Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Unveils Their First Teaser and Stills

There’s a reason why SETTV’s dramas tend to be the leader in rating competition and that’s because they have a great marketing team but sadly, their screenwriters aren’t up to par. I’m really liking the heart-warming vibe and emotional atmosphere I’m getting from the first teaser where they emphasize on familial love,  delivering the message that a mother will always be there for her daughter no matter what happens. Jennifer Hong (Fabulous 30)’s emotional scene is infectious as always. I’m just so happy that SETTV is using a new set instead of their usual grey color background for their character stills!

Somehow, I’ve been following SETTV’s daily dramas more than their recent Sunday dramas which is filled with MAKJANG but the recent episodes of Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換劵) have also been slowed down by angsty developments and I think that’s just a sad phase that almost every SETTV daily dramas have to go through, with the exception of the Fabulous drama, Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間). I just hope Dear Mom will follow Fabulous 30’s tracks instead of the traditional SETTV style where they start to drag midway.

Even though some of the character descriptions are out, I won’t translate them yet as I’m still waiting for the character descriptions of the other male leads to be out and I’ll translate the full detailed character descriptions by then. The character descriptions is making me all hyped up, I hope the series engage me. I already mentioned before in my previous posts about the pairing but I’ll repeat myself, Jennifer Hong will be paired up with Xiu Jie-Kai, Joanne Tseng with Melvin Sia, Albee Huang with Duncan Lai and Beatrice Fang with Jack Lee.

Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) premieres on December 16th and will follow after Love Cheque Charge.

First Teaser – An Qing (Jennifer Hong)

An-Qing: Mom….
Mom: Yes?
An-Qing: I got divorced…
Mom: That’s fine (TN: or that’s good too), you can come back to be my precious daughter.

Character Stills & BTS picture

The guys are looking great and I’m loving the cast. Jennifer Hong and Albee Huang’s performance impressed me in Fabulous 30 and I’m quite a fan of Joanne Tseng so I think the acting levels of the male and female cast are quite on-par with each other, I hope this will turn out to be great. Melvin Sia is looking super duper hot (definitely better without the moustache he’s sporting in Boysitter)!
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