Fabulous 30 女人30情定水舞間 OST Download Compilation (Updated on 06/24 with Shi Shi’s Song)

I’m currently left with only 2 episodes before I finish watching Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) and I can safely say that so far, it tops my list of favorite Taiwanese daily drama. I really can’t bear to part with it, especially since Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友), the drama following after Fabulous 30 is soooo pale in comparison. I will probably be writing an afterthought after I finish watching this wonderful drama, it totally deserves more love and more posts! In the mean time, enjoy this soundtrack compilation post and read up on my previous mini writeup on the drama.

Besides the wonderful cast with cracktastic chemistry, adorable plots and lovable characters, the OST is as fabulous as the drama itself. It consists a few tracks from Adrian Fu, Freya Lin who also contributed to the fantastic soundtrack of In A Good Way (我的自由年代). SETTV releases official soundtrack CD for the drama but sadly, only three full tracks were included in the official CD so I included the other full songs that I can find.

*Updated the full track of Shi Shi (孫盛希)’s 跟你住 on 24/06/14.
*Track title translations are unofficial as they are translated by me.

Credits with the link if you’re gonna share it at other places: http://wp.me/p2tDC3-K7

I zipped up the whole OST instead of the usual separate single files as it’s more convenient for me that way.

Download OST Compilation (320Kbps@MP3@Zipped):
Download 孫盛希 – 跟你住 (BGM: Shi Shi – Live with you) (320kbps@MP3) | Youtube
*UPDATED ON 06/24/14

CD1 is the official full soundtrack CD released by SETTV, it include instrumental songs.
CD2 is the unofficial soundtracks that I collected myself, these tracks are not included in the official soundtrack, it’s more complete.

CD1: Official Soundtrack from SETTV
01 歲月這把刀/林凡 (Ending Theme: Freya Lin – Years are like a sharp blade) | Youtube
02 我只是害怕不在妳身旁/陳零九 (BGM: 09Chen – I’m just afraid not able to be by your side) | Youtube
03 是愛還是陪伴/孫盛希 (BGM: Shi Shi – Is it love or companion?) | Youtube
04 闖入你的生命,帶給你一段愛情 (Instrumental track)
05 我要你的無限期思念 (Instrumental track)
06 歲月在愛情上消磨,不斷追求與失去 (Instrumental track)
07 過了三十也要努力愛情 (Instrumental track)
08 你情我願的調皮鬥嘴,是愛嗎?(Instrumental track)
09 情定你的眉宇間 (Instrumental track)
10 遇見你倒了八輩子霉?(Instrumental track)

CD2: Unofficial Soundtrack compiled by me
01 套不住/林凡 (feat. 符致逸) (BGM: Freya Lin Feat. Adrian Fu – Can’t hold you) | Youtube
02 不懂寂寞/羅美玲 (分離悲傷版) (BGM: Irene Luo – Don’t understand loneliness [Sad version])
03 不懂寂寞/羅美玲 (BGM: Irene Luo – Don’t understand loneliness) | Youtube
04 我在你身旁/羅美玲 (心情思念版) (Opening Theme: Irene Luo – I’m by your side [Longing version])
05 我在你身旁/羅美玲 (Opening Theme: Irene Luo – I’m by your side) | Youtube
06 I Don’t Wanna Go/裘芝 (BGM: Jossie Qiu – I Don’t Wanna Go) | Youtube
07 大聲說愛你/裘芝 (BGM: Jossie Qiu – Say Loudly I Love You) | Youtube
08 當我想著你的時候/陶嫚曼 (BGM: Mandy Tao – When I think of you) | Youtube
09 One Take/符致逸 (BGM: Adrian Fu – One Take) | Youtube


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