Lego Lee and Chris Wang Confirmed for Aim High (22K夢想高飛)

OH. MY. GOD! Two talented and uprising Taiwanese actors, Chris Wang (Love Family, Love Me or Leave Me) and Lego Lee (In A Good Way) are confirmed as the male leads of the upcoming Friday SETTV’s drama, Aim High (22K夢想高飛). Set to start filming at the end of September and to follow after Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡 . 一個人), Aim High is said to be a story about rookies who just enter the workfield. The tone is said to be in between Office Girls (小資女孩向前衝) and In A Good Way (我的自由年代), I’m thinking that the tone they’re  referring to is the motivational and aspirational tone of both dramas.

Now onto the biggest question, who will be the actress to act alongside with them? I think both Chris Wang and Lego Lee are charismatic and solid actors so I’m hoping that the actress who will be the female lead will have strong charms like them or at least have decent acting if not she’ll definitely be overshadowed by them. Hmm… I can’t seem to think of any actress that cross my mind when both Chris Wang and Lego Lee are mentioned, let’s hope SETTV’s taste in picking the lead actress is as good as their taste in picking the lead actors.

Both Chris Wang and Lego Lee had their breakthrough roles in SETTV dramas, The Fierce Wife (犀利人妻) and In A Good Way respectively so I think SETTV have a knack in creating success for their cast as long as the script is good so I’m hoping that Aim High will replicate the same success for them. Although Chris Wang shot to fame earlier than Lego Lee, both are considered established actors so I’m wondering what role will they take and which male lead is more important than the other, I’m guessing Chris Wang may have the more important role as his recent movie Twa-Tiu-Tiann (大稻埕) was a success. Or…. will SETTV pull the Black & White (痞子英雄) double male-lead formula for Aim High? Either way, for some reason, both actors give me similar vibe and they look great together, I’m excited!

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  • Rose • 3 years ago

    I was so excited when I saw this news today (but then I was angry at the reporters who wrote that article for writing all that negative stuff about Lego >.<). Definitely going to check this drama out too ;D But what does this mean for the IAGW movie TT

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Taiwanese media are trashy, they like to make scandals and focus more on the private life gossips instead of the work of the actors/actresses. Lego Li is very serious about his job so I think his hard stance attitude against using his private life to promote his work may have offended some of the press. What he’s doing is right but trashy media won’t care about it. He’s pretty much the “it” boy after IAGW so the media love to find dirt on him even though it’s for nothing.

      Not sure what’s coming for IAGW movie but since the movie for The Fierce Wife happens about a year later… it may be the same for IAGW but no promise there, I’m also waiting to hear what SETTV says about it. I don’t think they’ll want to miss out the opportunity to milk the popularity of IAGW so the movie should still be an ongoing project, I’m just not sure when will it happen. Honestly, I’m fine with the drama ending but I welcome the movie too.

  • timeinthegray • 3 years ago

    OMG LEGO & CHRIS! Haha I’d be fine with just a bromance, there’s no need for a leading lady. 😉

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I hope that it will go this way but I heard 22k Happiness is like a continuation of In A Good Way somehow, talking about fresh college graduates and their struggles in the workfield, I heard they’ll have 4 female leads, Hmmm… not sure how that sounds but I find the setting pretty interesting. It sounds fresh as compared to SETTV usual rom-com dramas.

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