Detailed List of Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas in 2015

As we’ve come to the last month of year 2014, it’s time to compile a list of the upcoming Taiwanese dramas. I’ll exclude Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚) and Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) in the list as they will be airing on December 6th and December 16th respectively.

If you’re a regular viewer of SETTV dramas, you might have already known that SETTV adapts a live-shooting format for their series, thus we only get to know their upcoming dramas when their current drama is about to finish airing so there are not many SETTV dramas listed in this list as many of them are still unknown.

Good news is that there’s more variety in terms of genres in the list of the upcoming Taiwanese Drama list for 2015.

*Note that this may not be the complete list of upcoming Taiwanese dramas as there are still dramas that have yet to be announced or have very little information on them.

High School Gamers (電競高校) – 2015, SETTV
Starring: Steven Hao (Kiss Me, Mom!)

Interest Level: 3/5

You might have heard about or have seen famous child-actor Steven Hao (or more known as Bobo Ho), he used to be wildly popular back in the 90s but he only ended up playing minor roles ever since he grew up as he’s limited by his plump figure but from the above still, I’m surprised by how much he have slimmed down, I can’t even recognize him!! The drama is said to be the first Taiwanese drama with gamer-theme. It tells the story of a group of high school students who are skilled gamers to win the competition for their school. It have finished filming in July, 25th and will air somewhere in the year 2015.

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Happy Family (幸福不二家) – 2015, TTV
Starring: Bobby Dou (Love, Now), Mariko Okubo (Substitute For Love‎), Figaro Tseng (Once Upon a Time in Beitou)
Interest Level: 2.5/5

Bobby Dou is alright as second male lead but I’m not really used to see him as the lead and I’m not too familiar with the Japanese actress Mariko Okubo (aside from knowing that she starred in a commercial with Jasper Liu in the past), I’m worried about her Mandarin pronunciation. Figaro Tseng was a member of the old school group Comic Boyz along with Kingone Wang, I always think he’s quite handsome and is a pretty decent actor, I might be more interested in this drama if he’s the lead.

The drama will revolve around a popular Japanese restaurant in Taiwan that sells food using the “family-business concept” but in fact, the so-called family members are are all fake family members who is hired by the owner of the restaurant. Will the fake family become a real family in the end? Happy Family will follow after The New World (新世界).

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Ming Ruo Xiao Xi (明若曉溪) – 2015, GTV
Starring: Pets Tseng (KO ONE Re-act), Zi Hong (Spexial) (KO ONE Re-act)
Interest Level: 2.5/5

Ming Ruo Xiao Xi is a drama adaptation of a Chinese novel with the same title, written by Ming Xiao Xi who is also the original author of  Taiwanese drama, Summer’s Desire (泡沫之夏). Ming Xiao Xi’s novels are pretty popular among teenage girls, I remember reading a few of her novels when I was younger, ha! I didn’t finish Ming Ruo Xiao Xi so I don’t know how will the drama fare.

I don’t really follow the KO One series so I’m not familiar with Pets Tseng (what a name! almost as bad as Cash Chuang) but I know she got a pretty decent fanbase and Spexial is a Taiwanese idol group produced by Comic Ritz who produced F4, Comic Boyz and Farenheit so they have a pretty huge fanbase among the younger crowd. It seems that the drama will be popular among teenage girls I’m too old for it though.

Plotline: The day Ming Xiao Xi transferred to her new school, she got herself into a fight with the most popular kids in school, who also happened to be the most arrogant, devilish pretty boys in school. Before she knew it, she became public enemy number 1. But, nothing can defeat this outgoing martial artist. She can handle any punches coming her way. (Source: Dramawiki)

Judging from the trailer itself, I can’t really understand what’s going on and it looks overly-dramatic for trivial stuffs, LOL… Not my cup of tea.

The drama is a co-production between Taiwan and China producers and will air somewhere in 2015.

