News Bites: December 15th, 2014

After this issue of News Bites, I think I’ll change the “News Bites” schedule to bimonthly instead of weekly as there’s simply not enough news to share in one week (in terms of drama section). Since this is still a relatively new category, I’m still in the process of experimenting the format and schedule so it may still be subjected to further changes.

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  • Filming have begun for Bobby Dou‘s (Love, Now) Happy Family (Unofficial English Title) (幸福不二家) a few days ago. The main cast are announced – Mariko Okubo (Substitute For Love‎), Figaro Tseng (Once Upon a Time in Beitou), Esther Wu (The Pursuit of Happiness), Wu Ding-Qian (Apple in Your Eye) and his real-life actor father, Wu Nian-Zhen will also be participating in the drama. Wu Ding-Qian did a great job in Apple in Your Eye, his addition to the cast definitely sparked my interest. Even though the plot doesn’t really interest me, I’ll probably still check this out. Happy Family will follow after The New World (新世界) which is slated to air in January 16th, so I guess Happy Family will premiere somewhere in May. [Apple Daily] [Now News]
  • Sad news for the week. 58-years old veteran senior actor, Zhao Shun (KO One Return, Ti Amo Chocolate) have recently passed away due to heart attack in the hospital. In the span of 5 years, it’s his 3rd time where he suffered from stroke. He’s been using wheelchairs to replace walking for the past 2 years. To pay tributes to Zhao Shun, PTS channel specially chose to air 3 of his mini-drama works. He will be missed for his comedic roles, who brought laughters to his audience. [Now News] [WOWnews]


  • The youthful cast of Angel ‘N’ Devil (終極惡女) gathered in Xi Men-Ding, Taipei earlier today to hold their promotional event. Truthfully, I don’t follow this series so I’m not too familiar with these new generations of Taiwanese idols except for Spexial‘s Huang Wei-Jin whom I still remember as one of the top10 contestants in the 6th season of singing-audition program, One Million Star (超級星光大道), he had such a cute bromance with Hu Xia, the winner of that season. Anyway, best of luck to the good looking young people! Hopefully, I’ll be able to recognize a few more faces in the future as they star in more dramas. [UDN News]
  • Jian Man-Shu have recently revealed that currently, she’ve almost finished writing her rom-com movie script that talks about a girl secretly in love with a man, the theme will also involve environmental and technological topics. She have plans to start filming her script in March and wish to cast comedians as her leads. Doubts aside, I think it’s always good to see actresses venturing outside acting and creating their own works. I still remember Jian Man-Shu as the cute heroine in Fondant Garden (翻糖花園) and I think it’s about time she picks her next drama project. [WOWnews]
  • Mando-Pop Queen, Jolin Tsai romances Ruby Lin in the music video of her latest track So What If It’s Different (不一樣又怎樣). They will be playing as a same-sex couple and the music video aims to touch on the multi-family issues . In the promotional stills of the MV, they can be seen kissing each other and it’s reported that it’s Jolin’s first “on-screen kiss”. The theme for this video is definitely an attention grabber. So far, Jolin Tsai have released 4 music videos to promote her latest album, Play and it’s said that more videos are coming up as Warner Music plans to create MVs for every single song in her latest album. What a scale! [WOWnews]


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