Ruby Lin and Leroy Young’s The Way We Were (16個夏天) Set to Premiere on PTS Channel

YAY, they’re not airing on CTS channel, which is one of the worst, if not the worst Taiwanese channel in my eyes because they actually pushed back the broadcast of Lovestore at the corner (巷弄裡的那家書店) to a later time to make space for a K-drama and delayed the broadcast of The Way We Were (16個夏天), which was supposed to air immediately after Rock ‘n’ Road (A咖的路) in order to broadcast reruns of the mega-hit ancient c-drama, The Legend of Zhen Huan (後宮甄嬛傳), it’s not even a premiere, it’s a rerun!!! What the hell were they thinking, they were supposed to support their own country’s dramas, gahh!

Good riddance anyway, PTS is one of the better channel in Taiwan, their dramas often win Golden Horse awards as they air dramas with various kinds of genres, most of their dramas are mini-series (less than 10 episodes or even 1 episode only) but their quality is high because of that. Some of the more well-known series they aired before are Black & White (痞子英雄), the critically acclaimed and award-winning mini-series, Falling (含苞欲墜的每一天), the complex and dark youth-themed drama, Gloomy Salad Days (死神少女). With PTS snatching away the premiere opportunity of The Way We Were from CTS, I’m thinking that this drama must have a certain level of quality to it and it’s becoming apparent from the new teasers. Note that The Way We Were is a TVBS production but TVBS is a cable channel and they usually will collaborate with a public channel, PTS in this case to premiere their dramas first, just like SETTV’s Fall in love With Me (愛上兩個我) airs in TTV first as SETTV is a cable channel.

I can already feel Leroy Young and Ruby Lin‘s strong chemistry based on the trailers alone and I’m getting more and more hyped up about this drama. Love the ending theme so much and I think the singer is a rookie as I never heard of him before. The Way We Were is set to premiere in July 19th on PTS channel, airing on every Saturday. Enjoy new teasers and the full opening and ending theme songs below. I posted the long trailers before HERE.

Opening Theme (Elva Hsiao – Romance Arrives)

Ending Theme (Zhou Xing Zhe – Don’t Be Friends Anymore in the Future)

Short Teasers


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  • Soori • 3 years ago

    Is it just me or Taiwanese dramas are finally coming back to what it used to be? I mean those trailers remind me of the Taiwanese dramas from a few years ago. It gives me such a “this feels Taiwanese” kind of feeling XD

    Anyway looking forward to this one as well ^ ^

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      You must have been watching too many SETTV dramas lately and I mean me too.. hahaha. Because dramas from other channels more or less have this kind of “feel” but yeah, there’s a certain kind of nostalgic feeling to the atmosphere for this drama and I’m looking forward to this and Apple in Your Eye, need to post more about that but I’m still waiting for more information.

  • JJK • 3 years ago

    Watched the first two episodes and was completely sold by the end of the second episode. Leroy Yang looks a tad old to be playing a college student but he is ROCKING his role!!! I’m smitten. Let’s hope that show stays this good till the end. Can’t wait to read your first impression post on the show 😀

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I’m also smitten by the first episode. Have yet to watch ep2 but I’m finally done writing the first impression of this drama, I’ve been procrastinating for too long :p

  • Dora • 3 years ago

    So glad to have found someone else watching and enjoying this show, I am really anxiously awaiting English subs to be complete for Ep. 3 so that I can get my weekly fix :)

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