News Bites: December 8th, 2014

Let’s have some news bites to start off the week and for this week, I’ll be covering more on the music entertainment section (only artists that I casually follow on) as not much news are being released for the drama section.


  • Taiwanese girl group, Dream Girls‘ Korean member, Emily Song have announced on the press conference for the release of the group’s photobook that she will be getting married next year with her non-celebrity boyfriend that she have went public with. The girls emphasized that the group won’t disband and continue to undergo activities using the format “keeping solo activities but stay as a group when the 3 gathers together”. She’s getting all the support and best wishes from her members, Puff Kuo and Tia Lee. [WOWnews]
  • Taiwanese indie-band, Cosmospeople (宇宙人) released a sneak peak of their new single and documentary MV that records their Himalaya mountain hiking trip. The video include beautiful sceneries of the Himalaya mountain and their new single sounds super uplifting, I really like it and I can’t wait for the full track to be out!
  • Singer-songwriter, Yan-J released the MV for his latest single, USA for his photobook, Lifestyle of Yen-j (爵式人生). The MV is fully filmed in San Francisco. I find Yan-J pretty handsome, he got a bit of the flower-boy look and his songs are pretty easy to listen but they can be a hit or miss for me depending on the song. So, how do you like this new song? Yay or nay?
  • After getting Jasper Liu to lead her first promotional track MV, Rainie Yang gets another uprising rookie actor (who is so cute in Mr. Right Wanted), Hans Chung to romance her in her latest MV, Amnesia of Goldfish (失憶的金魚). I’m definitely jealous that she’s getting all the hotties for her MVs, haha! For promotional purposes, she also went on Taiwanese talkshow, SS Night (SS小燕之夜) with her 2 members of the old-school girl group, 4-in-love. After 15 years, the girls have finally reunited (even though they’re missing one member).

    On a side note, it’s reported that Hans Chung is getting married with his non-celebrity girlfriend whom he had a stable relationship for over 10 years. Congratulations! [WOWnews1] [UDN News] [WOWnews2]


  • More wedding bells ringing as everyone’s mother, Lin Mei-Xiu (In Time With You, Apple in Your Eye), which you guys may recognize as Chen You-Qing’s mother in In Time With You (我可能不會愛你) is getting married to a cameraman who is 14 years younger than her. This is the real life noona-romance! [Now News]
  • SETTV‘s manager, Zhang Rong-Hua is planning to create an audition program, Spop Topstar (華流之星TOPSTAR) with Hongkong veteran actor, Eric Tsang as the mentor. Zhang Rong-Hua mentioned that as there’s a shortage in rookie actors and actresses in the Taiwanese TV industry, they hope to create the next rising star through this audition. It’s said that 20 contestants will be chosen to undergo intensive training for a year and choose 3 out of the 20 contestants to be the leads for their upcoming dramas. When Taiwanese veteran producers heard of the plan, Mag Hsu (Screenwriter of In Time With You), Chen Hui-Xiang (Director of Autumn’s Concerto) and many others immediately agreed to be the guest speakers to teach the contestants. [UDN News]
  • Recently, there’s an “Idol Drama Concert” (經典偶像劇之夜) held in New Taipei to have an early celebration for Christmas Day. Idol drama frequent soundtrack singers, Ian Chen, Yan-J, and actors, 4ever (Jolin Chien‘s group), Coke Lee, Danson Tang, Lego Lee and girl-group, Dream Girls and many others were all present for the night. Check out the full concert HERE. [WOWnews]
  • SETTV’s popular idol magazine  Spop (華流) featured two different cover versions for their December issue – first cover features the Aim High‘s boys, Lego Lee and Chris Wang and the other cover features Mr. Right Wanted couple, Christopher Lee and Sonia Sui. Sonia Sui is looking very elegant and she looks great with Christopher Lee on the December cover. There’s a lot of bromance going on in the Lego Lee and Chris Wang’s cover, they seem very comfortable with each other, hahaha! Check out their bromance photoshoot HERE.

    Also, check out Lego Lee’s latest individual photoshoot and interview video for bella儂儂 magazine. He’s looking damn fine in the photohoot. [Facebook Page] [WOW News]
    spop-legochris 54808c235860e (1) spop-soniachris
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  • misscupcakees • 3 years ago

    From a distance, Christopher Lee looks like Hawick Lau!

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      There’s a tinge of resemblance from that angle, haha! But Christopher Lee looks older than Hawick (and rightfully so since he is older)

  • Yui • 3 years ago

    Lego and Chris look so fineeee.. bromance!
    chris is going to be a papa, i wonder who’s lego’s gf.. hehe

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      He was rumored to have a girlfriend for many years but he broke up before he filmed IAGW, but I guess a lot of fans hope that he will pair up with Lorene Ren from IAGW, haha.

  • kat. • 3 years ago

    I was going to stay away from the December SPop but then the special flowers photoshoot with lots of stars is soooo tempting. (I just liked Jolin’s pictures but anyway…)

    • carolies541 • 3 years ago

      I didn’t even know there are special flowers photoshoot until I saw some pictures of Jasper and Puff on instagram for the december issue. Damn! Spop really knows how to milk fans’ money.

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