboration after watching In Time With You when he was abroad in Switzerland, he said that he felt touched by Mag Hsu’s script and never thought that Taiwanese drama industry have improved this much. Following after that, he came back to Taiwan to focus on creating animations and contributing to the Taiwanese arts culture industry, that’s a great cause! Anyways, I saw some of the animation screenshots and they’re so terrific that it hypes up the drama for me. Through the BTS videos from Mag Hsu’s studio official youtube channel, it seems that the creation of the drama had been ongoing for a looooong time, I can imagine how much effort they put in it. The animation really, really resembles Blue Lan and Amber An and the color palette is DAMN pretty! I used to be a graphic designer so I’m pretty picky about designs but everything this drama has showed me so far have been more than fantastic!
I’ve said this countless of times but I really regard Mag Hsu as one of the best, if not, the best screenwriter in Taiwanese dramaland. Her works are always so intricate and they always deliver raw, poignant, heart-stirring emotions. The theme of her stories are nothing new but the she packs so much heart in it that they feel different from other average idol dramas. Every single dialogue, every single movement of her characters feels like she’s writing a real person instead of a character trapped in television, she breathes in life into her characters. I think she also improved over time, her writing may not be perfect but those imperfections makes me appreciate her even more because it means that there’s always space for her to improve. I can feel her passion and how much effort she put into her dramas.

I’ll always remember Blue Lan from The Outsiders (斗魚), Say Yes Enterprise (求婚事務所) and I think some people may remember Police et vous (波利斯大人) as one of his best works. When he took on these projects, he was considered as one of the most talented rookie actors but then he soon chose the wrong direction and went for more mainstream idol dramas in SETTV channel, it not only limits his acting ability, there’s also not much space for him to improve his acting based on his drama selections so It’s really a pity to see his potential being wasted in those dramas. Speaking of wasted potential, I also wish that Mike He (Love Keeps Going, Sunny Happiness) can choose his dramas more wisely, he has an upcoming drama but more on that when they release more promotional items.

From Blue Lan’s latest interviews, it seems that he’s starting anew and taking on this drama with a mindset of a rookie actor. I also heard that he cried after reading the script for Apple in Your Eye, I’m very curious to what will move the cool guy to tears. I don’t know whether it’s his long-time friend turned girlfriend turned newly-wed wife, Jade Chou (Falling, What is Love) that worked some magic in him or whatsoever, but there’s something about him that feels a little bit different lately. He used to have this arrogant aura around him, but now, he seems to be very relaxed and taking his job more seriously than ever before. It must be the power of love, when a man finds the right woman and settles down, it can really change him. I really appreciate his low-key marriage with Jade Chou, they just went to register their marriage quietly and he puts out an announcement in his facebook page to welcome the new “Mrs Lan”, how precious! Many celebrity couples could learn a few tricks from this man.

I will post more information when the production team release more promotional items in the near future. As for now, enjoy this batch of teaser, BTS and stills. I’ll pray to the drama gods that this drama will be as good as what I expect it to be.

Teaser & BTS Videos:

10sec Teaser 1:

Lin Mei Xiu:
Ge Ge!  (Older brother in Chinese)

Amber An:
Excuse me! He’s my older brother!

Lin Mei Xiu:
Then, where is my brother?

10sec Teaser 2:

This is so sad,
the boy who always calls me “Jiu Bi Ai”
says that I’ll forever be his “younger sister”.

I’m just a “younger sister”…

Animation Production BTS

Performing Arts Lesson for the whole Cast

Stills/Promotional Items:

Interestingly, the promotional items on the 3 leads are still nowhere to be seen. I guess they’ll reveal it as the premiere date comes closer.

3 1 (6) 1 (5) 1 (4) 1 (3) 1 (2) 1 (1)

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  • heisui • 3 years ago

    I also think that Blue’s acting abilities are limited. The only dramas I’ve seen him in are the more mainstream idol dramas, so I guess I don’t have a feel for his full potential. Hopefully this can be his breakthrough drama where he can do something different?

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      He was really good in Say Yes Enterprise and The Outsiders, the level of a real actor instead of idol actor prior to his mainstream days but I guess, he’s trying to get back on track by selecting this drama. He can be a hit or miss for me, it really depends, Mike He is another actor where I think his acting had been pretty stagnant for the past few years because of his drama selection. Anyway, I’m trying my best to lower my expectation for this drama but this is coming from Mag Hsu, I just can’t help it T_T.

  • kumaxell • 3 years ago

    If this is about a girl who is in love with her older brother, there will be plenty of angst given Mag Hsu’s track record. If this is about a girl next door who is in love with a neighborly big brother, the show just downgraded to lame. 妹妹 has two meanings in Taiwan: One being “younger sister/little girl” and other being “the young woman guys have the hots for.” I’m betting Amber An plays a character who wants to transition from the little sister Blue Lan pampers to the hot girl he wants to date. I know she can do the comedic spoiled brat. But can she do the ambivalent inner turmoil without looking like she is constipated? (Sometimes, I miss Lin Chen Xi because no one can do ambivalent feelings like she does.)

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      There’s really not much details on the story but I was guessing that they may not be related by blood and hopefully, it won’t be a girl liking an older guy who grow up with her because I hope it will be more complex than that. Again, these are just speculations, I’ll have to wait for the plot outline and the show to premiere to know anything.

      Lin Chen Xi is alright, she’s pretty cool as compared to other actresses her age but that’s partly because of her character and also her real life persona. However, when she’s acting beside other more experienced actors and actresses, it makes her acting seems lackluster as compared to others, to be honest, I always think that she’s the weakest link in the drama full of talented actors/actresses but I can’t imagine anyone else to take on her character too. There’s some emotional scenes which I hope she can do better as she’s pretty unnatural when she deliver her emotional lines and stiff too, she still needs more polishing. I still love the drama as a whole but I like Mo Tzu Yi’s character the most because I’ve so much pity for him.

      I’ve not yet seen Amber An in any show so I don’t want to make any judgement on her acting before I watch the drama.I also don’t expect her acting to be at a very high level, I just hope she’s decent enough. I’ve faith in Mag Hsu bringing the best out of actors and actresses, just like what she did to Vic Chou in Mars, that was my first time really considering as an actor and not an idol. Just like what she did to Lin Chen Xi, I always find her acting pretty raw but she’s a lot more polished in An Innocent Mistake so I hope she can do the same to Amber An and Blue Lan. Make this a breakthrough role for the both of them.

  • sumsra • 3 years ago

    I think Blue lan is a great actor , he has great dramas. his latest drama “chocolat” was great , this drama has good fight and comedy scenes. I really wanna watch “apple in your eye”, it seems really good and different from others idol dramas I think this will be the first drama that incorporates animation , I watched the trailer before GTV put the video as “video private” and the drama seems good and funny so I’m excited about this drama even when I´m not a big fan of amber but blue is in the top of my list of taiwanese actors , I´ve seen the facebook page but I can´t find the official website, do you have the link? please let me know if you have it

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I hate that GTV teases audience with the long trailer and then they put it back to private. I was planning to watch the trailer but I missed it, sigh. I like Blue Lan as an actor but I don’t really like his drama choices over the recent years. Anyways,I actually linked to its official website in the sources area, the third link,

    • sumsra • 3 years ago

      thank you so much!!!

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