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Constellation Women Series – Aries Woman (星座女人系列-牡羊座的女人) – 2015, FTV
Starring: Xiu Jie-Kai (Marry or Not), Janet Hsieh, Chloe Wang (Lovestore at the corner), Patrick Lee (Say I Love You)
Interest Level: 3.5/5

Not much information available for now but Kat@dramapot have kindly compiled the existing available information about the drama on her blog. I like the cast so I think I will be checking it out and see how it will go. It was supposed to follow after You Light Up My Star (你照亮我星球) but instead, FTV broadcast the re-runs of popular Kdrama, 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (*rolls eyes*). Don’t get me wrong, I love Coffee Prince and it is one of my top 10 favorite drama but I just think Taiwanese TV channels should be more supportive for their local drama productions and cut down on airing re-runs or buying foreign dramas.


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iHero (Investigation Hero) (鑑識英雄) – 2015, CTV
Starring: Jason Wang (An Innocent Mistake), Janel Tsai (The Queen!), Kurt Chou (IUUI), Mini Tsai (Lucky Touch)
Interest Level: 4.5/5

iHero (short form for Investigation Hero) is said to be the first ever forensic themed Taiwanese drama. It had already finished filming in March 2014 but there’s still no news on the actual release date so I’m guessing it should air somewhere within the year 2015. I was never able to appreciate Jason Wang as an actor as he usually stars in those prime-time 8pm long-winded, hundred over episodes of Taiwanese-Hokkien dramas. It was only until I watched Mag Hsu’s An Innocent Mistake (罪美麗) that I discover how good he is, a good script is able to bring out the best side of him and those years of experience definitely paid off. Btw, I think he’s quite a hot uncle, HAHAHAHA!

iHero depicts a story about the battle between criminals and forensic scientists who seek for the truth. The tagline says, ‘Behind every crime scene hides a moving story and a story of science“. Jason Wang will be playing as a prosecutor, it’s said that he’s the center of the forensic investigation team. Kurt Chou will play as a forensic investigator who specialized in DNA analysis. Janel Tsai will play as a police officer who holds a black-belt in Taekwondo and expert in Thai boxing, sounds badass! Mini Tsai will play as the scientist of the forensic team. After The New World, this will be my second Mini Tsai drama but it looks like she won’t be playing a major role in iHero.

iHero is said to be a 13-episodes drama-movie, which means that the cinematography is more like a movie instead of the usual dramas. I’m just really happy to see more crime, procedural genres in the list of 2015 Taiwanese dramas. Definitely keeping this on my tab as the trailers look great.

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The New World (新世界) – 2015, Jan 16, TTV
Starring: Zhang Ting-Hu (Apple in Your Eye, Boys Can Fly), Roxanne Yang (Love Family), Penber Pan (Man. Boy), Mini Tsai (Lucky Touch)

newworld (1)
Interest Level: 4.5/5

I’ve translated the sypnosis and posted the initial teasers before in my previous post so I won’t talk in detail about the story. Coming from the writer and director of mystery-thriller drama, Man. Boy (小孩大人) and legal-romance drama, Justice for Love (天平上的馬爾濟斯), I definitely have high hopes for The New World (新世界) to be good. Man. Boy aired in PTS and was one of the rare dark mysterious-thriller story in Taiwanese dramaland, it’s a short 8-episodes mini series and I just love it! Justice For Love on the other hand was decent as it had the right balance of romance and legal stuffs (both dramas starred one of my favorite Taiwanese actress, Lee Kang-Yi) but the pacing was not as good as Man.Boy as it had 20 episodes so I think the writer is better on writing shorter dramas. Let’s see whether the writer is able to fully utilize 15-episodes of The New World. It was also reported that actor Tender Huang (Big Red Riding Hood) is the action stunt coordinator of The New World and the drama will follow after Mr. Right Wanted (征婚啟事) to premiere on January 16th on TTV.

The initial 3-min teaser didn’t really showcase anything much besides a crying-fest of the female leads but their latest story version of trailers got me really excited!!! I’m getting all sorts of anti-hero vibe from Zhang Ting-Hu as he takes revenge on the evil forces and that excites me a lot, which reminds me that Lee Wei  in Man. Boy was also an anti-hero who runs away from the police. GREAT STUFFS!

Watch it for yourself.

