The Cast of Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡. 一個人) Gets Wet For Its Ratings Success

Beware! Eye-candy galore! Prepare some tissue in case if you nose bleed, control your hormones, girls! Ratings of Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡. 一個人) have been constantly, steadily increasing week after week, with their latest episode hitting 2.26 for their cable rating (SETTV channel) and hit 1.83 for their overall rating. Jasper made a promise to the viewers that the boys of the show will bare their upper-body in celebration if the rating breaks 2 (good promise!) and it comes earlier than he expected. That’s good news for the cast and also us, viewers as they’ll provide us a delicious sight to look at. One of the cast member, Mei Xian Zhi (Xiao Shu) often chat with the netizens in PTT (Taiwanese old school forum) and he revealed  that the guys have been hitting the gym since last weekend when they announce the cable rating, haha! To keep his promise, Jasper and the boys (including Xiao Yi, the little boy) bare their skin for us to see and engage in a fun water-gun battle with the leading ladies, YUMMM!

The show is doing pretty well, considering that the promotions for the show are actually not that much in comparison to SETTV’s currently airing Sunday Drama, Fall In Love With Me (愛上兩個我). I know that SETTV dramas tend to do pretty well in rating but the extent of the success for this show is a surprise to me, I didn’t expect it to do this well as from the synopsis, it doesn’t sound like a ground-breaking plot and the setting is not as unique as In A Good Way (我的自由年代). It’s not a flawless show for sure as there are more things that could be done better but I find the show to be very lovely, easy-to-watch and there’s more substance than just brainless fluff as the writers fleshed out the characters, there’s more than what meets the eye. I also really like the reversal in characterization as this time, the heroine is cold-hearted and the hero is just so warm, different from the usual plucky heroine versus cold-hearted hero.

Plus… I can never get tired of Jasper’s smile, his facebook official page also hits the 350k mark as of now, ever since the broadcast of the pilot episode, there’s more than 50k increase in the number of fans. For his first collaboration with SETTV, it’s quite a success for him as he’s gaining more recognition with the mainstream and international audience. While Puff’s acting may not be perfect but her improvement is pretty notable. On the other hand, my boy, Jasper could work more on his acting skills but I just find Puff and him cute together so I ignore all the flaws as long as the show continues to keep me entertained. The rusty fangirl button inside me is always switched on whenever I see Jasper. (Inserts Celine Dion’s song – “The power of love~~~”)

It seems like the cast are having a lot of fun and I hope we’ll get to see more side stories of the other cast as I can feel their energy based on these BTS pictures. Bring it on!

Look at the adorable pictures below.
2 (2)
Sexy family. Xiao Yi is so cute!!!
2 (11)

2 (3)
2 (1)
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Xiao Yi’s bare body cracks me up, even the little boy goes naked, pffttt! In this photo, it look like Puff is touching Jasper’s chest, LOL!
download (7)download (6)download (5)download (4)
The guys can’t defend themselves, the girls are better water-gun shooters than the guys! (SHOOT MORE PLEASE!)download (3)download (2)download (1)


Jasper is making the octopus expression.



This was taken before the guys get wet, I love my boys in white and Xiao Yi is especially cute in the center. Eye-candy _!
2 (4)

Last minute work out before they head out and get wet.
2 (12)

2 (13)
2 (5)
2 (8)

Press videos of the celebration event:

(Not in order)

Additional photos:

Apparently, a few days ago, Puff and Jasper headed to the gym together after work in preparation for the water-gun event. They collaborated before in the Golden Bell Awards and also share a mutual friend in real life, it’s no wonder that they get close with each other pretty fast.

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