Aim High (22K夢想高飛) Drops Fantastic 14min Trailer Before Tonight’s Premiere

I didn’t know what to expect when I first heard about the storyline of Aim High (22K夢想高飛) but after SETTV drops Lego Lee (In A Good Way) and Guo Shu Yao (Yao Yao)(King Flower)’s version of preview a few days ago, color me intrigued. Last night, SETTV finally dropped the final extended trailer before preparing for premiere tonight, I’ll say I’m excited for what I’m seeing. We’ll probably get a good amount of slice-of-life through the realistic portrayal of the life and struggles of these college students in the professional world. They also mixed in complicated friendship and romance between the girls and guy, that sounds like a good recipe. Coming from the same team of producers behind In A Good Way (我的自由年代), I guess I can put my hopes up a little bit.

Chris Wang
(Love Family) plays as a genius creator of mobile application and shortly within a few years, he have climbed up the corporate ladder and became a manager. On the other hand, Summer Meng (You Light Up My Star) is a hardworking and earnest rookie with 22K (TWD) as her starting pay. Summer Meng is inspired by the speech Chris Wang made in her college and strives to achieve her dream of creating a mobile application. Chris Wang took notice of the hardworking rookie and finds himself attracted to her. Their storyline sounds like a standard Cinderella story but I think the standard formula always work well in a romance drama.

Lego Lee and Yao Yao storyline sounds far more interesting as they play as a former high school couple who lost contact throughout the years and finally gets reunited as grown-ups working in different fields. Lego Lee plays as customer service officer in the same company with Chris Wang and Summer Meng, he’s a close friend of Chris Wang despite the gap in their corporate ranking.

Judging from the trailers, it also seems like he still haven’t gotten over his high school girlfriend, Yao Yao who now works as an insurance agent. During her college years, she dreamed of becoming a flight attendant but however it doesn’t go well so she decided to walk the realistic path, changing her direction to become an insurance agent as it offers far more flexible income than normal office workers. However, life as an insurance agent is not all rainbows and unicorns as she struggles getting clients to raise her sales and even have to endure sexual harassment from her client, UGH. However, when she faced her former college buddies, Lyan Cheng (Fabulous Boys) and Huang Wei-Ting (A Hint of You) in a mini-reunion through their college assistant professor’s (played by Wasir Chou (Fabulous 30)) wedding, she tries to act that her work-life is going smoothly by putting a cheerful facade.

It also seems like there’s some discords between the former college buddies which is hinted that it stems from the failure of submitting their mobile application into the competition they once talked about in their college years. Out of the girls, only Summer Meng continues to work hard to achieve for that “mobile application creator” dream, while the others have walked into different paths. Lyan Cheng inherits her uncle’s profession to become a full-time taxi driver and she meets various kinds of passengers from different walks of life. Huang Wei-Ting is the only one that haven’t stepped into the work-force as she continues to further her study in post graduate and it’s hinted by Yao Yao that she harbors a crush on the assistant professor who’s getting married.

While I know that many are disappointed that Lorene Ren (In A Good Way) and Lego Lee are not reuniting as a couple, I honestly think that’s a good decision as it will be too fast and I won’t be able to erase their previous characters from my mind, Lego Lee and Yao Yao looks very cute as a couple, I totally love the difference in their height!!! That’s something that our beloved RongYi couple don’t have as Rong Rong (Lorene Ren) is so tall and Lego Lee is definitely not the tallest Taiwanese actor you’ll see, haha (I still like you Lego)! Yao Yao looks so tiny beside Lego Lee and that’s so cute, I can totally feel their strong chemistry based on the previews alone. They’re probably the couple that I’m more interested in than the Chris Wang-Summer Meng couple. I’m hoping that they’ll have a more realistic storyline as former high school couple should be pretty familiar and comfortable with each other. Based on the trailers alone, the acting of the four leads seem pretty decent so I’m happy that I don’t have to not worry about their acting.

On the production part, I’m totally in love with their opening theme sequence, the sky is sooo blue and I love that summer, youthful and hopeful vibe that it gives. To add on, they even have a super addictive catchy opening theme song, Dazzling Dreams (閃亮的夢想) by Vianz and Shan, that’s like icing on a cake. I’m also in love with their R&B soundtrack, Temperature of a Kiss (吻的溫度) by Fuying and Sam (FS), a Malaysian based rookie duo, the song can be heard as the background music in Lego Lee and Yao Yao’s version of short preview. However, I think the lighting is a little bit too bright as it kinda washes out the color tone of the drama, which is probably something I’ve to get used to.

Aim High premieres tonight at 10PM (Taiwan Standard Time) on SETTV and will air on every Fridays.

14min Extended Trailer:

Short Previews:
(Lego Lee and Yao Yao’s version)

(Chris Wang and Summer Meng’s version)

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