Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo are Adorable for the Fansigning Event of Spop Magazine

The leads of Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡. 一個人), Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo held their fansigning event for their Spop magazine cover earlier this afternoon. Their friendly and sweet chemistry can be seen from the BTS videos of Pleasantly Surprised and also the events they attend together. Adorably, it’s always Puff taking the charge over Jasper as he’s so shy (so adorable) and I think he’s scared of offending Puff’s fans as she’s considered the goddess in Taiwan. In every episode livestream discussion post in Taiwanese forum, Puff’s fans will jokingly say, “Jasper must die!” (an expression that they’re jealous of Jasper because there’s skinship between him and her, no harm intended, it’s all a joke), poor Jasper must be traumatized, hahaha! Jasper does have that boy-next-door charms that easily make him the bullying target, Puff LOVE to tease him and so does the other supporting cast. He’s also very, very stiff during the “backhug” session of the fansigning event, he’s so nervous, haha!

In the interview of the fansigning event, Puff said that Jasper is like an elementary school boy in real life and Jasper immediately retorts that Puff is no different from her character in real life (in a joking manner of course as Puff’s character is very cold and mean, haha). Puff says that Jasper is the mood-maker in the filming set with his dry jokes and only the director will laugh at his jokes as the director apparently is easily amused, LOL. Puff is known to have a straight-forward personality and easily gets along with her on-screen partners so fans joke that she’s more manly than Jasper, this makes Jasper defend himself, “I’m very manly! I also want to make Ah-Jie look more handsome and manly like what Puff always ask me to, but I always end up looking like a fool.” (SO CUTE). Jasper is also very shy during their Spop magazine shooting as he seldom shoot magazines with female celebrities so closely, he totally exudes that “cute little boy” charm in the BTS. It’s quite a contrast actually because he has a tall-built and manly body but he’s like a big boy in real life.

Spop Magazine Shooting BTS

Spop Magazine Fansigning Event

Fansigning Event Press Pictures
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