3min Story Trailer:
Facebook Video Link (click it if you can’t see the embedded video below)

Revenge Version 1min Trailer:

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Source: [1]

I Am Chen Yi-Jun (我叫陳怡君) – 2015, February, TVBS
Starring: Tammy Chen (Dragon Gate), Cash Chuang (The Pursuit of Happiness), Kingone Wang (Tie The Knot), Nana Lee (Once Upon a Time in Beitou)
Interest Level: 4/5

A drama with political-theme and a female politician! That’s a rare genre in Taiwanese dramaland (reminds me of Kdrama City Hall) and I LOVE the cast, maybe for the exception of Cash Chuang who played as the annoying ex-boyfriend of Sonia Sui in The Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道). However, he collaborated before with Tammy Chen in the film, Elena (愛琳娜) so maybe they’ll have even better chemistry the second time working together. Also, I’m really bummed out about Kingone Wang playing as the second male lead AGAIN!! He was so underutilized in SETTV’s Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) and now, I just feel bad for him. When will his management agency buck up?

It was said that I Am Chen Yi-Jun (我叫陳怡君)  is written by the award-winning screenwriter, Wu Luo-Ying (Black&White, Alice in the Wonder City) and directed by the director of Kiss Me, Mom! (媽親一下!) and Gloomy Salad Days (死神少女). TVBS higher-ups are ambitious about this drama and it’s said that they have invested a lot in it as they are aiming for the nomination in the next Golden Bell Awards which will mark as the 50th anniversary of the prestigious award ceremony, it’ll definitely be a feat if they manage to grab some awards in the 50th Golden Bell Awards.

The tagline says, “I am Chen Yi-Jun. I want to explore the kind of passion that will never die down even when the lives and lands face against hardships.” Tammy Chen will be playing as Chen Yi-Jun, a woman who grew up with a political family background but she herself, detest politics. She thought that after college graduation, she might be a rock musician as it’s her passion but instead, she accidentally ends up in the election war. She will find Jiang Ye-Qing (Kingone Wang) who also grew up in a political background and also the rising star in the politic world and Huang Zhao-Yuan (Cash Chuang) who’s a passionate participant in student movements to assist her political career. Nana Lee will be playing as Cash Chuang’s underground girlfriend who struggles to find her way into Cash Chuang’s heart. She will be playing as an anchorwoman whose father owns a TV station. It sounds like a lighthearted politician comedy as Tammy Chen’s character sounds funny.

It’s slated to air somewhere in February 2015 and will follow after Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚)

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Heart of Steel (鋼鐵之心) – 2015, CTV
Starring: Alan Ko (Kiss Me, Mom!), Phoebe Yuan (Love Cheque Charge), Darren (Fabulous 30), Andrea Chen (Prince William)

Interest Level: 3.5/5

I’m alright about the cast, Alan Ko is decent in Kiss Me, Mom! (媽親一下) and Darren is cute in Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) but I’m not so interested in motor-themed dramas, unless they give me a dark drama like Mars (戰神) which coincidentally includes the main theme song, 零度空間 sung by Alan Ko. The girls are weaker in terms of acting but they’re serviceable. It’s said that Alan Ko will have lovelines with all the ladies and even have a bed scene with Andrea Chen and Darren will be playing as a rich guy which is not a very creative role. Not much info are available about the plot and the characters yet but Heart of Steel (鋼鐵之心) is reported to air after X-Lies (謊言遊戲).

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My Ghost Friend (我的鬼基友) – 2015, February, Tudou
Starring: Jasper Liu (Pleasantly Surprised), Andrea Chen (Prince William), Bryant Chang (True Love 365, Dream Flight)

Interest Level: 4/5

Anything with my bias, Jasper Liu (Pleasantly Surprised) is a must-watch for me, no matter how the story sounds (unless it sounds super, duper bad..). The drama is described as a light-hearted fantasy comedy about a persistent ghost who died from a tragic car accident that continues to haunt his ex-girlfriend and helps the socially awkward nerd guy who have a crush on the girl to chase after her. The series is said to be broadcasted in China’s web-streaming video site, Tudou but the admin of the official Facebook Page have said that they will announce the Taiwanese TV channel that will broadcast the drama soon. Truthfully, the plot sounds like Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換劵) but I think they won’t be very similar in terms of execution so I’m hoping that they will up their game.

