Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) Gears Up for Premiere with Sets of Official Trailers, Stills & Characters Descriptions

I’ve been waiting for more synopsis, character descriptions and trailers to roll out before I compile everything and post at one go. My expectation continues to ratchet up as more promotional teasers, pictures are released and I’m not sure whether high expectations are a good thing for this drama.

Written by my favorite Taiwanese screenwriter, Mag Hsu (In Time With You, An Innocent Mistake, Mars), it’s no wonder all eyes are on this drama’s premiere. One thing for sure is from the stills of this drama, the production team seems to be putting in a lot of effort into details, from beautiful scenery, cinematography, pleasant music scores from the trailers to the lovely stills, all seems to be very well-made. I’ll take a leap of faith in Mag Hsu’s work, her dramas are so intricately pleasant to watch, it’s always packed with emotions and it’s apparent from these solid promotional stuffs. So far the animations they’re including in the drama seems stunning, I talked more about that animation before in my post.

What caught me by surprised is that Amber An seems a bit plump in the trailers and it was said that she deliberately put on weight for the role. Based on the 2-minute trailer, Amber An feels very natural and Blue Lan’s acting seems solid, he’s a bit of a hit and miss for me depending on the roles but I feel like I’m gonna love both of the leads. I also see familiar faces from An Innocent Mistake, Lin Chen Xi, Mo Tzu Yi and Joy Pan made their cameo as various roles in the drama.

Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) is set to premiere at August 8th, airing on every friday, I have two dramas to watch on Friday, this one and Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡 .一個人). I won’t complain that I have too much on my plate as enjoyable dramas are always welcomed by me.

Please do not post this elsewhere without the translation credits.
Translations credits:

Sypnosis Translation:

Zhou Ji-Wei (the “Wei” here means flower, usually placed in a girl’s name) was supposed to be named as Zhou Ji-Wei (the “Wei” here means greatness, usually placed in a boy’s name), she’s the only hope for her mom to redeem her dignity!

However, the moment she was born, the hope is extinguished. She was supposed to have the fate of a “precious son” but instead became the third daughter of Zhou’s family. So, she could only wear the used clothes from her two older sisters, only could secretly hope to get the fish eyes which she’ll never get, because one fish only have two eyes, one chicken also only have two legs. Thus, the meaning of the third one means the unnecessary one.

However, the Zhou Ji Wei who’s an unnecessary in her home is greatly adored by Granny Dai from next door. Thus, she always leave home, running into the embrace of Dai’s family. She’s like a little princess surrounded by love in the clean and comfortable Dai’s family house. There’s also a handsome older brother, Dai Yao-Qi in there. But Dai Yao-Qi never wanted a younger sister to always come and share the world’s best delicacy, the fish eye with him.

Zhou Ji-Wei who tried everything to be Dai Yao-Qi’s younger sister finally realized a secret that she didn’t even know herself in the year when she turns 17 years old… To her, there’s no need for eternity, no need for a beautiful love, she only wants to be together with Dai Yao-Qi forever.

Character Descriptions:

(I’ll only translate the descriptions of the 4 main characters)

Blue Lan as Dai Yao Qi
He was supposed to be an excellent student and a good boy that everyone will love but in the year when he turned 10 years old, the departure of his mother made his life a mess. Fortunately, even though he’s misunderstood by the whole world, at least he still has two people who understand him, granny and also Zhou Ji-Wei.

Amber An as Zhou Ji Wei
In order to protect the older brother that her heart aches for, she tries her best to grow up. However, she accidentally grows too big, so no matter whether it’s in her house or in school, she’ll always be the “tall girl” who needs to step forward and handle things. Fortunately, she still has a good older brother, he made her understands that a “younger sister” is actually an adjective which describes “the happiness of being protected”.

An Zhe as Yuan Fang
A good man who is willing to help Zhou Ji-Wei when she was at her most miserable state, “one dollar” connected their fates.

Christina Mok as Fang Shao Min
She is like the light, the target of the stares from men and jealousy from women. She is the ideal figure that Zhou Ji-Wei wants to be.



Opening theme: Luantan-Ascent – Walking Away

2-minute long trailer
(I will only translate this trailer as the rest are just short teasers)

– Mom…
– You called the wrong number, my two daughters are at home, your mom isn’t here.
(Younger sister – The extra one)
Narration: The phrase, “Two is just nice” really make very good sense. The third one means the uneccesary one.
– Huh? Why is it that one is missing?
Narration: For the sake of fish eyes, I really want to be the younger sister of Dai Yao Qi.
– Let me be your younger sister, okay? This way, we can always be together.
(Our Wall – The place where our memories are kept hidden)
Narration: It turns out that I have always liked Dai Yao Qi but I’m about to lose him.
– Dai Yao Qi, you have to wait for me to go to Taipei!
– But all along, I always believe that we will definitely meet again.
(Meet Again – You have to move forward in order to reach)
– Are you planning to starve yourself by staying here?
– Yes.
– Great! Thank god for finally thinking of me! (granting her wish to meet Dai Yao Qi.)
– Hello?
– It’s time to wake up and pee!
– Let me report to you, I’ve woken up and peed.
– It’s healthy to sleep early and wake up early! It’s time to wake up and eat breakfast!
– Who is this? (A woman’s voice)
– Hey! Call her sister-in-law.
– You guys… gotten married?
– Next time when you get a boyfriend, remember to let me have a look, you can only marry him if I say okay.
– My boyfriend is definitely a bluefin tuna.
(Bluefin Tuna – Describes top-grade of things)
– Granny, I’m heading off.
– Go and change into another pair of pants.
– He’s such a controlling (nosy) brother.
– It’s called being professional.
(Courage – The power to make you understand my heart)
– So am I the real third wheel here?
– You liked him before right?
– He already have a girlfriend! Why do you like him?!
– I’m also waiting for the day I can stop liking him!
– Will you get married with Fang Shao-Min?
– Why should I tell you?
– Because I like you.
Narration: Don’t know whether I will regret it when I think about today after many years later. I always put my courage in the wrong place.
– Madam Zhou, can you please return Zhou Ji-Wei to me?




6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 17 16

Not only the photography for the stills is amazing, the animations are lovely too.

anim1 anim2 anim3


Even the locations seem so dreamy.
scene2 scene4 scene5 scne3


The official poster is actually my least favorite as it doesn’t fit with the tone and ambient of the whole drama but both leads are easy on my eyes.

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