Eye-catching Visuals of Upcoming Rainie Yang and Tiffany Hsu’s Movies

Well, it definitely seems that it’s been a pretty good year for Taiwanese films, they had a few interesting offerings like the youth-themed dark, violent thrillers Partners in Crime (共犯) and Conspiracy (時下暴力), romantic comedy Café·Waiting·Love (等一個人的咖啡) and many more. I’ll be talking about two different upcoming movies in one post as they’ll be hitting Taiwan’s screens on December 19th, competing against each other on the same date.

Endless Nights in Aurora (極光之愛) stars Rainie Yang (Love at Second Sight), Chris Wang (Aim High), Austin Lin (Lin Bo-Hong) (The Pursuit of Happiness) Jack Lee (Fall in Love With Me) and Mandy Wei (Say Again Yes I Do). The tagline says: “Endless nights (Polar nights) means endless yearning.
Plot outline: Two parallel love stories have been reenacted across two and a half decades. With equally heated passion, the star-crossed lovers in different generations are faithfully attached to their experiences in love through promises, anticipation, losses, and forgiveness. The two interlocking yet different perspectives of “first love” play out to be the story of Aurora. (Source: MyDramalist)

I really like the visuals for the posters, they’re so pretty with the cold undertones and using night sky, stars and snow as the backdrop. There’s some great photoshopping skills shown in the individual character posters as the highlights and shadows shown on the characters’ face elevate the displayed emotions. Austin Lin will play as Rainie Yang’s mother’s lost first love, while Jack Lee will be playing as Rainie Yang’s boyfriend and Chris Wang is the guardian angel that have a crush on Rainie Yang. As for Mandy Wei, I’m a bit sad that she’s not only playing as a secondary character, but also the villain that snatches away Rainie Yang’s boyfriend but it’s understandable since Rainie Yang have a higher recognition that Mandy Wei.

Judging from the trailer itself, it seems like it will be an emotional roller-coaster to watch. The first love of the older generation seems so innocent and cute, I feel like I’m already attracted to the pairing from older generation. Chris Wang is cute as the loverboy who always watch over Rainie Yang even though she already have a boyfriend, Jack Lee who will betray her with Mandy Wei later on.


Posters & Stills:

Tears for the losses. Regret is a story without closure.” Alisha (Rainie Yang) 
Tear for watching over her. I know how it feels to lose everything in an instant.” Xiao Kai (Chris Wang)

Tears for yearning. I hope the dawn will never come and the night never ends.” Bei Chuan (Austin Lin) 
Tear for waiting. The existence of first love is only meant for regrets.” Xiao Feng (Lin Yan-Rou)

Tears for the possessive mind. If I don’t mark my things, someone might take them.” COCO (Mandy Wei) 
Tear for selfishness. Only after letting go then, “afterwards” will come.” YOLO (Jack Lee)
endlessnights-5 endlessnights-6 endlessnights-7 endlessnights-9



On the other hand, Design 7 Love (相愛的七種設計) stars Tiffany Hsu (The Way We Were), Mo Tzu Yi (An Innocent Mistake), Tom Price (Big Red Riding Hood) and Katie Chen (An Innocent Mistake, Café·Waiting·Love).
Plot outline: Seven people with seven love stories. They ignite the love and hate hidden under the table. In this battle of love, who will survive and who will lose? When the boundary between lies and truth has blurred, who can tell if the others are sincere or not? When one says, ‘ I love you’, does one mean it or it’s just another ‘design’? (Source: Imdb)

The posters are so visually striking, they’re definitely bold designs and are very fitting with the setting of the story as it revolve the love and lives of 7 different people that works in the design and art industry. However, I’m not sure whether the story is up to par to their visuals as judging from the trailer, it looks like a hot mess that lacks of substance but I may be wrong. Mo Tzu Yi is a strong actor that I loved in An Innocent Mistake (罪美麗) and Tiffany Hsu have proved herself as a capable actress through The Way We Were (16個夏天). I like the cast but I’m a bit iffy about the story.


Other poster versions:  

7design-10 7design-11 7design-12 7design-3

Love Planner: “Design only need a little bit of ideas and it can change the world. – Doris (Tiffany Hsu)

Social Poet: “Old things will always be eradicated and ended! It’s so hard to even keep longing for old love and old drinks like soya milk.” – Ba Zi (Mo Tzu Yi)

Comedian: “What’s wrong with the government, man! What are the food that we can still eat now? – Mark (Tom Price)

Suffers from Girl Syndrome: “Our teacher said that advertisements are all bluffs but design is honest. – Qi Zi (Katie Chen)

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