Lego Lee, Chris Wang, George Hu & Lin Yo Wei For Upcoming SETTV dramas

SETTV held a press conference today featuring their “in-house” actors that will be starring in their upcoming dramas, Lego Lee (In A Good Way) and Chris Wang (Love Family) for the upcoming Friday drama, 22k Happiness (Unofficial Temporary English Title)  (22K的小確幸), Lin Yo-Wei (Two Fathers) for their upcoming Sunday drama, Say Again Yes I Do (再一次說我願意) which will follow after Fall in Love With Me (愛上兩個我), and George Hu (Love Around) will be making his return to Taiwanese dramaland with a new 8pm daily drama, Ticket to Happiness (Unofficial Temporary English Title) (幸福兌換券).

Rumors are saying that Annie Chen (Love Around) may reunite with George Hu for Ticket to Happiness, if this is true, it will be their third collaboration (groan!). I’ve nothing against Annie Chen and George Hu together, I think they’re cute together but I wanna see some fresh combination instead of putting the same people together again and again. I’m praying hard that SETTV will not do this because third time isn’t the charm, I’ll probably get sick of Annie Chen & George Hu pairing for the new drama.

I can understand why they want to reunite Annie Chen and George Hu together for the new 8pm daily drama though… Their current 8pm daily drama, Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) had been receiving lukewarm response from the viewers, they’re garnering average ratings but the discussion level is unexpectedly low in Taiwanese forums and that’s very surprising as SETTV dramas tend to stir a moderate to high level of discussion in PTT (One of Taiwanese oldest and biggest old-school forums). Given that Tie The Knot stars established names like Cheryl Yang (Defeated Queen) and Kingone Wang (Happy 300 Days), it should be doing better than this but sad to say, the plot didn’t manage to grab me too. The pacing is pretty slow, the main story feels loose and worse, there’s a lot of episodes, definitely not the most entertaining watch for me. So reuniting a popular couple might be able to revive the popularity of 8pm daily drama timeslot but I really don’t think this is a good idea, it’s not the wisest solution as they might end up annoying viewers with this constant repetition. Think wisely, SETTV!

As for Lin Yo-Wei’s upcoming Sunday drama, Say Again Yes I Do, Mandy Wei (Deja Vu) is said to be leading actress and I’m pretty excited for this fresh combination. Lin Yo-Wei will be playing a divorced man after a short marriage in the drama, his character’s situation seems to be in parallel to his current real life situation as Lin Yo-Wei just got divorced with his wife after a 3 years marriage but it’s definitely not a short marriage. Anyways, I’m just hoping that SETTV could deliver a good script for their new Sunday drama, I don’t need it to be fantastic, I just want their script to make sense. They had a string of bad Sunday dramas, from Love Around (真愛黑白配), Deja Vu (回到愛以前), to the currently airing Makjang-galore Fall in Love With Me, the shift in tone for Fall in Love With Me is so drastic that I thought they’re airing a different drama lately. I’m not putting too much hope for the script and not putting up high hopes for SETTV Sunday drama script is always the right thing to do. Their Friday dramas tend to be better in terms of script quality on average so I’m hoping 22k Happiness won’t disappoint me.

Lego Lee and Chris Wang look like brothers in this picture, I’m hoping to see some bromance in 22K Happiness, haha!
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  • kat. • 3 years ago

    That is a bunch of good looking men but where are the actresses? George!!!! I miss him. Since I haven’t actually completed a Weini drama I don’t mind if it’s them again but I can imagine people will want something fresh.

    • timeinthegray • 3 years ago

      I haven’t fully seen a WeiNi drama either but even then I’m pretty irked about them being paired up again—this is like the micro-version of Chengwei & Manling in YLUMS, LOL. But as long as it doesn’t turn out to be a Love Around v2.0 (what a bore for viewers!), then… I guess it’s fine with me?

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I didn’t complete Love Around but I watched Love Now completely so I’m now getting sick of this pair even though I do love them together. I wouldn’t mind this much if they reunite a few years later instead a year after their nonstop collaboration, from Love, Now to Love Around…it’s simply too much.

    • tiff • 3 years ago

      I wouldn’t mind WeiNi but only if the script is actually *good*. Although neither Annie or George are that good at acting so I don’t know if they’ll be able to make their characters seem different enough or give the viewers a different kind of vibe.

      Though speaking of long time collaborations, I really want to see Mike He and Rainie Yang do another drama.

      • carolies541 • 3 years ago

        Rainie Yang and Mike He… yeah, they looked great together but recently, I find Mike a bit too buff for my taste, I miss his look in Devil Beside Me and Why Why Love.

  • timeinthegray • 3 years ago

    What an interesting career choice for Lin Youwei. I didn’t really expect him to take up this kind of role after having just divorced himself, but I think he and Mandy Wei would make an awesome pair. 😀 After Déjà Vu and that one other makjang she acted in recently, I’m holding out hope that this one will be good!! Please break the Sunday drama curse.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I also feel that SETTV’s Sunday drama is cursed, I can’t get into any of their Sunday dramas for almost more than 2 years, (Love Forward, Miss Rose, King Flower, Love Around, Deja Vu, Fall in Love With Me), goshhhhhh… I hope Lin Yo-Wei’s new drama will break the curse.

      • timeinthegray • 3 years ago

        God, that list is more atrocious than I realized. Those were all Sunday dramas?! Haha, I pray for Lin Youwei & Mandy Wei!!

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