Pleasantly Surprised/ Love Myself or You 喜歡. 一個人 OST (Youtube+DL)

There’s a few full tracks from Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡. 一個人)’s OST that have been released so far. I don’t necessarily love every song but I like some of the more upbeat songs, it fits well with the atmosphere of the scene. I also made a youtube playlist for the OST, will be updating both the youtube list and this OST download compilation post from time to time.

Credits with the link if you’re gonna share it at other places:

FULL OST Youtube Playlist:

Download OST Compilation Folder (320Kbps@MP3):!yJQRwICQ!cFYftziK8p7nh0w8k3RnvA

Opening Theme: Ian Chen 陳彥允 – A Nobody and the Princess 小人物大公主

Ending Theme: Victor Wong 品冠 – I’ll Always be here 隨時都在

BGM: Alan Ko & Huang Ya Li 黃雅莉 & 柯有倫 – World of two people 兩人世界

BGM: Koala Liu 劉思涵 – Just Because 就因為

BGM: Ian Chen 陳彥允 – My DNA made me love you 基因決定我愛你

BGM: Ian Chen 陳彥允 – Happy Sleepless Night 幸福夜未眠

BGM: Sawmah Chen 陳詩妤 – The glimmer in heart 心口的微光



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  • Soori • 3 years ago

    Koala Liu’s voice is so relaxing ~
    I’m planning on starting this drama soon, from what I’ve seen and read, seems like a good watch. ^ ^

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      It’s pretty easy to watch and enjoyable so far, just live streamed ep3 just now, I think the pacing is going on the right direction and my Jasper Liu is SO damn adorable, I think my motivations for watching this drama is not that innocent, LOL.

  • inggrid teng • 3 years ago

    I can’t wait patiently watching Du Kai Qi and Ah Jie……

  • Krystal • 3 years ago

    Does the Pleasantly Surprised original soundtrack be released in Taiwan?

  • KarimeMtz C • 3 years ago


  • Mauricio • 2 years ago

    Can somebody help me find out the acoustic version of the gene says I love you song?, in the serie that song is played on an acoustic guitar sometimes. Thanks!

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