The cast have recently started filming and it’s slated to air somewhere in February 2015. You can also read a more detailed character description on my previous post on the drama. I’ll also attach a picture of Jasper reading his scripts (biased again).


Wake Up (麻醉風暴) – 2015 , PTS
Starring: Huang Jian-Wei (Falling), Huang Zhong-Kun (Say I Love You), Ye Xing-Chen (KANO)
Wake Up
Interest Level: 4/5

The direct translation of the Chinese title will be Anesthesia Storm, it’s a medical story that will revolve around anesthetists. The tagline says, “Anaesthetized, thus we lost the strength to resist”. There’s very little info about the drama other than it will be a 6-episodes mini drama that will air in PTS and it’s also rumored that Chris Wu (X Lies) and Tiffany Hsu (The Way We Were) might be part of the cast (small roles I guess)?

Most international fans should be unfamiliar with the cast but Huang Jian-Wei showed great acting capabilities in Falling (含苞欲墜的每一天) and was even nominated as the best actor in Golden Bell Awards for his performance. Huang Zhong-Kun is a veteran singer-actor that often play as villain characters in Taiwanese-Hokkien dramas but I’ll always remember him as the wonderful father of Leroy Young in the Story of Time (光陰的故事). I’m not too familiar with rookie actress, Ye Xing-Chen but I only know that she starred in the hit Taiwanese film, KANO which depicts the story of a baseball team in the era of Japanese occupation. Wake Up’s director is said to be the director of the aerocraft-themed film, Dream Flight (想飛) which stars Tiffany Hsu and Bryant Chang.

As usual, PTS dramas are often very low-key in their marketing but they have interesting themes and often air thought-provoking and quality dramas like Falling, Gloomy Salad Days (死神少女), Black & White (痞子英雄) and even aired the hit drama The Way We Were (16個夏天) with TVBS. Even though there’s not much info on the plot, I’ve faith in the channel bringing us an unconventional story. The BTS pictures and stills that they’ve been releasing on their Official Facebook Page definitely spark my interest.

*Click on the pictures on the slider to see full image.

Wake Up-2
Wake Up-3
Wake Up-5
Wake Up-7
Wake Up-6
Wake Up-4
Wake Up-8

Source: [1]

Departure From Life (出境事務所) – 2015, Late March , Hakka TV
Starring: Chris Wu (X Lies, Rock ‘N’ Road), Huang Pei-Jia (Second Chance), Crystal Lin (Sun After The Rain)
Interest Level: 4/5

As this is a series that will air in Hakka TV, I’m not sure whether the actors and actresses will talk in Mandarin or in Hakka language most of the time but anyways, region channels will usually provide Chinese subtitles over their series so I’m not too worried about the language, I’m actually more worried about the drama resources as it’ll be difficult to get online resources of dramas from minor channels.

Departure From Life (出境事務所) is a story about a group of funeral directors who will accompany the last few days of their clients’ lives. It will use black humor to lighten up the topic of death and depict the departure stories of the deceased and their loved ones in a lighthearted yet respectable manner. It’s written by an award winning screenwriter, Lu Shi-Yuan and she mentioned that many TV stations rejected her proposal when she first brought up the story of “Departure”, it was only in this September that Hakka TV accepted her proposal and started filming.

It was reported that cast had filmed this series in a famous funeral home in Kaohsiung and the cast had to be trained by the professionals for their “funeral service” skills. Chris Wu will be playing as the ace funeral director and it was said that he practiced very hard for his Hakka language. Huang Pei-Jia will play as a funeral director who is a mistress of a married man and Crystal Lin will play as a rookie funeral director. Huang Pei-Jia showed natural acting for dual roles as twin-sisters in the Taiwanese indie-film Bao Mi Qia Qia (寶米恰恰) and her current Taiwanese film with Jasper Liu and Mayday’s Guai Shou, Second Chance (九號球) is doing great in block office. She’s definitely a talented uprising actress to look out for. It really seems that she picks interesting quality works.

It’s slated to air in late March with a Monday to Friday 8pm timeslot in Hakka TV.

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Phew… that was a long list and it’s not even the complete list as there are still some other dramas I may have missed out or have little info on. So, which of the dramas you’re most excited for?

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