Ruby Lin and Leroy Young’s The Way We Were (16個夏天) Releases 9min Trailer

This looks awesome! The list of my “to-watch” list is getting longer and longer. It’s been a pretty great year for Taiwanese dramas so far but I may have to add this to the awesome-list of Taiwanese dramas this year. Set to follow after Rock ‘n’ Road (A咖的路), The Way We Were (16個夏天) will premiere on 13th July, taking over the Sunday 10pm timeslot. As I mentioned before, The Way We Were is Ruby Lin’s self-produced drama in collaboration with TVBS and from the first look of the trailer, I think TVBS made a great investment, I can feel that this will be a drama of good quality.

The vintage trend is not dying down yet in Taiwanese dramaland, first we have The Story of Time (光陰的故事) which coincidentally also stars Leroy Young (Teacher Gangstar, Two Fathers) as the lead, then we have In A Good Way (我的自由年代) and then The Way We Were. It’s said that the story will be set in the year 1998 and the time frame will span for 16 years, which explains the Chinese title, the direct translation of it is “16 Summer”. Over the 16 years, it will touch upon Taiwan’s 921 Earthquake, SARS, Beijing Olympic and the music in those years. I’m curious to see how it will tie in all these big happenings to the lives of the characters or maybe they will just briefly talk about it as in like In A Good Way.

Since it’s set in the late 1990s, comparison with In A Good Way is inevitable but I think this looks more mature in tone as it will also emphasize the lives of the people 16 years later. Even though I love In A Good Way but I honestly think that beside Lego Lee, the acting of the other casts still feel green though it works in the context of youthful drama. On the other hand, the cast of The Way We Were feels more mature and serious in general. I’m very fond of Leroy Young’s acting, I think he’s very versatile and strong as an actor, his looks may not be my type but I’m always sold by his acting, no matter what kind of character he plays. I heard Ruby Lin’s acting have improved quite tremendously in her recent works and I can see her improvement based on the 9min trailer alone so I’m sure the main leads are pretty solid. Based on the trailer, I feel that the acting of the supporting cast, Melvin Sia (Dragon Gate), Tiffany Hsu (Love Me Or Leave Me) and Jason Tsou (Love For All The Moments, Black & White) are pretty good too, they all showed improvement. Dylan Kuo (Borrow Your Love) will also be guest starring as Ruby Lin’s cheating boyfriend.

Interestingly, it seems that Ruby Lin (Drama Go Go Go) will marry the second male lead, played by Melvin Sia at a point. So, we’ll get to see a lot of crossed love and complicated relationship between the college buddies. It’s no wonder that Ruby Lin said in the press conference that “the theme of the drama will be about goodbyes, regrets and loss”, I can predict that there will be a lot of angst in the drama.

Watch the awesome trailer below!

9min Trailer:

On a side note, Ruby Lin said that this may be her last Taiwanese drama production, her first one was a short drama-movie, Forgotten (遺忘) that aimed for the awards, as she thinks that there’s a lot of complicated procedures and regulations restricting the creativity and making the lives of Taiwanese drama producers difficult. It’s no wonder that so many famous Taiwanese stars shifted their career focus to Mainland China instead.


It always feel like Ruby Lin never age… She looks young with short hairstyle.

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  • tiff • 3 years ago

    This looks potentially amazing and beautifully shot. I’m loving the song in the trailer also!! I hope this is a successful production because taiwanese dramas need more producers/writers with a set vision

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I just feel sad to see many Taiwanese talents are shifting their career focus to China instead. Not that China is a bad place, I just think Taiwan is better at producing trendy, modern dramas than China.

      However, the lack of famous stars in Taiwanese dramaland is creating a surge of rising young talents like Puff Kuo, Jasper Liu, Lego Li, Kirsten Ren, Kimi Hsia, Chris Wu, Nikki Hsieh, they’re pretty famous respectively but not yet A-list. It’s good because we get to discover fresh faces and unpolished gems.

    • tiff • 3 years ago

      Yeah I’m glad newer stars are getting some love now because for awhile it seemed that the idol drama industry was kinda stagnant and just relying on a few “veteran” idol actors. I do wish dramas would get more funding… even some of the more talented actors, like ethan ruan or maybe mark chao, have left dramas for movies since it’s deemed a step up in terms of career. Or veteran actors only do a few dramas every couple years because of their high salary demand, like f4.

      Maybe now that taiwan is actually getting attention from international movie productions (life of pi, lucy, and the upcoming movie silence), taiwan will give focus on improving its entertainment circle (or i can hope??). I mean taiwan can’t only depend on ang lee and hou hsao hsien (or director tsai and director winnie for dramas) to film actually quality stuff.

      btw I think we both share a love for vic zhou?? since I think you’ve stated mars is once of your favorites 😀

      • carolies541 • 3 years ago

        Vic Chou will always be my childhood crush, he holds a special spot in my heart. Two of my favorite tw-dramas are his shows, Black&White and Mars. Mars is one of the darkest Mag Hsu’s (screenwriter for In Time with You, An Innocent Mistake) drama ever. So yeah, we share the same love for Zai Zai, haha!

        I’m not too familiar with the movie industry as I seldom watch movies, I always prefer dramas than movies but I know Ang Lee and Hou Hsao Hsien are pretty famous and I do like Ang Lee’s movies

        I think because most tw-dramas tend to limit their theme and genre to rom-com, there’s not much space for veterans to further improve themselves. Tw-movies have a wider selection of themes, stories and have higher budget than dramas so veterans prefer movies.

  • stuartnz • 3 years ago

    The idea that Taiwanese creatives are moving to China for greater freedom really took me by surprise – after reading about the SARFT orders regarding the allowed themes for mainland Dramas this Northern summer, I’m left wondering how bad must it be if Taiwan is more restrictive still?

