Press Conference of Lin Yo Wei & Mandy Wei’s Sunday Drama, Say Again Yes I Do (再一次說我願意)

We finally get to see full cast after multiple news on the male lead. The cast of Say Again Yes I Do (再一次說我願意) showed up for the production press conference held yesterday, with the ladies Mandy Wei (Déjà Vu) and Vivi Lee (Fabulous 30) sporting strange new haircuts. Well, to be fair, Vivi’s hairstyle isn’t that strange but somehow it looks like a wig to me and Mandy’s brand new short haircut is so funky that she looks straight out of a comic, like a cartoon character. It’s been said that this is her first time cutting her hair short in 10 years time, she must have felt very reluctant to part with her old haircut that she’s been sporting for so many years and frankly, this new haircut look horrendous and I don’t know whether I can take her seriously in the drama. She’s so pretty but this haircut just don’t work on her, there are so many ways to style short hair nicely but her hairstylist went out of her mind to give us THIS strange hairstyle.  Did she offend her hairstylist or something?

Lin Yo Wei (Two Fathers) and Michael Chang (A Hint of You) are looking pretty sharp even though I’m not exactly a fan of their attire but at least I prefer their looks over the ladies. For some reason, Mandy Wei’s dress is kind of similar to what Amber An wore for the press conference of her new drama Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) which was also held yesterday, coincidence or that’s the current trend? The dresses the ladies are wearing aren’t exactly bad but they’re pretty ordinary.

The story will take place in a hotel and revolve around a divorced couple played by Lin Yo Wei (Xiang Zheng Yang) and Mandy Wei (Shu Xin Kui) who got married after 2 months of dating and got divorced pretty quickly after that due to the clash in personalities, values and the interference of in-laws. Xiang Zheng Yu (Lin Yo Wei) is said to be a control freak and Shu Xin Kui (Mandy Wei) is a clumsy and untidy woman, they sound so different that I can already see how they can’t get along. I can predict that their relationship will be very ugly to watch, divorced couples can’t keep their cool around each other.

Michael Chang (Ji Shi Yu) and Vivi Lee (Ge Qian Qian) are said to be playing a couple who almost got married but broken up because Ge Qian Qian left Ji Shi Yu without any explanation and thus making Ji Shi Yu shuts his heart. Vivi Lee’s character is said to be an independent modern woman, finally she stops playing the typical clumsy woman anymore but in return, Mandy Wei is playing the clumsy one this time, sigh. The 4 people will meet again in the staff training program of the hotel and Ji Shi Yu (Michael Chang) will be the strict and perfectionist director who is in charge of training the other 3 people. This sounds like the hotel version of K-drama Emergency Couple but I’m sure the overall vibe will be different.

Lin Yo Wei finally reunites with SETTV after his last SETTV heartwarming hit family drama, Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) and after his real life divorce, his character seems to be in parallel with his real life story except that his real marriage was a lot longer. Private life aside, I think he’s pretty charismatic as an actor, not as expressive like his fellow castmate of Two Fathers, Leroy Young but his acting is solid. Mandy Wei’s acting may not be the best but she’s pretty decent and pretty to look at (not with her new haircut though!) so I’m pretty excited to see this fresh pairing on screen (and also relieved to bid goodbye to Fall In Love With Me which went insane in the later half). I’m worried for the script quality though because SETTV had a string of bad Sunday dramas and even the cute main couples couldn’t save their bad dramas so I’m hoping this drama will break SETTV’s Sunday bad drama curse.

I’m happy to see Michael Chang back in Taiwanese dramaland after starring in several Mainland China drama but it seems that he’ll be back playing the second male lead and that’s a waste of talent, especially after his wonderful performance as the male lead in A Hint of You (美味的想念). The second half of A Hint of You went batshit insane but he was one of the few guys who kept his sanity in tact throughout the whole drama and remind me what’s the show all about, heh! I’m also surprised to see Vivi Lee taking a second lead role after her performance in the recent hit drama Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間), I was expecting her to be the main lead in her next drama. This will be the second time Mandy Wei and Vivi Lee starring in the same drama after their previous collaboration in Love, Now (真愛趁現在) so I’m sure the cast will get along well. Hopefully, they’ll bring out good synergy onto the screen.

Say Again Yes I Do will follow after Fall in Love With Me (愛上兩個我) and premieres on 24th August, airing on every Sunday.

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