9 Taiwanese Stars to Collaborate with Fashion Designers for Charity

To commemorate the 9-years anniversary of the Taiwanese weekly publication, Weekender (自由時報生活版), 9 Taiwanese stars collaborate with local fashion designers to donate their designer clothes for charity. I don’t usually post fashion stuffs but I like how most of these clothes are stylish and casual.The 9 stars are Aaron Yan, Alice Ke, Bii, Jasper Liu, Lala Hsu, Megan Lai, Mini Tsai, Selina Jen and Sonia Sui. So much eye candy!

Readers can bid for these clothes in: https://tw.bid.yahoo.com/tw/booth/Y9825912125

I really like Aaron Yan and Jasper Liu’s clothes, the designers incorporate number 9 in a stylish manner. As for the clothes on the girls side, I like how Alice Ke is pulling her look.

Aaron Yan X Designer: Fu Yue 

Weekender-Aaron-1 Weekender-Aaron-2 Weekender-Aaron-3


Jasper Liu X Designer: Fusio Fusio

Weekender-Jasper-1 Weekender-Jasper-2 Weekender-Jasper-3


Selina Jen X Designer: Athena Chuang

Weekender-Selina-1 Weekender-Selina-2


Sonia Sui X Designer: if&n

Weekender-Sonia-1 Weekender-Sonia-2

Mini Tsai X Designer: Austin W.

Weekender-Mini-1 Weekender-Mini-2


Lala Hsu X Designer: Juby Chiu Studio

Weekender-Lala-1 Weekender-Lala-2


Bii X Designer: DLEET

Weekender-Bii-1 Weekender-Bii-2


Alice Ke X Designer: Chiehms

Weekender-Alice-1 Weekender-Alice-2


Megan Lai X Designer: XIWI

Weekender-Megan-1 Weekender-Megan-2



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