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      It’s different, Taiwanese is not that restricted in terms of “theme and plots” in the way Mainland China is but it’s more like the government’s media and culture department don’t really support Taiwanese producers, they will come out with strict examinations to determine how much money they will invest/provide to the drama set. It’s very difficult to find sponsors, hence there’s budget constraints. China at least have legal streaming sites like youku, qq, letv, etc, usually it’s a lot easier to put dramas onto streaming sites like these than on TV. It involves a lot of troublesome, complicated process for them to get approved to air on TV.

      The attitude of the Taiwanese TV industry as a whole is also very problematic as many local channels choose to air foreign TV shows at prime time instead of airing local dramas. They choose to import foreign shows instead of producing their own. I understand that importing foreign dramas is more cost-benefit than investing a lot more money in a drama where there’s no guarantee whether it will be successful or not but they just conveniently, keep on blaming that no one watch local shows anymore but actually it’s them who are not making an effort to produce shows.

      At least China’s government see the importance of not airing foreign shows at prime time to promote their own local dramas so they put restrictions on broadcast time of foreign shows. At this rate, the whole Taiwanese TV business will wither soon, with the exception of SETTV which is doing great promoting Taiwanese shows, TVBS is also starting to do a good job on promoting local dramas.

      • stuartnz • 3 years ago

        Thanks for the explanation. The situation and the arguments used sound very similar to NZ, which like Taiwan is a small country with easy access to a large amount of foreign content produced in the local language. As always, it’s all about the money, I guess, which is rather sad.

  • Celine • 3 years ago

    I can never really finish a drama from China. It starts off promising and then it just drags and drags and drags. Sometimes the whole thing don’t even make sense. I also hate that they dubb over everyone’s voices. Do you know the reason why some dramas allow the actors/actresses to keep their own voice? I can only think of two C-dramas that I’ve finished until the end: Detective Tang Lang starring Wallace Huo and a drama with Michelle Ye where she was playing a dancer at a nightclub but is also a secret spy. Don’t remember the name of that drama though. I liked both shows but again it did drag on and the endings felt unfinished. Well, I guess unfinished for the Wallace one but completely confusing for the Michelle one.

    The point of my whole rant here: Please stay in Taiwan people! Don’t go over to China! Otherwise, I’ll have less and less to watch every year.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I’m with you, modern c-dramas are just not my cup of tea. The plot is very loose in my opinion and I haven’t watched any single modern c-drama that impressed me so far. However, they’re pretty good with their ancient and period dramas like Bu Bu Jing Xin and I highly recommend their period detective drama, DBI (新神探聯盟之包大人來了), they will be airing their second season somewhere this year or next year. These 2 c-dramas are the rare ones which I always rave about. DBI is highly recommended as it’s a mix of mystery+comedy, very well-made, I love the guys, George Hu is also one of the leads but you may not get used to his dubbed voice, haha!

      About dubbing, I’m used to it and I understand the reason why they dub it, China is a big country, there’s too many dialects, speaking tone and slangs so they have to find someone with good pronunciation to do the dubbing and standardize the speech tone.

      Taiwanese actress and actors tend to mumble their words and that’s why there’s always Chinese subtitle on the screen. Not that they’re not fluent in Mandarin, it’s just that it’ll be easier to understand with Chinese subtitle. I tried watching tw-dramas in Viki without chinese subtitle, I’m surprised at how many Taiwanese actors/actresses who are good in acting, but they do not have very clear speech and it’s usually not that noticeable with chinese subtitles, it took me some time to understand when they’re mumbling fast.

  • heisui • 3 years ago

    The trailer looks good! I’m also happy that Leroy AND Melvin are in this drama, I like them both, HEHEHE!

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Haven’t seen Melvin in anything yet but he’s handsome. I just find Jason Tsou’s hairstyle in the late 1990s funny, haha! I like the leading men and the trailer looks awesome.

      • heisui • 3 years ago

        I first saw him in Dragon Gate. I had the typical 2nd lead syndrome. T_T WHAT IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN HERE….

  • kat. • 3 years ago

    Love the song and the vibes of the trailer – definitely going to watch it now! Although Leroy kinda looks too old for the 90s part, but I remember them saying the focus is more on the present than the past, so I guess it’s ok.

    Ruby just found a nicer way to say ‘you can’t make money in TW dramas these days’ so no one wants to do it’. With the lack of investment producers can’t achieve the ‘creative vision’ they want to do, plus even though she still looks the same as 10 years ago an actor has a shelf life, who doesn’t want to make 10 times the salary by making c-dramas.

    Side note – they are making a sequel to DBI? I wanted to watch it but I saw the ending was a rather huge cliffhanger and didn’t want to continue until I know for sure there is a resolution LOL.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Yes, my friend recommended me DBI and she’s a huge fan of the show and I heard from her about the sequel is being made and also from DBI tieba, not sure whether the full set of original cast will return but I think this is a show with a lot of potential to adapt the season drama format. I came across your old post on DBI when I was googling about DBI this afternoon, I think it does remind me of Sherlock Holmes in the way they crack cases but It’s still fun nonetheless, it have its own unique flavor as the show goes along.

      Yeah, I think Ruby Lin want to promote Taiwanese dramas as a producer but reality is harsh, difficult to find investors, plus the government is not doing much to help the industry too. So many famous stars shifted to focus on Mainland China simply because they’re paid much higher over there, plus c-dramas are not live-shoots like most of Taiwanese dramas, it makes life easier for them.

  • heisui • 3 years ago

    Here’s the opening MV:

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