Apple in Your Eye’s Press Conference & The release of 37min heart-rending trailer

Gosh, the 37-min trailer totally nails it, it’s successful in evoking strong emotions from me and further heighten my expectations. Just 2 days from its premiere, Mag Hsu‘s (In Time With You, An Innocent Mistake) drama production, Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) held its production press conference with its main cast in attendance: Blue Lan (Chocolat), Amber An (Love SOS), Christina Mok (Love Around) and An Zhe.


Amber An is looking great in the press conference as she’s back in shape, she said that she’s embarrassed to see herself in her heaviest state in the trailers. It was said that she weighs about 60kg for her role which she’s supposed to look “big in size”. Amber An is known for her sexy image, great figure and sweet voice, she’s one of those so-called otaku’s goddess, so I was pretty shocked to see her looking very different in the trailers of Apple in Your Eye. However, I’m pleasantly surprised by how natural she is in her role, she plays the “big sized” tomboyish girl down to a tee! It’s great to know that I won’t have to worry about her acting skills and can fully feel invested in her character and based on the trailers, I’m already loving her character.

Blue Lan is looking great too but I’m not really liking the print on his blouse. On the other hand, I’m loving the dresses the ladies, Christina Mok and Amber An are wearing. I’m not too familiar with An Zhe but it’s been said that he’s a comic illustrator and Apple in Your Eye might be his debut in the small screen (correct me if I’m wrong). He’s definitely good looking and his acting seems pretty decent based of what I’ve seen in the long trailer. I got a feeling that I will feel extremely bad for this second male lead. I’ve only seen Christina Mok as George Hu’s ex-girlfriend in Love Around (真愛黑白配) and I think her acting is pretty decent so I’m sure she’ll do well as the second female lead.

It’s been said that they’ll incorporate animations into the drama and at first I was really worried about how are they planning to edit the animations into the video as it might be a bit jarring but after the release of stunningly beautiful animation stills and the breathtaking sequence in the trailer, I felt relieve to see how it weaves perfectly with the drama scenes. The animation sequence actually provide a better understanding of the background story and enhanced the emotions of the characters, great job!

As the long 37min trailer pretty much show all the highlights of the story, it’s better to not watch it if you don’t want to be spoil, you could probably watch the 2min short trailer to get the gist of the story but I know it will be too difficult to resist watching the trailer. Even though I’m spoiled by the long trailer, I’m still excited to watch the whole drama and I find myself tearing up by the end of the trailer. I won’t be translating the 38min trailer as it’s too much work but I did translate the shorter 2min trailer, sypnosis and character descriptions before in my previous post.

37min Trailer

BGM: Jozie Lu – You deserve my generosity

Press Conference Videos

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