Jasper Liu, Puff Kuo and Jolin Chien Freshen Up The August Edition of Spop Magazine + Thoughts on Ep11 of Pleasantly Surprised

As the love triangle in Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡. 一個人) heats up, Jasper Liu, Puff Kuo and Jolin Chien freshen up the summer by gracing the cover of the August edition of Spop (華流) magazine. They’re a bunch of good looking people, while I love Jasper boyish kind of charms, Jolin Chien’s manly charms seem to be working on me too. SETTV really knows how to market their merchandises, they’re giving us 3 cover editions, one with the love triangle, Jasper and Puff on the other two covers. Yikes, this is a hard decision, I’m drooling over Jasper’s individual cover but it seems that all 3 covers are sold out in various Taiwanese online bookstores, sigh…

Thoughts on recent developments of Pleasantly Surprised:

Recent developments of Pleasantly Surprised had been pretty exasperating as Ah-Jie (Jasper Liu) struggles with his inner conflicts, wanting to stay beside Kai-Qi (Puff Kuo) but he need to leave the country as he’s entrapped in guilty conscience about his brother’s hand injury. When he finally musters up courage to speak out everything to Kai-Qi, Hao-Wei (Jolin Chien) arrives in the “right” time to interrupt his plan.

Hao-Wei did nothing wrong and I actually find his character a lot more mature than the current Ah-Jie but I feel so much pity for Ah-Jie. He’s the one that really need forgiveness and companionship as he had been on a lonely aimless voyage all these years and when he finally finds someone that he wants to be with, he can’t because of his brother. If he really leaves the country, Kai-Qi still have Hao-Wei, Da-Zhi, Bao-Zhu and Xiao Yi with her but for Ah-Jie, he’ll be back alone and after getting used to the cheerful crowd of Figaro Cuisine Restaurant, he will feel much lonelier when he’s back alone. He may be immature when he’s getting jealous at Kai-Qi and Hao-Wei but that’s because he’s like an inexperience boy in love, he never really view Kai-Qi as a potential love interest before and only realized his true feelings lately so he’s getting a bit desperate as he can’t take her with him.

The current Hao-Wei have improved and it’s all thanks to that misunderstanding many years before, he now knows how to interact better with Kai-Qi but it was really Ah-Jie’s words that got through Kai-Qi, telling her that the person in wrong should take more responsibility. Before Kai-Qi meets Ah-Jie, she always keep things to herself, she didn’t understand the importance of two-way interaction but she’ve now changed a lot because of Ah-Jie. So maybe the current Hao-Wei suits Kai-Qi better as he’s like a mature man who can take care of Kai-Qi but who’s more suitable for Kai-Qi is not the most important thing as I think what’s the most important is how does Kai-Qi feels for these two guys and it’s apparent that the ending of Ep11 shows that she cares for Ah-Jie as more than a friend, she’s totally getting jealous of this “unknown girl” (which is herself actually, LOL). Pardon me for writing my thoughts on a news post, I just had too many thoughts because of the recent drama developments that I need a place to write down everything.

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  • stuartnz • 3 years ago

    I definitely prefer Puff with purple hair. She doesn’t look as bad blond as EVERY Korean actor/actress/idol I’ve ever seen, but she totally rocks the purple!

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      Nah, i think her hairstyle is bizzare in this cover but the funky colors seem to work well on her. She’s pretty no matter what.

  • kat. • 3 years ago

    Jolin looks rather good in these, I’m tempted!! 😛

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I could only get the individual covers, the one with jolin is out of stock (as i think its the premium edition, there are gifts inside) T.T

      • kat. • 3 years ago

        I saw it on books.com.tw. :) :)

        • carolies541 • 3 years ago

          No stock for jolin cover though, i ordered the individual regular cover through 博客來

        • carolies541 • 3 years ago

          Never mind my previous comment, they restocked it! Thank god!

  • timeinthegray • 3 years ago

    I only got the premium edition for the bonus goodie (and Jolin!!) since they all have the same content inside, but I’m gushing over Jasper’s cover as well. 😉 He’s adorkables!

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      The individual cover books.com.tw is sending me is gonna be random so I may get either Puff’s cover or Jasper’s cover. I hope it’s Jasper but I wouldn’t mind to get Puff’s cover too, haha!

  • trotwood • 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting about this show. I know people are watching (because it gets mentioned in other blogs), but no one seems to be talking about it. I am really enjoying the show even with its fairly slow pace. They are really making the second leads–both male and female–viable options. LX is the most likeable second female lead I have seen in a long time. Yes, she wants KQ to get together with her brother partly because that would leave AJ free, but she really adores her brother, too. We know her actions aren’t completely selfish because she not only openly acknowledges her feeling but also tells AJ that he needs to tell KQ his real feelings. She wants him, but she wants him to be with her by his own choice– not like some wheelchair-riding self pitying second leads we coudl mention (*cough Fall in Love WIth Me cough*). I also actually like her relationship with KQ as well. She actually defends her to her brother telling her that she finds it hard to coincide the person he talks about and the person she knows, especially about the money.

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      In the beginning, LX’s character almost went down the typical annoying second lead route when she overhears that KQ won because of Chief’s interference and she tried to control the power, dominating in the kitchen but after the culinary competition, she really turned into a great second female lead. I actually think she loves KQ as much as she loves AJ, haha!

      What I appreciate about Pleasantly Surprised is that there’s no truly evil people (except for maybe AJ’s brother) so there’s no insane makjang plot and makes the whole drama very easy to digest.

  • dmunky • 3 years ago

    Well theres a preview of ep 12, and Jasper & puff will be showing two different kissing scenes; one during the day & one at night. Btw according to news article, puff complimented on jasper’s kissing saying “he’s a good kisser.” lol These two knows how to make my heart melt. ^_^

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